Kamen Rider / Masked Rider

Oh, I love TJOmega,

He and Vangelus are what got me into Kamen Rider.

Suffice to say, I was a Transformers fan first. ^^;


Same here.


So uh, outside myself, is there anyone who’s finished Gaim, now that it’s over, and has been such for a while now? >.>

I won’t spoil things, but I will say: The Knight of Spear has joined the ranks of some of my favorite Riders.

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Still working on it.

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I have, all I’ll say is that it’s in my top 5 rider series with Den-O and Agito.

I really liked gaim.


Gaim is now my favorite rider show, mostly because it seemed more like an anime in terms of writing
Blade being my previous favorite
Being rider is suffering


In an attempt to keep this topic alive,

what’s your favorite song(s) from Kamen Rider?

all of Den-O(with Yume De Aeta Nara, and double action strike form being personal favorites)

supernova, this love never ends, and individual system from kiva

ranbu escalation, and raise up your flag from Gaim

life is showtime(seriously such a good theme) Wizard

anything goes OOO

cosmic mind Fourze

Journey through the decade, Decade(though I haven’t actually watched the series yet, the theme is good enough on its own to be here)

and honorary mention(because a good quality full version isn’t out yet) surprise drive, Drive(it sounds so good).


Just live more is pretty epic
All of the kabuto songs are awesome especially for fights
And the rider chips version of awakening is really cool


The themes for most all the Heisei era outside like… Break the Chain are pretty dang cool.

But yeah, some notable ones include

Free Your Heat, Extreme Dream and Leave all Behind from W

Gotta Keep it Real and Power To Tearer from OOO(Time Judged All’s no slouch)

Giant Step, Shooting Star, Bounce Back, and Cosmic Mind from Fourze, and while I’ve yet to see Wizard, the theme sounds okay

But yeah, Ranbu Escalation and Rise Up Your Flag are something of my current infatuation at the moment.

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how did I forget shooting star?!
I love that song!
guess that’s what I get for posting late.

also I’d like to add double action coffee form as well(sure it’s pop, but it’s so upbeat and enjoyable to listen to, and the fact that it even exists is kinda endearing).

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Aight, stupid wish-fulfillment Question, but if you were a Rider in the Gaim Style(Fruit+Warrior) what would you be? Preferably you’d have a lockseed not already shown off, but there are so many fruit. :confused:

If it were me, I would stick with Baron/Gridon/Duke’s Medieval aesthetic, with the same trumpet fanfare as the former two, and my primary arms would be Star Arms. A Star Fruit of course.

My personal suit would be of a Purple Color, while the Star Armor would be Yellow.

Its arms weapon would be a sword that looks like its blade is made of a bunch of stars.

Alternatively, as a New Generation Rider, I’d use Lime Energy, a glorified repaint of Lemon Energy. 8D

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is Kachidoki Arms allowed? because I want a pineapple version of that.
based on samurai armor and medieval heavy plate,
the base suit would look similar to den-o’s default suit, but white and red,
the weapon would be a dj shotgun that converts to an axe.


Black RX!

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Is Drive any good? I’ve not seen it yet, but I kinda want to.

Only a few episodes out, but it’s seeming pretty good.

Also, if you’ve not seen it, Gaim is finished and fantastic.

Lol, hilariously I couldn’t get into Gaim from the 1st few episodes. Though from as much raise as it’s getting, I’ll probably give it a second shot. ^-^

The first arc, the Beat Riders arc is kinda silly and a bit meh, but it picks up around the time Zangetsu becomes more prominent, and like, when Bravo(Oren San~) shows up

Really? Huh, I’ll definitely have to watch Gaim after I finish up Fourze & Wizard. ^-^
Also, do you know of any good sites for torrents of Kamen Rider episodes?


I was watching them on youtube…
just one more reason to hate the new content id system.

@Nyran never got a chance to watch the last few episodes of kabuto.

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Yeah, that’s where I was going to watch Gaim & the such, but then the channel I used for it got taken down. ;~;