Kanohi Concept: The Mask of Time United

Hello all! I’ve seen several people online who have designed combinations of the G1 and G2 Vahi, but never really liked how the two styles seemed to clash, like they didn’t fit together quite right. So I composited the two together and came up with this.
It’s not perfect, more of a proof-of-concept, but maybe someone more artistically capable than me could do more with this…

Just for comparison, here are the original two masks:


Very nice, I agree that I never liked how they were typically put together. I like how you’ve done it much better.

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I always thought the vahi looked underwhelming for a legendary mask alongside the Ignika and now the canon Mask of Creation. I think it deserves a full size, more ornate design, while also not deviating too far from the source material.

Tbh the color and the holes dotting the mask make me think of cheese. :stuck_out_tongue:

That aside, this is pretty cool. The shape of it is nice, it flows together well.

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The Vahi Ultimus: The Mask of Time Unbroken

It looks awesome! I need a version that is compatible with a G1 head and a version that is compatible with a G2 head.

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I’d love to see a gold render, otherwise yes, bloody yes!

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Oh I was just using orange as a placeholder, could do it in any color:

I do like the gold. If someone were so inclined to 3d model this and toss it up on shapeways, I would ideally get it in gold steel.


yeah this is actually pretty cool! keep us posted if you ever make a stud.io file

Oh I don’t know anything about 3d modelling. I’m only good with 2d graphics design. But maybe sometime I’ll contact someone who does design masks for a commission job.

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ahh gotcha haha. Yeah i’ll keep this idea in the back of my mind, I know there’s a few people in the community really good with 3D/CAD work

but yeah, having a physical version of this mask to add to anyone’s (or mine haha) collection would be super sick