Kanohi Gaaha - Mask of Navigation

“The Gaaha is always on at a low level, scanning the user’s surroundings, building a mental schematic that the user can access at any time. When activated, the Gaaha will provide directions to a location provided that the destination has been previously recorded. The Noble version only retains the scanning function, while the Nuva version can map out entire islands.”

The Kanohi Gaaha is infamously worn by everyone’s favorite hoax: Toa Voriki. No mask power was ever actually given, so I thought it’d be nice to add some flavor text. As someone who’s always up for making odd concepts work, I really wanted to turn his star-shaped MS-paint Pakari into something… good-looking. Another reason is because I’m a novice 3D artist, and I wanted to get some practice. My first attempt was alright; it just looked off from the sides. It’s also just a really poorly made 3D model. I’ll give another crack at it soon.

(and yes, I did design a Gaaha Nuva)


I love this idea! This is going straight into my head canon!


Pics or it didn’t happen.

This is a really awesome take on the original. Still Pakari-like, but the tube elements are really appealing, as is the profile.


Here’s your proof:


Lightening moustache meets lucha libre. Interesting design.

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Good news - I made the mask in, like, a day and I’m very happy with it
Bad news - I need to completely gut the back of it in order for it to fit a Mata head - it likely won’t be able to fit a Metru head but I’ll see what I can do.


What would the Gaaha look as a mistika? Just curious

I was somehow told way back when that the mask power was the Mask of Prosperity (whatever that means)

Bad news - there is no way I can modify the mask to fit a Metru head.
Worse news - I had to do this for it to fit a Mata head.

This better hold up when I print it.

Flight adapted masks don’t really resemble their previous versions, if I made a flight-adapted Gaaha it would be pentagonal/star shaped, but aside from that it would look completely different.