Karda Nui in G3? [Worldbuilding] [Characters] [Pitch] (WIP)

Hey look another Island pitch :stuck_out_tongue:
So today I was reading some stuff here and here when I thought of something.
What if… Karda Nui… Was the ball? was in G3?
It could work a little like this.

Gathered friends, listen again to the legend… of the BIONICLE. In the time before time, the seven great beings created several islands in the sky, but the most prosperous and well-known Islands by far were Artakha and Karda Nui. One day, one of the rulers of Artakha created the matoran by accident. The rulers of Karda Nui were jealous of this creation and tried to replicate it, but they messed up and created the Av-Matoran. Life was good on these two islands, but two of the four rulers of Artakha (Ekimu and Makuta, Karzahnii was Imprisoned on Mahri) rebelled against the leader, Mata Nui, and put him into a deep sleep, causing Artakha and other nearby islands under Mata Nui’s control to plummet to the earth. Miraculously, most of the matoran survived, but those on Mahri sank with the ground the stood on. Karda Nui is yet to plummet, but if it does, great terrors await those who dare to enter.
Wow, that looked so much better in my head than on paper :sob:

It needs a lot of work, and chances are there’s a ton of Plot Holes, so feedback and new Ideas are encouraged.



An interesting idea. I feel like some of the specifics don’t fit in with the canon (and adding more ‘great beings’ just rubs me the wrong way), but an island falling through the clouds is an interesting thought.

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Yeah, trying to fit in more great beings is not working that well. Glad you like the ‘In the sky’ part.

Wait a second (just had an idea). What if there are three TRUE GREAT BEINGS (Mata Nui, Annona, Vahi?) and then thee servants (e.g. Ekimu, Makuta, Karzahnii) per great being? The three brothers (and servants of Vahi/Mata Nui) creat ploy to put their GREAT BEING asleep, and after the islands fall down, the Three Brother Claim themselves as ‘great beings’.

:smiley: yayy

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