Kardymis V5

I thought that, as a farewell gift, I would show you the latest version of Kardymis. This version has a few minor updates including new weapons and a new arm connection. Also a few small color changes have been made to single pieces, just to make it flow a bit more...

So that's it, the last MOC that you will ever see from me. If you want the full story I have a topic in the "Off topic" section.



beautifull moc

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Looks really cool! But ummmm....

:cry: Goodbah furevur! XD

It was great seeing Kardymis go from almost generic to... Well... This! And seeing your MOCs just get better and better! It's been great knowing you! Farewell!


WE LOVE YOU (no shipping)


This is a great MOC from a great user you will be missed, I give it a 10/10 and a noble good bye to you, I hope in my heart this is more of a hiatus than I final farewell! :smile:


Your self MOC looks just as good as ever. The aesthetic flows nicely and the weapons are neat.

Great arm attachments!

:frowning:Don't go!:cry:Please?!?:cry::cry: Goodbye!:sob:

This MOC is GLORIOUS man.
It's the best version you've made.
Colors go nicely, very flexible, nice complex build, weapons look good with it.
I'd say 10/10.

Good luck with your outside life, and keep growing as a MOCist, you have my best wishes, and see you on the other side mate. :grinning:7

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Great build, love the color scheme (don't really see how the silver plays out though). The weapons are really cool, he just seems like a really cool guy. Overall I love this moc, I give 9/10.

Anyways, farewell and I wish you much luck on your travels. :wave:

The flame parts that attach to the arms is a nice touch. I really like it. :smile:

Overall really nicely-built MOC. It's a shame you're gonna go, though.

If you leave, I'm not gonna feature you on the MOC Spotlight anymore. >=[

(don't go)

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@Venom You never did though...

... You never know what I might have been planning.


Wait, if you left, how'd you see Ven's reply? o.O

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The legs look pretty nice, but the cratch area, while creative, leaves a very blocky look. The upper chest doesnt help this, IMO. Especially since the arms have this very smooth flow to them. Overall, its a pretty nice moc, good job.

I don't really know what to do... Some of you have been saying that this might be part of some master plan to get attention, but it's not. I understand how criticism works, and that people are trying to help me improve by giving it, but some people took it too far, and it genuinely started to hurt. I am sorry for starting this and getting everyone involved, and I don't want to be known as that guy who messed everyone about, so I hope your respect for me hasn't gone down... Also @Venom, I would love to one day be on the MOC spotlight, but out of all my MOCs, I would prefer to see my self MOC on there. Nobody will see any future versions of Synettra, and I have a new villain in the works, so there's something to look forward to i guess. I am really sorry to everyone though...


Oh, quit it, this MOC is fricken' amazing, you're overreacting over that silly Female MOC. Seriously, you shouldn't go, I like seeing your MOCs.

Yeah, this is awesome!I love the armour, and the double-ended sword is sweet!

DO NOT LEAVE! I WILL CALL EKORAK OUT OF HIS SLUMBER! I had a dilemma like this once. It was called my Self-MOC's topic. Give this a read, it could change your mind.



In other words,
He looks like Ghosty.

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Maybe, but Kardymis is way cooler... Jk, I got the chest design from Ghosty soo...

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