Karion, the Last Toa of Magnetism (normal)

PLEASE NOTE: I would like to give this MOC a tattered up cloak, but as of right now, I lack the material to do so

Karion was once a simple matoran. His life majorly changed when a squad of Makuta attacked his village. That day, he made a decision he would soon regret. He ran away. Away from his village. Away from his friends. He ran so far, that, eventually, he winded up in the deserts of Po-Koro, lost. Until one day, he found something glowing in the sand- a toa stone! It had once belonged to one of his village's toa. He then, weeks later, got out of the desert and swore to destroy all Makuta that he came across.

Front view

Back View

Ready for Battle


Tuma size comparison


insert longwinded rant about canon specifics for Toa of Lightning here


Nice! XD they're plasma cannons that he found. He's basically a scavenger

so um, first off, how exactly did he run to Po-Koro? you know, the village on an island?

second: There's no such thing as a Toa of Electricity. Just make it Lightning, that's completely fine. sure it breaks canon a little, but a lot less than a whole new element.

Third: Toa of Lightning are blu- Is what I would say. if the black and silver color scheme didn't work perfectly with the idea of having been stuck in the desert for an extended time period. From my perspective, it looks like all his color has been sandblasted off of him.


That's what I was going for. he was originally going to be navy blue, but then I looked at the amount of pieces I had in that color. I'll fix the whole "electricity" thing, as I originally meant lightning while designing it. :smiley: oh yeah, and it was a small village on Mata nui, bordering Po and Onu Koro

This guy's torso build is incredible, but I think his limbs should be a tad longer. Also, Toa of-

Oh, my opinions have been said.

Great MOC, even though the story doesn't check out. :smile:

Thanks! If you want, I can make a how to!

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Oh, no, I lack the parts to make even the simplest of builds.

You're welcome!

But you don't AT ALL want to know how it was built? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hmm, I am curious...

I'll just use the Lego stop motion app, for convenience

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The build actually looks good, but consider changing the element to not lightning.

Love the backstorie also

he's... alright

Him and I must be relatives. Hi, I'm a Toa of Energy from an alternate universe where Mata Nui is dead and Teridax rules all. How you doing?
In all seriousness I really like the way this looks. My only critique is that he might be too bulky...

Insert second long rant expressing my agreement with hawkflight

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I don't particularly mind when a MOC is non-canon, colored incorrectly, etc. So long as the MOC is good, I'm fine with it being non-canon (after all, what's fanfiction for?)

That said, I really like this guy! He's bulky, but not to the point of looking disproportionate. I love how you got the Nynrah Blaster to fit over his hand, and I think the distribution of the colors is well done. I also like the spiky bits on the shoulders, and the use of the Stormer XL foot on the back.

Nicely done!

ruining IP's

if you would add a little bit of blue it would definitely help, just a couple highlights.

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Actually, that's a good idea! :smile:

Just going to mention that all Toa of Lightning are female... But seeing how much you've broken canon already, that's probably not such a big deal :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: