Karzahni Ebon Titan of Madness

Karzahni, brother of Artakha and nightmare of the Matoran. After finally assembling the pieces for the superb canon Artakha model, I wanted to create a Karzahni model to fit along side him. However, I wanted to use his ‘orignal’ colors of gold and black, as described in Dark Destiny.

He uses a few similar techniques and pieces as his more noble brother, but I also took several cues from the picture in the World book, such as his slightly skinny legs, spiked shoulders, gauntlets, and his bulky midsection.

Despite his top-heaviness, he is very stable, and can be put in several poses. He doesn’t have any play features, unfortunately, but he is, in my opinion, very interesting to look at. He was a challenge to design, as I really only wanted him to have three main colors: pearl gold, black, and just a touch of dark bluish grey. Obviously, his eyes and heart light are translucent red, but I’m not including those as part of his main color scheme.

I’m quite pleased with this one, and hope you like him just as much as I do!

Thanks to @Connor_Hoffman for the inspiration, not only for the Artakha model, but also his instructions for his version of Karzahni, from which I used a few minor points of inspiration (like the Rahkshi heads as his breastplate).


Yikes! He really does look like a nightmare!


@DuneToa Thank you! I wanted him to look mean.


Looks good. The black and gold really give him that ominous feel that you would expect of Karzahni.


@Rukah Ominous is a good word for that character. Thrilled you like him!


Wow looks pretty good, don’t think I’ve seen a gold and black karzahni before, good job :clap:


That lives up to the title. that’s also a fantastic paint job on the mask.


@Eilrach Thank you! Yeah, I hadn’t seen too many gold and black versions either, which was surprising.

@Enbeanie Thanks a lot! The Olisi was tricky, so I’m relieved you think it turned out well.

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Wow, this is amazing. I think you’ve captured Karzahni’s form perfectly. I will say I think I still like the green and purple better, but that doesn’t detract from what’s really an incredible build!


@MooCowsRock Thank you! I agree that his purple and green form is perhaps a bit more interesting color wise, but I think his original colors might fit his character a bit more: regal, yet evil.

I’m glad you like him; he was very fun to design, and I’m very happy with the result.