Karzahni fixed and comparison

Thought I’d show off the new updates to Karzahni with him beside the old model and the art


little brotherhood studios would be proud


Cool, nice job.


Im not sure if Im missing it (I am colorblind), but where is the green?
otherwise, well done!


yeah it’s in the same place it usually is.
if i may ask, what kind of colorblindness do you have?

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very severe red-green

The green is the obvious parts, the shoulders, forearms, legs/feet and the mask and the belt

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curious how that works, how different are the two colors on the mask for you?

the green looks somewhere between gunmetal and dark grey to me.
as for how it works, I could give you the why or how it works for me day-to-day
Edit: I can see the blue just fine, its the green that I have issues with in this case

oh okay.
now i’m curious how the purple shows up for you…

isn’t it just like you can only see blacks and whites, yellows, blues, and browns?

wait, theres purple!?

no. If you’d like we can continue this in a DM or new topic, because I feel we are going a bit too far off topic

heck ye

aw man
i can’t
i’m a youngster and my dad doesn’t like me directly messaging people

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I can just make a topic for discussing colorblindness, because I’ve found its generally misunderstood.

Edit: wheres the purple?


Yes make one

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now that’s an idea

but like you actually didn’t know there was purple?
i mean it makes sense so i shouldn’t be so suprised but…

nope. the blue and apparently purple are just right so I cant see any difference between them.

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there’s only one blue piece

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on the left picture the spike coming out of his (not our) left shoulder from the eye part of the shoulder

that’s the only blue piece out of any of the pictures


Wait. There is a blue piece? I can see one on the earlier version but not on the new one. Edit: ah ok thats what you mean