Katao, the Other Blue

Probably won’t be the last of these matoran builds

Oh, you were expecting an matoran with actual hands?

Katao was initially a matoran working within the Great Spirit Robot, but was decommissioned and put to sleep after an accident amputated her hands. She was ordered to be repaired, though Teridax’s rise to power forced the operation to be placed on stand by. She remained inactive long after Mata Nui triumphed over Teridax.

While searching through the remnants of the GSR, two wanderers, a Ta and Ko-matoran, stumbled across the comatose Katao. They agreed that they couldn’t leave her behind and so they tried to awaken her. As she slowly gained conscious, the two made some quick fixes to her. How so? By sticking hooks on her arms and slapping on a Kaukau.

From then on, Katao joined the two matoran on their adventures. At first, the newly formed fellowship started out rough, but eventually things worked out.

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Man I really like these, might steal that head design.

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Thanks, though you’re not gonna be able to steal it without instructions

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That’s a real QT Matoran build!

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