Kaukau Mangai (Ver. Panem)

Before I say anything else, I just need to say: This build was very much inspired by @Kutorakh ’s own “Toa Hura”. Toa Mangai Hura, the Toa Mangai of Ice (planet)
Their work gave me ideas for how I wanted to take this Mangai.

“With his twin water blades, Hura was a Toa of ice who bore an unorthodox interest in swimming. More sociable than the average ice Toa, he quickly befriended Naho after the Mangai formed, and would learn to swim under her and Tuyet’s tutelage. With his twin blades now acting as fins when swimming, Hura sought to perform in water just as well as he did in the ice.

With help from the Onu and Le-Metru engineers, Hura would be equipped with a set of back fins. He never could beat the gals in a swim, but with training and encouragement he was an aquatic marvel to all Toa of ice.

With his Kaukau and new diving abilities, Hura grew fond of deep water missions, allowing him to admire the sea life of the great city as he did so. If he ever needed to quickly surface, however, Hura could use ports installed in his leg armor to create “leg floaties” from his elemental Ice.”

Decided to go with gold rather than silver for his armor. If I could get the golden kaukau that could really sell it in my head. But the splash of blue has a magic of its own.

Either way, I like how he stacks with the others. More Mangai from me coming soon. Until then, hope you enjoy and another thanks to Kutorahk for the inspiration.


Nice, the gold kinda makes him feel like a Toa of light, but the blue balances that out, the weapons are interesting too. I like the thigh armour.


ah cool!
i think that you could spread out the blue a little better, maybe some on the arms but otherwise pretty good!


Really nice colour scheme


I’m glad to have been an inspiration to you :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:! It’s a very beautiful set! Very nice MOC :clap: :clap:!!