Toa Mangai Hura, the Toa Mangai of Ice (planet)

This is my ver 2.0 from my Kaukau’s user.

To begin with, I still followed the idea of ​​optimizing your mask’s powers with your armor. As little is known, sometimes nothing, about each of the other Toa mangai, I focused on his mask’s power for the development of his set: The Kanohi Kaukau.

For those who don’t know, this mask allows the user to breathe underwater. Since he is an Ice Toa, he is not expected to have developed natural aquatic abilities like a Water Toa. So, I made a set that had “fins” along the body that would help guide its percussion during the swim. Its body is curved and smooth like a fish, or at least that was the idea.

I had named him Kohgah but changed it to Hura because of the Hura-Mafa River. This river rises in the ko-wahi regions and flows into ga-wahi, symbolizing his native element (ice), and his ability to breathe underwater because of his mask.

Another thing I changed was its color palette, themed on sets from LEGO’s Ice Planet series. Some people in the community liked this idea and other Kaukau users already made this theme and I ended up joining to the idea. That’s why I ended up changing his spear too for a pair of guns.

His guns have 3 states. The 1st fires energy/impact bullets to break ice or attack opponents. The 2nd is turbine mode, it helps him swim faster underwater. And the 3rd is the ice ray, it works the same as Captain Cold’s pistol, from Flash.

Energy bullets mode.

Turbine mode.

Ice ray mode.

Below are more photos! If you liked my set, follow me on the networks, I would love to have you there with me :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.


I do love the fins and curvature of the set, the color scheme is a great choice and that choice of Kaukau is excellent as well



ah fancy, i love the shaping and torso!


That is a mighty fine Mangai. I love how you got the name from a Mata Nui locale. It’s a very…graceful looking Toa of ice. One of the prettiest I’ve seen. Splendid job


This is pretty cool, the ice planet colours work really well with the build. The collar is really nice.


I feel like it’s a requirement to use Ice Planet 2002 colors on a Toa Mangai of Ice lmao. Excellent work!