Kelt, minor toa of creation, and Velta, mutated female le-matoran

Kelt, minor toa of creation

Kelt is a toa of minor creation, in both mask and element. While this may not make much sense, creation not being an element, he somehow is, of course his wasn’t always creation, but he’s long since forgot which he was.
Kelt was originally a matoran from Kelta-nui (AU, will be uploaded later), at least he was until the ‘Four Walls’, the protectors of Kelta-nui fell in a battle for Kelta-nui’s fate, against a horde of enemies, all of which wielded immense power, yet the battle stayed unknown to the matoran until after, when the new Four Walls appeared.
Kelt had always been one of the stranger matoran, constantly wandering and adventuring outside the safety of the city they had formed on Kelta-nui, searching for items he could repair or use in experiments for new inventions. He was a loner, not by personality, but by choice, he enjoyed others company but due to his life style, and a few of his somewhat off-putting quirks and personality (he wasn’t the most sane matoran), there were few that would allow extended company with him or enjoyed his.
Hehad come across the Fourth wall in his travels, finding him injured and nearly dead at the battle site, the other 3 Walls having left him for dead due to the grievous nature of his injuries, their dislike of the Fourth Walls, and to return to the city in time for another to take their place. Kelt, being the first to come across him, was asked to take on his role. The mask of the Fourth Wall had always been one given to criminals or dangerously, mentally disturbed matorans, due to a… Glitch in the mask that altered ones personality when put on, the mask, like the others, made them very loyal to protecting the city, a fact established with all the matorans so they understood what they took on if they accepted the role of a Wall, but the mask of Fourth Wall also did other changes. The closest description to what it did is that it drove whoever wore it insane, overriding most other mental problems that others might have. The strangest bit was that all previous Fourth Walls, while wearing the mask, claimed everyone was being watched by an ‘audience’ that could control their fates and communicated with them, even after someone sale took their position they still claimed to have remembered seeing something, even if they could no longer see them or truly remember them. Their loyalty to the city and, slight craziness did remain with them unlike the others masks.
Kelt was an adventurous matoran who had always wondered what it would be like to be one of the walls, despite his belief that he’d never had a chance, and never one to deny ones dieting request, so he accepted the mask. Truly it didn’t do much to him mentally wise other than allowing him to see the ‘audience’, he was already crazy enough, the biggest changes were his form, adapting to the power of the mask and to match up the best with his physical attributes, and element, changing to creation, even if he and others didn’t realize it.
Upon returning to the city he discovered the other 3 Walls had already chosen their next successors and passed on their masks. While it was a surprise to them to see Kelt as the next Fourth wall, along with some arguments and debates to convince him to pass it on to some one else (I.e. A criminal so it’d change them) to all of which he ignored and chose to keep the previous Fourth walls during request, and he was amazing at it, at least he was until Kartel-Nui fell to Teridax’s armies, he was one of the few to survive, the mask of Fourth Wall being damaged in battle, reverting him back to his original form. After that he wandered for years, exploring, creating, experimenting, until one day he stumbled across a battlefield, covered in the bodies of fallen toa and Makuta. Originally he planned to pass it by, at least until he felt something calling him from within the field, he investigated it and when he did he came across an undamaged mask of a design he had never seen before, it radiated power and he picked it up, putting it on, without thinking, almost as if he was made to. Upon placing it on power flooded through him, yet the power felt familiar, it felt like his own. changing his form to his new toa form and revealing the mask to be a minor mask of creation and that his element had been changed years ago, explaining why the power seemed so familiar. After that he continued to do the same as he had done before, this time fighting any evil he came across. As time went on he eventually met Velta, and caused her form to mutate to what it is now, pissing her off and allowing her to guilt him into allowing her to travel with him and protect her, and later on even encountering Tekan’s team, becoming a memeber and going on adventures with them now and again.

Personality: Crazy, adventurous, friendly, erratic, flighty, distract able, does his own thing, extremly hard to make him angry or make him hate someone.

Mask power: minor creation, can create anything he thinks of but only if he has all of the materials and tools needed and he cast remember the plans forever.

Other attributes: modified his right arm for a power boost using his mask. All weapon like parts on his body are weapons (yes, even the daggers on his feet). He modified his form to allow him to regrow any removed and/or damaged parts but it uses his own protodermis/whatever they’re composed of and if he uses to much without allowing it to regenerate (I.e. Eating, having a nearby source of protodermis he can absorb) he can greatly weaken, or even kill, himself, which is why his form is so skinny, the constant protodermis use and his own lack of self care, changing his form, which is why he gave himself the side supports, helping with the strain.

Weapons: Any of the weapon like parts on his form, custom made sniper rifle and machine gun like weapon. both are kept in his subspace pocket (or whatever it’s called in those types of worlds, which I do enjoy, especially the idea) or on a connection port he built into his back for Velta.


Basic sniper, has a removable chainsaw and light which can be used as a flashlight.

Machine gun

Basic machine gun like weapon… Even if Kelt doesn’t exactly know what it fires himself

Kelt, wielding weapons

Machine gun



The four Wall masks explained:
The four wall masks are the only four of their kind, made by Mata-nui and gifted to the original four Walls before he fell.
The masks are adaptive masks, their design and element changed with whoever wore them, changing the wearers form to bring out their own attributes most potential and to make their form also work as best as possible with the masks own powers, each mask having a select combination of powers (will be uploaded later).
As long as the wearer has the mask on they retain the form, but upon removal of the mask they revert to their original form, albeit with some possible changes.
The fourth wall mask was damaged in its making and Mata-nui fell before it could be fixed.

“A remnant of what I lost.” -The mask of Fourth Wall

Velta, mutated female le-matoran
(I prefer to believe matoran can be of any gender despite their elements but the elements are more gender dominant based on which gender they’re supposed to be canon wise)

Velta was your usual le-matoran, albeit a more grumpy, bossy one, but she was still just as fun loving and crazy, and even lucky enough to be winged, a rare-ish occurrence for le-matoran. She lived a good, happy life, at least until her village was attacked and she met Kelt.
Kelt had just been doing his usual wandering when he came across a le-matoran village under attack by Makuta controlled rahi, he managed to fight them off and was thanked by the matoran, a celebration was almost thrown for him after he said he was going to deal with the makuta, but he convinced them he was fine without them. Before he left Velta asked him if she could help, being somewhat adventurous and her house/hut and belongings having been destroyed by the rahi. He agreed and they set off.
He managed to beat the makuta, unfortunately it turned out said makuta had a fail safe set in place for if he was beaten, preferring to take the toa with him then fail, his lair self destructing, Kelt and Velta managed to escape by using Velta’s flying abilities to go through an opening in the roof, the only problem was her wings were too weak to carry him when they first found it.
He had a solution to it, having an experiment he had been working on for a while at hand, it was supposed to allow him to permanently increase ones abilities, unfortunately it failed, maturing her physical form but increasing her wing size enough to get them out. After that she was pretty pissed and quite a few of the villagers were… Wary of her. So she guilt tripped Kelt into taking her with him and taking care of her, after a while they started to get along better and she did enjoy being part of Tekans team…
Now that I think of it she’s pretty much a tsundere, just not romantic wise, sheesh (face palm.)

Personality: rude, bossy, adventurous, likes to get her way, dislikes binge ignored, despite how she acts she does like others, just doesn’t let on.

Other attributes: kelt later gave her a jetpack and due to her wings changes she can actually use them to fight, being quite sharp and allowing her to climb better than most others, being able to support and carry herself with them, she also forced Kelt into giving himself a back port so he could carry her (he was ok with it anyways).

(Not my body build or arm build, links to vids here:


Jetpack connection port

Kelt carrying Velta

Kelt is another self moc of mine, while Tekan’s who I’d want to be Kelt is basically a Bionicle with my personality.


A bit gappy but good other wise

kelt’s mask looks like its cutting edge technology


Before I get heresy comments, I didn’t do that! I recently bought a bag of bio bits and it was already cut up, I just put the other part on and it looked amazing. =P

@RogueToa Thanks, tried to cancel it out with his side supports.


I agree it does look cool


The first one looks really messy, and a bit cluttered, but the mask is pretty cool

HERE - oh, I guess thats ok then. Love the carry function.

I’m sorry, but I can’t stand the gap in the torso.

The thing I don’t like about Kelt, are the fingers but I think the gap in the torso is alright. The weapons are pretty sick, but I like the sniper better. I really like the simple torso for Velta, but the usage of the brittle limbs scare me. Overall I think the mocs are pretty cool.

Thanks! It was a lucky find.

@Kardax Ja, that was a fun design.

@Leoxander Sry, didn’t have any way to fix it and tried to make up for it with torso supports.

@1000Purse30 Ja! Same with the sniper, the machine gun thing didn’t come out to well but the sniper came pout amazing and it was an accidental design. as for the brittle limbs, well so far they haven’t broke and I hope to keep it that way. Glad you like em!


I am really impressed, I like to mask and combination!

Thanks! The broken mask itself was a lucky find and the blue bubble mask was me screwing around seeing what masks I could stick it on! (Going to use same mask for a different character too, its a fun one!)