King328's Demon Lords Progression (part 3)

The presumed finale.



Then I redrew him with reference, and actually liked it.

Comments, both positive and negative, are always not just welcome, but appreciated.


Love the style of these as always, Graz’zt especially.


Thanks, man!
Yeah, I really like how the second try came out. Unfortunately, it’s probably the least transformative of the whole series.

Ive never heard of the demon lords or what they are like, so judging it as an adaptation is impossible for me. But, as sperate pieces I love them all.

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They’re all from D&D. The drawings in this topic are all based on their fifth edition look.

Hey look it’s Raziel.

These are all amazing man, keep up with the good work!

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Egads! Time to hide.

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And Halloween right around the corner.

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Perfectly timed and well done.

Sick drawings. Love it.

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