Kitten Mafia: Abduction

Welcome gathered friends, and listen to our tale of the Kitten.

In the time before time, there existed an island in which only Kittens dwelled. These cats were blessed by the Goddess Baast to retain their youth throughout all their days, and live a long and prosperous life. Thus, the eternal kittens would romp around the meadows all day, attacking each other, catching various small animals, and taking long naps in the sunlight. It was an extremely peaceful life. However, it was not to last. For in addition to being good hunters, these kittens were extremely cute. So cute, that they attracted unwanted attention…

“I told you we should have gone right at the Andromeda galaxy!” cried Bloarag.

“Well maybe if Staewp would give me the map…” replied Zasfpwe.

“I thought Tdstso had the map…” said Staewp.

Across the universe these creatures had travelled, searching for a new planet to call their home.

“Wait! What is that blue planet in front of us?” asked Tdstso.

The four of them looked out of their spaceship to the planet below.

“Enhance,” Zasfpwe told the computer. Soon, the monitor showed a small island in the middle of an ocean.

“This planet looks like pure Stwebsd,” Bloarag said indignantly. “Let’s move on.”

“Wait! What is that on the rocks?” Tdstso cried.

The four of them closely looked at the monitor. On the edge of the beach, they saw a small furry creature tapping its foot into the water, apparently trying to catch something.

“AWWWWWW!!!” the four simultaneously exclaimed.

“We HAVE to get that creature!” Staewp said. “Ready the transporters!”

“Wait!” Tdstso said for the third time in the past few moments. “Let us observe the creature before we bring it aboard!”

So the four watched as the cat leaped from the rocks to the beach, and then began to climb up a cliff. Once at the top, the cat headed in a northern direction. They followed it as it travelled along a path, and then they saw where it was headed. They gasped, for ahead there was a gathering of DOZENS of the creatures. Some were grey and white. Others had orange and brown hair. One had no hair at all!

The aliens squealed with delight. “Oh yes, we MUST have all these creatures!” said Staewp.

“I guess this planet was worth coming to after all!” cheerfully admitted Bloarag. “Let’s teleport them up here right now!”

“WAIT!” Tdstso exclaimed. (I mean, who else is going to exclaim it at this point). “We cannot just transport them from here. The warp axle is broken, so we will have to teleport them manually.”

“And WHO’S job was it to fix the warp axle?” Staewp said while glaring at Zasfpwe.

“Oh, like you do any actual work around here,” Zasfpwe snapped back. “Can you grab the manual teleporters from the back room?” Staewp huffed, then nodded and reluctantly went out of the main control area. “Besides, we have the androids, and those should be able to bring at least one each.”

“Ugh, we actually have to go down there?” Bloarag said with a disgusted look. “Well at least rounding them up won’t be a problem…”

“WAIT!” Tdstso said. (again…) “They could be skittish. If we go down there with metaphorical guns blazing, they might run for the hills, and who knows how long it would take for us to teleport them! No, we need to approach this stealthily.”

With that, Tdstso pressed a button on the dashboard. With a flash, the four aliens were transformed into exact likenesses of four of the cats on the screen.

“We will go down there, infiltrate the creatures’ camp, and teleport them one by one,” Tdstso continued. “Meanwhile, we can have a few of the androids doing the same thing. Zasfpwe, can you program them to do that?” Zasfpwe nodded, even Zasfpwe knew very little about how to program the robots.

“Um, guys,” Staewp said, returned from the back room. “We may have some issues…”
“First of all, we only have one teleporting device.”

“No problem,” Tdstso said, “we will just have to coordinate on who to transport.”

“Yeah, but that isn’t the biggest problem…” Staewp said carefully. “Apparently someone drained the battery before we left. There’s only enough juice in the teleporter for it to work every 24 hours…”

“I KNEW we shouldn’t have let Bloarag visit McDwithaweif’s so many times before we left!” Zasfpwe exclaimed while glared at Bloarag.

“I-I WAS HUNGRY!” Bloarag blustered.

“Enough of this,” Tdstso snapped. “I guess we will have to work around this issue.”

“Is is really worth all this effort for these creatures?” Zasfpwe wondered aloud.

They all looked back to the monitor where some kittens were catching each other’s tails.

“TOTALLY,” they all said in unison.

Hello, and welcome to Kitten Mafia: Abduction! If you don’t know how to play Mafia, take a look at this topic. Most of the rules are explained in the first post, but if you are still confused feel free to send me a PM.

General Rules:

1) All general TTV rules. This means no swearing, no lewd talk, and no harassing.

2) Don’t betray your side. It seems like one of those things that would be “duh, why would I do that?” but honestly, it can be a serious problem. If you’re a mafia and you’re like “hey guis im a mafia and these are my teammates X, Y, and Z lol”, it pretty much ruins the game for everyone.

3) Be sure to be clear when changing your vote. Please put it like:
“I am changing my vote from @1stGuy to @2ndGuy” or something similar. Also, you may only change your vote two times, so use them wisely!


Kittens (?): Do nothing but be cute and vote fellow kittens to be kicked off the island.

Kitten Warrior (2): Can protect one kitten EACH per round.

Smrat Kitten (1): Can learn the role of one player per round.

Aliens (4): Teleport one kitten per night to their spaceship.

Androids (?): Attempt to teleport one kitten until they succeed. Once successful, they choose another target.

Doggy (1): Is basically a Kitten, but does not wish to be identified.

It should also be mentioned that each round, a “power-up” will be given to one random player, and will vary depending on that player’s alignment. If the player is a kitten, then they are granted to ability to protect another player (if the player is a Warrior, then they get the ability to protect ANOTHER kitten). If the player is an alien, then they are granted the ability to teleport an extra player. These power-ups only work during the round they are played, so there’s no point in not using them instantly.


1) @Willess12 (Katie)
2) @Paradox (DoritoClaws)
3) @DarkTakanuva (Oreo) (Dead)
4) @Vantastic_Nick (Nick-Nick)
5) @noob1234 (Mewb1234)
6) @ColdGoldLazarus (Froyo) (Dead)
7) @Hawkflight (Sarcastic Kitty)
8) @John_Smith (Kool Kat) (Dead)
9) Political_Capps (Questie)
10) Ranaki_Pakewa (Ranacute_Purrkewa) (Dead)
11) Baldric (Jace McFluff) (Dead)
12) ToaVuhii (Schroedy) (Dead)
13) Marendex_T17 (Rodrigo) (Dead)
14) Corex11 (Lightning Lynx)
15) Beef J Stag (Dingo)
16) Carrot8o (Humpledink)
17) UmbraManis (Braum)
18) Ekorak (Inika)
19) Artakha (Flint)
20) TFM101 (Luna)
21) Charyas (Licky) (Dead)
22) Takua (Kohliihead)
23) Risebell (Kooler Kat)

Now, ROLES! TO THE PM's! smile


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I am Inika

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To sum up this whole game:



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