Knight of Nights: Knoxus’ Story: Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

- 40th Dimension, 61st Timeline
- Matoran Universe – Daxia
- 1000 years, 11 months, 3 weeks, & 3 days after the Great Cataclysm

The echoes of blades clashing rang off the walls of the courtyard. For what felt like the millionth time, Knoxus was sparring with Tobduk. However, Tobduk was not being nearly as merciful as he had been in the past. Knoxus was on the defensive, blocking and dodging a relentless flurry of swipes from Tobduk’s dagger and staff.

“C’mon, you can’t retreat forever. Attack me!” Tobduk snarled. Knoxus tried to ignore his taunting as best he could. He had learned during his training that the more upset he got, the stronger the Master of the Assassin Division became.

Tobduk seemed to realize this, fluidly swapping his staff over to his second dagger. Knoxus drew his own dagger, and along with his sword, began parrying each attack using the techniques he had learned in swordsmanship training.

It had been three days since Knoxus’ first mission, and although his training was progressing quicker than he was expecting, he still had a lot to learn. Tobduk evidently still had tricks up his sleeve, and with a quick twirl of his daggers, Knoxus was disarmed, causing his sword and dagger to fly off into the bushes. Normally, Tobduk would back off once Knoxus had been outmatched, but this time, he continued pushing toward the unarmed Toa.

Knoxus backed away nervously, but Tobduk continued approaching, twin daggers at the ready, until his back was up against the wall of the courtyard. Without hesitation, Tobduk thrust both daggers at Knoxus’ neck. Knoxus panicked, reaching out with his elemental powers to stop the daggers right before it was too late.

“Are you trying to kill me!?” Knoxus strained.

“Your enemies are! Fighting isn’t a game. It must be swift and purposeful. Use every advantage you have in a fight to finish your opponent off as fast as possible. Don’t expect mercy, especially from a Makuta.” Tobduk barely finished his sentence before sweeping his massive leg into Knoxus’ side, launching him six feet across the courtyard.

Knoxus was feeling mad now. He pulled his weapons back to him with his elemental powers before launching them in Tobduk’s direction. He blocked them with ease, reflecting them downward so they’d be embedded in the dirt.

“Draw upon that anger,” Tobduk said. “Use it to fuel your shadow elemental powers, and give the Brotherhood a taste of their own medicine!”

Knoxus always hated the fact that shadow came easier to him than iron, especially when Tobduk made him use it. Something about it just felt… wrong, but he was afraid that this time he wouldn’t be let off the hook without using it.

He drew energy from his shadow infection, summoning a ball of shadow in his left hand. He stared at Tobduk with blind rage as he filled the orb with more and more energy, until it grew bigger than it ever had before. Then, all of the sudden, he felt something snap in his mind. His left eye was filled with a hazy red light, and he cried out in pain. He reabsorbed the shadow energy as he fell to the ground in a crumpled heap, clutching at his head until the red light slowly faded.

Tobduk approached Knoxus and gave him a nudge with his foot. Knoxus rolled over and looked into the sky, breathing heavily.

Tobduk scoffed, “Weak. You lack discipline, and that will cost you your life.” He threw one of his daggers straight down, missing Knoxus’ head by an inch. Tobduk then turned to leave the courtyard.

Knoxus sat up, “This training isn’t helping! Isn’t there a war going on? Right now, the only battle I’ve seen has been in this courtyard! Let me do something, I feel useless here!”

Tobduk turned back, glaring at Knoxus. “You’ve improved greatly, Knoxus. But have you even once considered doing some training on your own? Sure, you follow orders, but your motivation beyond that point is little to none. Do you even know how to defeat a Makuta, or even what they are?”

Tobduk’s words felt like a knife in the back. As far as he knew, all he was allowed to do was follow orders.

“How am I supposed to train by myself?” Knoxus asked.

“Training isn’t just fighting,” Tobduk replied. “Knowledge is as much a weapon in your arsenal as a blade. Perhaps you should spend some time sharpening it in the library instead of using all your free time to goof off in your dormitory?”

“We have a library?”

“Directly under the main tower. It’s impossible to miss it, trust me. Now, that’s all the time I have left for training. Helryx is demanding more of my attention for the war effort, so I’ll be busy in her study. If you need me… don’t.”

Tobduk stepped away, leaving Knoxus sitting alone in the courtyard. He pondered if Tobduk was meeting with Helryx, as shortly after the Order had come out of hiding, Helryx went away on business, and hadn’t been seen on Daxia since. Somehow, he doubted it. The Order was thinly spread after the war started, so he was almost certain Helryx would be far too busy with that to concern herself with the doldrums of day-to-day life on Daxia.

Knoxus shook his head. He really shouldn’t be concerned with Helryx’s business, but for some reason, he couldn’t help but think about what she was doing. In fact, he’d noticed she seemed to invoke that same feeling from other Order members as well. Maybe it was her confidence - or charisma, perhaps - that caused the agents of the Order to be so awed by her. Whatever it was, he decided he would try to not care. He stood up, brushed the dirt off his armor, and with a sigh, headed in the direction of the library.

In just a few hours, Knoxus had learned more about his world than he’d learned in his entire lifetime. The Order’s library was unbelievably massive. It was so large, it seemed to dwarf even the stone fortress that stood on the surface of Daxia. Tens of millions of stone tablets were stacked in tidy rows upon shelves that rose to sickening heights, and automated robotic systems retrieved and sorted these records through various terminals dotted around the library.

He started his research with the obvious: knowing his enemy. He read up on everything he could on the Brotherhood of Makuta, including their minions - the Rahkshi, Visorak, and Exo-Toa Suits - and how to defeat each and every one of them.

He learned that Makuta were actually gaseous beings, made of a substance called ‘Antidermis’. This was the same substance that leaked out of the Rahkshi he killed on his first mission. A Makuta’s Antidermis is sealed within their hollow armor, and can leak out if the armor is pierced. The only way to completely kill Makuta is to get them out of their armor, and destroy or dissipate their gaseous forms before they can find another pressurized area to inhabit. This makes finishing one off extremely difficult - but the initial step is far easier when you’re a Toa of Iron.

After researching the Brotherhood, Knoxus found himself lost in topics that had nothing to do with what he was trying to learn. These distractions were fun, but didn’t really get him anywhere, until he discovered a section of the library which contained files for almost every being in the Matoran Universe, including other Order members.

His curiosity immediately got the best of him, and he started reading up on all the familiar faces he could. He found out Mars used to be a Dark Hunter before joining the Order, and that he was one of the only male Toa of Lightning in the Universe. Also, the object he used to blast open the vault on Destral was an artifact called the “Master Spark” which can amplify energy put through it tenfold.

Other juicy details included finding out that the glowing orb that followed Konpaku around was actually half of his spirit that somehow got separated from his body. It had apparently gotten him exiled from his village long ago, and pushed him into the arms of the Order.

It wasn’t long before he got the idea to look up his own entry. This morbid curiosity only led to disappointment however, as there was nothing in his entry that he didn’t already know. Though, one thing did catch his attention. Linked to his entry was that of a Makuta. This Makuta didn’t appear in the records of the Brotherhood, but he did recognize him. It was the Makuta from his nightmares - the one that had attacked him on Stelt, and in Karda Nui.

He cross-referenced back to the Makuta’s entry, and was surprised to find such little information on him. The Order of Mata Nui didn’t even have a complete record on him, not even his name. However, he was marked as the Order’s most wanted.

The only other information listed was a brief description of the Makuta’s powers. He’d never exhibited any powers before besides extreme speed, which was noted to be so fast that it could almost be classified as temporal manipulation. This seemed odd to Knoxus, as in his past encounters with that Makuta, he hadn’t seemed particularly fast.

The record only had a handful of sightings of the Makuta. Besides the times he was aware of, there had been a few attempts at assassinating this Makuta, which all ended in the assassins’ deaths. In those battles, the Makuta had apparently exhibited such speed and precision that even the fastest of the Order’s assassins never stood a chance.

A sudden commotion snapped Knoxus’ attention away from the tablet. Shouts were echoing from the main hall, so Knoxus moved to get a closer look.

The shouts grew louder as Knoxus approached the library’s exit.

“Helryx! I request an audience!”

“Grab him! He could be a Brotherhood spy!”

Sounds of a scuffle resounded through the corridor. By the time Knoxus peered into the main hall, the fight was over. Knoxus caught a brief glimpse of a Ko-Matoran disappearing down the hallway. Scattered on the floor in the middle of the corridor were two Order guards. One of them quickly rose to his feet and sprinted after the Matoran. The other fallen guard groaned and sat up, and Knoxus recognized him as the Fortress’ Gatekeeper.

He rushed over to the being he had met on his first day in the Order, and helped him to his feet.

The Gatekeeper groaned, “Thanks, that Matoran had a surprisingly strong arm… caught me off guard.”

“What was that all about? How did a Matoran get past the island’s defenses?” Knoxus asked.

“We’re short-staffed thanks to the war. The guard took the heaviest hit. Most of us are caught up in the siege of Nynrah right now.”

“Should we go after him?”

“He’s headed straight for Helryx’s chamber. That’s where Master Tobduk is. We’ve already let him know, and knowing him, he’ll be ready.” The gatekeeper chuckled, then took a long look at Knoxus. “You’re that new assassin Jerbraz recruited, right?”

“Yeah that’s me. I didn’t think you’d recognize me.”

“Well, believe it or not, everyone knows about you. You’re being talked about in the guard like you’re some sort of secret weapon! Knoxus, was it? My name’s Gammoth, it’s a pleasure to meet you!”

Gammoth slapped Knoxus on the back, which knocked the wind out of him. The gatekeeper wasn’t much taller than him, but his entire body looked to be one large muscle, and very little of him was mechanical.

“Ahem, likewise. But seriously, shouldn’t we at least make sure this Matoran was caught? I mean, if he’s a Brotherhood spy after all, that is.”

“I guess you’re right.” Gammoth agreed. “Let’s go.” The two order members approached the entrance to Helryx’s chamber, but before they could enter, they heard the sound of talking inside. Suddenly, the door swung open, and Tobduk stepped out with the Ko-Matoran following behind him.

“Ah, Master Tobduk, you’ve caught him!” Gammoth cheered.

Tobduk frowned at Gammoth. “Yes, no thanks to you. Turns out this little one is an Order Member who was just acting out of line. I’m taking him out on a mission with me as punishment.”

“You’re leaving? But what about my training?” Knoxus piped up.

“Knoxus, we’re at war. And unlike you, I have the skills to participate. You’ll just have to continue your studies here for now.”

“But sir, I want to help. I’m not improving at all here. I need to experience some real action if I’m ever going to fulfil my duty to the Order.”

Tobduk scratched his head. “I guess… I can put you under Regron’s command until I return. You’ll see plenty of action that way.”

“Thank you, Master Tobduk! I won’t disappoint you,” Knoxus exclaimed. “…er, where is Master Regron, anyway?”

Tobduk smiled. “Nynrah, conducting a siege on an active Brotherhood stronghold.”

Gammoth shot a puzzled look at Knoxus, who now seemed to be regretting his decision.

The smell of smoke and ash filled the air, and the sound of war echoed across the Sea of Protodermis. The sky was either overcast, or so full of smoke it looked that way. Order of Mata Nui battleships surrounded the island of Nynrah, which was covered on all sides with crude fortifications that had been battered and crushed over several days of conflict. It was a place Knoxus had visited many times as a Matoran, but he’d never seen it in such a state.

It had only been a day since Tobduk took Knoxus’ request to help as an invitation to draft him into one of the largest ongoing battles. In hindsight though, Knoxus knew he should have seen it coming.

The Order’s military had fought many battles to try and take the island from the Brotherhood, but so far their attempts had been fruitless. The island’s coastline was mostly one long cliff, and the Brotherhood’s anti-air defenses made approaching with airships impossible. Any attempts to breach the walls with foot soldiers only ended in retreat, as Rahkshi and dozens of malicious Exo-Toa suits greatly outnumbered the Order’s Soldiers.

Knoxus recently ran into Raxus, who had been leading the siege up until recently, when Master Regron - or as the soldiers called him, General Regron - returned from a now-successful attack on Destral to help finish the fight. Supposedly, he had a plan.

Knoxus leaned over the railing and stared at the Protodermis waves lapping against the side of the Order’s lead battleship. He was exhausted, and his armor was dirty and scarred from yesterday’s battles. Raxus leaned next to him, looking quite the same. The last battle for Nynrah was about to begin, as they anxiously waited to hear Regron’s briefing.

Suddenly, Knoxus saw a flash of green light rising from the most distant battleship, which flew at a blinding speed in a massive loop around the formation of ships. As it whizzed by, Knoxus realized this was a Toa of Air wearing some kind of winged jetpack. His eyes widened as the Toa then whipped up a massive hurricane, which surrounded the Order’s ships in a cloud of thick, Protodermis mist.

Behind them, the door to the cabin slammed open, and the Master General stepped out.

“Attention!” he shouted. All the Order agents turned and faced Regron as his heavy feet stomped to the center of the crowd. Raxus left Knoxus to go stand at his side.

Regron cleared his throat. “This siege has taken its toll on us, but at last, it’s time to end it. I have devised a plan to take the island in one swift move, but it’ll take the strength and unity of our entire force to make it work.”

Suddenly, Regron’s voice echoed into all of their minds, along with the visualization of the battle plan.

Seismic scans have discovered a small, underground river running beneath the Island of Nynrah. As we speak, our entire fleet is repositioning to enter a tunnel we will bore into the side of the island until we reach this river. Once we are directly under the center of the island, we will blast our way to the surface and take the island from the inside out. We will be surrounded, but with the element of surprise, their armies will be in chaos. Once everyone is on the surface, our ships will breach the other side of the island and begin bombardment of the walls. With any luck, this will allow us to push the enemy forces into our line of fire, or off the cliffs completely. That’s the plan. Is that understood, soldiers!?

The amassed army shouted a unanimous ‘Yes, Sir!’ which could even be heard from the distant ships. Knoxus had to hand it to Regron. The past few days were like torture to his army, but all of the sudden, morale was high.

Onwards! Regron shouted over the combined mental link. The lead ship then began turning toward the side of the island. Regron and a pair of Toa of Earth stepped up to the bow of the ship. As they got closer, the three Toa began using their elemental powers to tear away large chunks of rock from the cliffside. Regron was apparently a Toa of Gravity, as any rocks he tore away were crushed into rubble, which disappeared into the sea below.

It wasn’t long after they started digging when the current of protodermis flowing into the tunnel began to pick up, tearing away the remaining thin wall of rock that separated the sea from the underground river. The ship lurched forward into the tunnel, just scraping against the boulders left behind by the two powerful Toa of Earth.

The ship shot through the underground river, giving Knoxus flashbacks of his descent into Karda Nui. Thankfully, Regron was using his abilities to keep the ship straight.

“Brace yourselves!” He shouted over the rushing air. Suddenly, Regron brought the ship to a sharp halt, nearly knocking everyone off their feet.

Regron walked to the center of the ship as its energy cannons took aim at the ceiling. Regron held his hand up, and shouted, “Fire!” The Energy cannons blasted away at the rock, filling the whole cave with the deafening reverberations of explosions. As rubble fell to the deck of the ship, Regron and the two Toa of Earth redirected the falling rocks into the raging river. Suddenly, light poured into the cave through the dust and smoke as the echoes of explosions faded away.

“Take your positions men!” Regron shouted. The soldiers lined up in formation on a platform in the center of the deck as Regron stood off to the side. Knoxus hurried over as well, taking his position at Raxus’ side. Raxus nodded at Knoxus.

“You ready for this?” he asked.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.” replied Knoxus

“Good, here I want you to have this.” Raxus reached into a satchel on his hip and pulled out a tattered, hooded cloak, and handed it to Knoxus.

“What’s this for?” Knoxus asked.

“It’ll be chaos up there, I want you to cover yourself with this so you’re not mistaken as an enemy. It’s just a precaution.”

Knoxus donned the cloak, making sure to cover his shadow infected side as best he could. The cloak was heavy, but it didn’t seem to restrict his movement much. He sighed, “Thanks, I guess.”

“Just trying to help, brother. I wanna see you make it out of this.” Raxus said with a smile. Knoxus was about to respond but was interrupted by Regron.

“Deploying in 3…”

The army grew quiet.


Knoxus clutched the hilt of his sword.


Regron launched the platform up the vertical tunnel using his elemental powers. Every Order Soldier braced themselves for battle, as soon they’d be surrounded on all sides. Knoxus tried to take a deep breath, but the rapid change in elevation was making it hard. The platform slowed to a stop just shy of the surface, where the soldiers immediately took cover along the lip of the hole, then one by one charged into battle.

Shots rang out across the island of Nynrah as the Order’s Army started the attack. Knoxus heard the confused hissing of Rahkshi who were caught off guard by the sudden battle. As Order blades clashed with Rahkshi staves, it was time for Knoxus and Raxus to join the charge.

The pair of Toa leapt into action as the ship’s platform lowered back into the hole. Raxus motioned for Knoxus to stay close, as he moved to join another squadron of Toa. Knoxus drew his sword in one hand, and dagger in the other, and followed Raxus deeper into the fray.

The Order’s Army was carving a star-shaped pattern out from the center of the island into the Brotherhood’s forces. It seemed, without being able to form an organized battalion, the Rahkshi were easily overwhelmed. Some ran, while the few that stood and fought were quickly cut down by multiple Order members at a time.

Knoxus stood by Raxus’ squadron. All the Toa he was with were using ranged weapons, so he acted as defense for any Rahkshi that came too close. He hadn’t expected to be taking the island this easily, but here he was, in the midst of a battle organized by one of the Order’s Masters. He was truly impressed.

Knoxus noticed another platform of soldiers rising out of the hole, providing even more backup to their assault. Regron must’ve stayed behind to help lift everyone up onto the island. As more and more soldiers poured onto the battlefield, Knoxus noticed his squadron fanning out more and more. Soon, Knoxus would have to shift to the offensive, as the line of attack was thinning.

A nearby explosion shocked Knoxus to attention. In the distance, he saw a massive Nektann Turret pointing in their direction, and very obviously controlling it was a Makuta with silver armor. The sound of his cackling could be heard over the battlefield. As he readied to fire again, the Order’s agents took cover.

Another explosion blasted a hole in the army’s line of attack. Quickly, a legion of Rahkshi poured into the Order’s backline.

“Karzahni’s Bones! That turret has got us pinned down!” Raxus shouted. “Can anyone get a clear shot at that Makuta?” The Toa around him shook their heads. Raxus looked to Knoxus desperately. “Can you do anything about that cannon, Toa of Iron?”

Knoxus peeked out from behind cover, and got a good look at the cannon. It stood on three mechanical legs, and the entire thing was obviously made of metal. Theoretically, he could manipulate it, but it was far enough away to prove a major challenge.

He reached out with his elemental powers. He could feel the Nektann, but he couldn’t manage to take out one of its legs. Even more Order soldiers were arriving now, but they’d all be sitting Gukko if that cannon wasn’t taken out. The Makuta began charging another shot, which gave Knoxus an idea.

Just before the cannon fired, Knoxus used his elemental powers to flip every lever on the Nektann’s controls straight up. This caused the cannon to suddenly fire it’s blast downward into the ground supporting one of its legs. The Makuta was flung from the control platform into the air, and the Nektann crashed over onto its side, flattening a legion of Rahkshi below.

The army cheered, and Raxus gave Knoxus a firm pat on the shoulder before turning and resuming the charge.

Nearly an hour later, the last of the Order’s soldiers had made it onto the surface. The attack was continuing as planned, but they had underestimated the sheer number of Rahkshi on the island. Apparently, Nynrah was a site where new Rahkshi were being manufactured.

The Order was about halfway to the edge of the island, but the fight was quickly turning into a stalemate.The Rahkshi had started to get their act together, and were now putting up a serious fight. Knoxus was still at Raxus’ side, but the two were getting exhausted. Knoxus’ caution seemed to have vanished, and he was now on the front lines, cutting down Rahkshi with Raxus and his squad providing covering fire.

A legion of Rahkshi crested a hill nearby, approaching the group of Toa. Blasts from their staves rained down upon them, which Raxus blocked with his Mask of Shielding. He and his squad fired at the oncoming Rahkshi, but their dodging ability made them impossible to hit.

“I hate these things!” Raxus shouted. “They’re more slippery than the Kraata that control them!”

Knoxus sighed and started charging at the Rahkshi with his blades, but Raxus grabbed him and held him back. “Stay back! If I can’t shoot them, you’re sure as Karzahni not gonna stab them.”

Knoxus’ eyes lit up. He’d just remembered another tool in his arsenal. He stood back as Raxus ordered, but began extracting metal from his armor into each of his hands. Soon, he had a dozen or so throwing knives levitating in his palm, one meant for each Rahkshi.

The other Toa in Raxus’ squad took point, and began firing at the legion of Rahkshi that approached. Even when firing into a group of them, not a single shot hit. Now was Knoxus’ time to shine. He focused his elemental powers on the traces of metal within each Rahkshi, and launched his throwing knives through the air at a blinding speed. One by one, the knives homed in on a Rahkshi, landing directly in their weak point. Even if the Rahkshi dodged, the knife would continue to swirl back around until it found its mark.

The squad turned to look at Knoxus as the last of the Rahkshi fell. Knoxus smirked back, but his smile quickly faded when he saw a dark object speeding toward them.

“Look out!” Knoxus shouted, but it was already too late. Two shadow blasts struck the soldiers in the back as the Makuta he had humiliated earlier landed on top of them. Raxus immediately charged, screaming at the Makuta while blasting him with his plasma shotgun. The Makuta, exhibiting the same powers as the Rahkshi, dodged each shot, and slammed against Raxus, knocking him to the ground. The Makuta’s thick, sharp claws sliced Raxus’ shotgun in two as he moved to finish him off. Raxus pulled out a pistol and began shooting blasts of plasma into the Makuta.

Knoxus refused to stand by anymore. He rushed the Makuta, sword in hand, but the Makuta twisted around unnaturally, swinging his claws at Knoxus. Knoxus parried as best he could, but the Makuta’s strength knocked his blade from his hand. The Makuta thrusted both clawed hands at Knoxus’ neck, but Knoxus managed to stop them in their tracks with his elemental powers. The Makuta, realizing it was a Toa of Iron he was fighting, looked panicked for a second, before swinging his leg to the side, kicking Knoxus in the side of the head.

Knoxus fell to the ground. Raxus resumed firing at the Makuta, which distracted him long enough for Knoxus to blink the stars out of his eyes. Knoxus realized something about this fight was familiar - he’d been in this exact situation before training with Tobduk. What was it that Tobduk said before?

“Draw upon that anger, use it to fuel your shadow elemental powers, and give the Brotherhood a taste of their own medicine!”

Knoxus knew what he had to do, but he wasn’t going to like it. With the Makuta distracted, he took his chance. With his elemental powers, he flung his discarded sword at the Makuta. A metallic screech rang out as the sword skewered him in the back. The Makuta instantly turned toward Knoxus. Besides the sword sticking through his chest, he looked no worse for wear. He charged a shadow blast in each hand, and fired at Knoxus. Instinctively, Knoxus shielded himself with his infected gauntlet. The shadow energy seeped into his body, causing him to cry out in agony as his infection grew just a little bit stronger.

This made Knoxus mad, but since it wasn’t Tobduk he was facing, he let himself feel it. With each hand, he reached out with both of his elemental powers. The Makuta was frozen in place, unable to move. Just as Helryx had predicted, he was able to manipulate both the metal and Antidermis that made up the Makuta’s body. Knoxus lifted the Makuta into the air, staring into his face, which was frozen in fear. At that moment, the only thing he could think about was how much he hated Makuta.

With a sickening metallic rip, Knoxus tore the Makuta’s armor in two. His sword clattered through the cloud of antidermis which still took the shape of the Makuta’s hollow body. Then, Raxus and the remainder of his squad opened fire, bit by bit incinerating the cloud of antidermis until there was nothing left.

Knoxus fell to the ground, and Raxus ran over to help him up.

“Mata Nui, that was incredible.” Raxus sighed with relief. “Are you alright?”

“I’ll be fine,” Knoxus growled. He looked up at the other Toa in the squad, who were staring at him with fear in their eyes. He stared back, and shouted. “What? Isn’t this what you all wanted!?”

They slowly turned away and continued pressing the attack. Raxus pat Knoxus on the shoulder again, but a bit more gingerly this time. “I’m just glad you’re on our side.”

Knoxus frowned, but rejoined the attack along with Raxus. A hearty laugh echoed across the battlefield, and when Knoxus turned to look he was shocked to see Regron, but… bigger. He stood at least 50 feet tall, and his mask was glowing, indicating this was his mask power. This, combined with the death of their leader, forced the remaining Rahkshi to retreat. Massive grenades launched from Regron’s gauntlets, obliterating entire squads of fleeing Rahkshi with each shot.

His voice boomed over the action, “We’ve got ‘em on the ropes! Keep pushing men! The bombardment is about to begin!”

Blasts from the battleships’ cannons rang out, tearing away the barricades on the island’s cliffsides. Knoxus charged ahead of the rest of the troops. Even though they were spread out even thinner than before, the two-sided attack was alarmingly effective. Droves of Rahkshi fell to the dirt, faster than they ever had up to this point. Knoxus continued using his elemental powers to tear holes into the Rahkshis’ armor, only to fill them back up with throwing knives.

As the last of the Rahkshi were driven into the battleships’ line of fire, some of them jumped off the cliffs, taking their chances with the rocks and protodermis foaming below. Knoxus took the opportunity to also force several Exo-Toa suits off the cliffs as well. Within moments, any Brotherhood forces remaining on Nynrah were cut down, or forced over the cliffs.

The sound of weapons firing died down, and were replaced by the cheers of the Order’s soldiers. Regron shrunk down to his normal, hulking size, and declared the Battle for Nynrah was won.


After a long, hard battle, Nynrah was finally in the Order’s control. Had Knoxus not taken this opportunity, he’d probably still be comfortably bored and studying in the library right now. Even though it had been difficult, Knoxus actually felt like he had gotten stronger for the first time. He‘d even killed his first Makuta!

The Order’s Army was boarding the battleships once again, destined to return to Daxia to receive repairs and more supplies. As the Order ships left the docks of Nynrah, Knoxus looked back at a group of beings gathered on the coast. It was Regron, Helryx, and the wing-pack wearing Toa of Air who had masked the ships in the hurricane earlier. Accompanying them was a large, single-eyed creature with orange armor. Regron appeared to be giving Helryx his report, and soon, he and the Toa of Air left Helryx and the creature alone on the beach. The two of them continued along the beach, examining fragments of Rahkshi armor along the way.

“She certainly chooses some interesting allies, don’t you think?” Raxus suddenly spoke up, startling Knoxus. He hadn’t realized he’d been standing behind him the whole time.

“Seriously. Also, why hasn’t she been anywhere to be seen until now?” Knoxus asked.

“Helryx hasn’t just been fighting in this war, she’s been coordinating everything too. She’s been handling a lot of the more complicated affairs of the Matoran Universe. But trust me, with her on our side, we wouldn’t have even needed an army. If you’ve ever seen her fight, you would know that.”

“Do you trust her?”

Raxus paused for a second, “With my life. Regron’s an amazing leader, yeah. But compared to Helryx-”

“This better not be insubordination I’m hearing, Raxus,” a booming voice sounded from behind the Toa. Raxus whirled around to see Regron standing behind him.

“Not at all sir!” Raxus shouted, standing at attention. “I was merely expressing my admiration of Mistress Helryx!”

“Ah, I’m just messing with you, soldier!” Regron bellowed, throwing an arm around Raxus. “But don’t forget, your old General was once part of her Toa Team! Ah, I remember it like it was yesterday! The noble Toa Artakha! We once protected the whole Matoran Universe before we faded into legend!”

Knoxus knew who Artakha was, but wasn’t aware there was a Toa Team named after him. Apparently most beings didn’t know either.

“Who’s this, by the way?” Regron asked. “A new friend of yours?”

Knoxus spoke up, “I’m Knoxus, we’ve only met once, when I joined the Assassin Division.”

“Ah yes, I recognize your armor. You’re Tobduk’s new blade. We best be returning you to him before he gets… well… any angrier.”

“I think Master Tobduk was more than happy to be rid of me.” Knoxus sighed.

“Nonsense! I’ve only ever heard good things about you from him! Not surprising he wouldn’t act that way to your face though. It’s how he is.”

Knoxus was surprised, but even with this revelation, his own opinion of his Master hadn’t changed. Regron left to go tend to other matters, leaving the two Toa in the same position they’d been earlier, staring out into the Sea of Protodermis in silence.

End of Chapter 6

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wow Tobduk is so cool I wanna be like him when I grow up



Another fantastic entry! A couple of typos, but more than made up for by the combat choreography and the dialogue (“We have a library?”).


Where do your see the typos? I wanna fix!

There’s the only typo I saw


that’s the word shift but the boards censored it.

Easy fix for that: Add [spoiler][/spoiler.] without the period and stick it in the middle of the word. Don’t use this knowledge to abuse the language filter.


There’s the one Shade mentioned, and then

The second sentence is a fragment, so you could combine these two into a single sentence. I thought I saw an '“it’s” instead of an “its” somewhere, as well, but I can’t find it.


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Once again fantastic job!

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Oooh, new pics lookin’ snazzy. Your artist is getting better at drawing bonkles :+1:


quote from BS01

“Helryx!” he shouted, as he ran through the central corridor of the Order base, two guards in pursuit. “I request an audience!”

“Grab him!” one of the guards yelled. “He could be a Brotherhood spy!”

i see what you did there.

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