Kopaka the Master of Ice (for GoodGuy2006’s Bionicle 2015 collab)

Hello, fellow Message Board people! Contrary to popular belief, I’m still alive.

Anyways, here’s a revamp of the 2015 version of my favourite Bionicle character, The Man that Didn’t Slip, Icy Poser, Ghid… whatever you wanna call him, built for @GoodGuy2006’s Bionicle 2015 collaboration:

Oh yeah, I edited this

Please be sure to check out the other amazing MOCs that people had built for this collab:

@GoodGuy2006’s Lord of Skull Spiders

@Ghid’s Tahu

@Cordax’s Gali

@runner5050’s Pohatu

@BlackboltJohnson’s Onua

Aaand here’s a monopoly, @Mr.Monopoly, to be exact, and his Lewa

I’ll add the other ones once they post their builds


You gave him forbidden spinjutsu. Cool

Very cool. The tribal aesthetic looks good and so is that quadruple scope.

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Really digging that custom scope and the detailing in the torso!

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An absolute fricking unit of a MOC! I’m absolutely digging the overall aesthetic he has going on! Awesome job!


You mean the little Ninjago banner I used on the spear, right? I know nothing about Ninjago lore, so it was pretty tricky to figure out ha-ha
Anyways, thanks!

@Rukah @Atobe_Brick thank you both a lot! I’m glad you noticed the brick-built scope, I’m particularly happy with how it turned out

@The_Blue_Panda thank you so much for your kind words! And yeah Kopaka is an absolute unit indeed


is that a fur coat or Kopaka’s manly chest hair
Loving the shaping on this bad boy.


■■■■ that looks gooooodddd!

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The feet and legs are well shaped, if not a bit restricted articulation wise. I keep forgetting that brown 7 axles exist. I had to run a bl search to remind myself that they’re from potc. Gonna have to order those some time.

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@Heyzorks thank you!

Good question… Why not both? :thinking:

@ToaGali416 thanks a lot!

@Likus oh wow, I’m so honoured to get a comment from such a great MOCist! Thank you so much!

Yeah, the articulation in them is not that great to say the least… but whenever I have a choice between good articulation and good shaping, I always go for the latter

That’s such a strange recolour, I never understood why Lego decided to do it… but those pieces can be useful in a few situations


reminds me a lot of the g2 concept art, nice job


I’m not entirely sure. I’ve got the set they come from, and they’re used as part of the masts, so I can only assume it was done to make them look more like wood?


I love this, looks amazing!

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