Krifjjôfjfkfitk, Protector of Chaos

Here he is:

I built this mostly out of brain attack Surge and dragon bolt parts, and the other parts are just to fill in empty space.

The main chaotic thing on this is it’s color scheme, but I think that I distributed it as well as I could.

I would’ve used actual hands on this guy, but they seemed to “normal”.

I wanted this guy a bit monstrus in nature.

That’s about it.

Here’s a shot of him in flight. The background is very, you guessed it, chaotic.


He looks… Chaotic?


W-what is this?

Honestly it feels like a 5 minute tablescrap.


That’s about what he is.

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takua did you make it to 2015?

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######plz no

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Did you come up with the name randomly or does it actually have a meaning?

I closed my eyes and hit some keys.


I’m going to make a contest now. where you have to create a somewhat good table scrape MOC. But you must closed your eyes and hit some keys to name it.

Also I’m not sure what to think of this MOC. But I think That’s the point, so groovy.

he’s beautiful

the hands as armor is funny

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Where do i sign up? I have one ready right now.

I think it may be pronouned “Kevin” or something. Is it pronouned like Kevin, or is it different?

It’s pronounced “Krifjjôfjfkfitk”, but Keven works.

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Ok, thank you for the further clarification.

How do you pronounce that? ( if you can)

Please refer to my response to @boostingburitto.

I’d like to see a larger version of him

I’m working on it. The master of chaos should be up in a few days.

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How in the world do you pronounce his name?

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I think he answered that further up