Krolena, avatar of vengeance

I was just watching the silent hill movies and it made me want to make another mutated monstrosity. I had a lot of grey and silver so I made it look like a legless corpse fused to a huge mechanical thing where her legs should be. The only unfortunate thing about this design was that she can't pose without that wheel base holding her up.

Also I would be using my new white background but due to her size I have to switch back to my dresser just to get decent pictures.

I feel bad for this inika build. R.i.p randome inika build.

Comparison to my other monster build.


I already made something with basically this title...
I like this anyway, though.

I didn't even know becuase I normally don't check that stuff.

Looks pretty good. Nice job



don't know how to feel about this drider/spider lady thing

I mean if the color was cohesive i'd get it but

the green feels weird and unbalancing

tdifferenst shades, and white

going against the silver nuvaboobs and body...

but I give you effort points for making a spider chick drider

Well it's a corpse so I tried to make it messy but still look odd like its fused to the frame. I would've loved to use the breeze 1.0 helmet but I don't have that peice so metru it was. As the the machine I designed it as incomplete, miscolored and just exposed to add to the horror theme. I can see how inika heads look but I just don't like changing part colors for one moc that I might not keep together.

Edit; I tried some things and it looks better now

the concept and the posture of the MOC is super cool, but everything else is kinda meh.

for instance, the legs feel stringy and awkward
the lower arms look plain bad
and the silver nuvaboobs just don't work here

but I think this could be an awesome MOC with some cleaning up :wink:


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