Kualus, Wintersbane (Canon Contest #3: Honor Guard)

Here’s Kualus.

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Breaky Breaky


The main inspiration for this guy after pretty much not wanting to do anything for this contest was me sticking the rocka 3.0 hat onto a metru torso, which combined with the fact that an axle fits through the mouthhole of the former, made me inspired to further complete the man. The use of the roborider wheel holder as a skirt was also a fun on-a-whim concept, even if it does partially hinder the hip articulation (note that it’s not that bad, as the sides of the piece bend), that piece is surprisingly cool and useful, ngl.

The upper arms and feet mayyyy be a problem? The arms less, but i’ve seen other people get assassinated for only having metallic pieces of the foot be addons, but imo the white piece on the feetsies act pretty much the same as a hand connector would on a metru foot, and also that it’s near-completely surrounded by gold stuff. The only other time I’ve seen someone get axed for it was having the Pohatu addon be metallic but not the foot itself, so I think I’m fine, let me know if you feel otherwise Mr Miru! If it isn’t okay though, I would only be able to use the hero factory clown shoes, which would be completely tragic :pensive:

The head was fun. He originally didn’t have the scope, but then after screwing with ways to add a scope onto the lewa master mask, I think this came out real well. Problem is that a bit of the green stem can be seen through the opening (which I would rectify if I had any other stem colors on hand), and that you have to go full heart surgery mode to properly align all the stems inside the head in order to make it look Correct and Good.

The weapons should be self explanatory, but if people do have trouble I’ll post breakdowns of them too!

Height Comparison

I don’t have whenua or iruini, nor do I have anymore metru torsos to properly replicate them with :sob:. He’s about 209mm tall not counting the top horns (which from what I’ve heard don’t count towards height? idk), and Iruini is apparently 207mm tall, so please oh please let me live it’s only 2mm please please im begging and crying and sobbing. for real though if it’s too much of an issue, I can try and find a way to kick him down a bit.

Extra Photos

Show Extras

Meeting with a crab connoisseur!

Taming the grungle gragon!

Clonking bohrok with a nuva comrade!


I wanted to lean heavily into the animalistic/rahi aspect of mr koala, reminiscent of his mask power, so I did. There’s a lot of intentional details that I added to make this idea come through, some obvious, but some not as obvious, like the cowskull-esque bit below the rocka hat, the chima lion sword used as part of the spear tip, the frequent use of the small beast foot, and the consistent spike and chain detailing giving him a more archaic, hunter aesthetic.

The idea of him not necessarily looking exactly like the currently existing hagah mayyyy make him not popular, but I do really like how this guy came out nonetheless, to the point where I may recycle his torso design for something else if he doesn’t win. I think the idea of a more individualized team helps to give each of them all their own character, instead of just having them be a wall of 6 cookie-cutter guys with different colors. I hope the more detailed nature of this mr koala doesn’t get under people’s skin that much! I hope y’all enjoy!!! :heart:

This is also my first time using this forum, so if I screw anything up with the formatting or the posting, let me know!

I give consent for my mask to be altered in the final group art if the artist chooses: (yeah sure)
I give consent for my metallic color choice to be altered in the final group art if the artist chooses: (yeah sure, ngl if I had the time or money to paint pieces I would’ve made him silver.)
I give consent for my spear tip to be altered in the final group art if the artist chooses: (yeah sure, but do please maybe possibly hypothetically include some animalistic detail like in the present spear tip)


He’s an pretty good moc, but I personally do not see him as Kualus.


it’s a bit busy, but i like it.

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Ooh, me likey

I really like the little monocle thing it has going on one of the eyes!