Kulndac, Master of 1,000 Blades

Once a toa of air, now a cyborg marauder, Kulndac will never rest until he has enacted his revenge on his toa sister, Ventsah; the traitor who betrayed his toa team and left him for dead. Augmented with powerful experimental prosthetics, and the blades of his fallen comrades, Kulndac may be the final hope for Muri-Nui.

So, I know I just posted Ventsah, but right once I finished her, I knew she needed a hero to challenge her, and thus, Kulndac was born! This guy was a pain to build, adding in all the little grebes took a while, but in the end I’m quite pleased with him. He is inspired both by the Hundred Nail Warrior from Hollow Knight, and Mr. Boltron’s self moc, Boltrax: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ehrrk1XsU0s. I intentionally made him so different esthetically from Ventsah in order to further contrast the two: where Ventsah is elegant and smooth, Kulndac is compact and detailed. His arms and green chest plate have the bad habit of falling off, yet he is surprisingly stable when you consider how small his feet are and how much upper bulk he has. Either way, here he is, again, sorry for going overboard on the pictures though I’m not actually sorry.:stuck_out_tongue:

The Tyrant and the Ronin…

Thanks for viewing, constructive criticism appreciated! :slight_smile:


Very doc oc like. Good job!


This MOC must have been like:

Interesting concept, and nice torso design.


Interesting, there’s a lot going on but it doesn’t feel cluttered, good job!

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Nice looking moc. Good use of the av matoran torso. The right thumb in the first pic is aggrevating though.

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Thanks! I definitely took some inspiration from him.

Thank you. Also now that I notice the thumb, I can’t unsee it, so at least you can rest knowing it now aggravates me too. :stuck_out_tongue:

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