Lariska, Acrobatic Assassin

Since so many people are posting their Lariskas well in advance, I figured I’d post mine too. Design is, obviously, subject to change based on feedback, as well as whatever the contest rules end up being.

The design went through quite a few variations. I wanted to make sure she seemed lithe and slender enough. Initially, I also wanted to make her sort of raptor inspired, but as the built went on she became much more similar to a gecko or tree frog, and I leaned into that a little with the thighs and feet.

I’m pretty sure she’s poseable enough to fit her description as an acrobat.

Oh, and if you were wondering what those grey pins on the legs were for, they allow the weapons to be stored there.

Speaking of the legs, that was one of the things I wanted feedback on; a potential alternative leg design.
Pros: Cleaner look, less gappy. Cons: less teal, no weapon storage. Any thoughts on preferences?:

So yeah, that about covers it. What do you guys think of her?


Nice, I like how it looks like it could be very acrobatic, only con is the legs, but you said you’d fix them anyway.

That’s not exactly what I said, but I take it from this you mean you prefer the 2nd leg option?

I actually like the original leg design better, I was looking at leg design 2 when I was typing

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I like the first leg option but honestly I’d bulk her legs up ever so slightly just for visual sake.

I think if you took those vorox plates from the second design and threw em on some how it’d help

(Change the grey bushing for a black one, or leave it open? Idk some people really hate open axels for some reason)


I’m not exactly a fan of this design, it’s too lanky for me. The first pair of legs is good, though, and I definitely like 'em better than the others. The head is an interesting design.

Okay, since a few other people have done it, I decided to try out a digitigrade leg design on her:

And yes, they can still store the weapons:

Thoughts? I also bulked up the torso ever so slightly.



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Both the digitigrade and plantigrade versions look pretty good. (At first I preferred the plantigrade version, but now I’m not sure)

Overall it’s a neat moc, but I think the head could be better. Perhaps you should add some horns coming out from the back?


Yeah. They’re probably not gonna make it to the final model, as she’s supposed to have a silhouette that’s humanoid enough to look like a Toa from a distance, but I just figured it’d be fun to try out.

I had initially planned for horns, since my original idea before going the lizard/frog route was to give her a dragon-like head, but I couldn’t find a way to attach them that looked good. I might have another go at it at some point.

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Maybe you could put a small hose into the big holes in the technic panels, then insert a small technic pin into that, and attach the horn to the pin.


You could also add pair of smaller spikes coming out from the panels’ pin holes

Back of the head?

Okay, almost a year on, with Duckbricks Contest now open, I’ve revisited Lariska. Mainly I’ve changed the leg design to one I’m more happy with, and built her a whole new head. I allowed myself a bit more system for that, since the discourse around the fanon contests isn’t quite so dominated by the ‘g1 aesthetic or bust’ crowd as the canon contests were.

I opted for digitigrade in the end for the legs, once I got it actually looking decent. It just looks cooler to me.

The head in particular is more dragon like, which is a look I wanted to go with before but couldn’t figure out how to achieve at the time.

Not sure If I’m gonna revisit anything else about her before the entry period closes. I’ll probably make a whole new thread once I’m sure it’s the final version.


Looks good, I like how slender it is. That’s how I’ve usually imagined Lariska


I really liked the head of the previous one.