Lariska Ideas discussion (canon contest)

Hello all, seeing as the canon contest for Lariska is imminent I thought I’d create a topic while I still can to get some advice and ideas for my entry and for people to just share their opinions. My entry has been sitting around about 70% complete and I just haven’t been able to progress as I can’t think of any good ideas for a head plus some other areas I’m just not sure people will like.

So anyways I would like to hear what people think Lariska should look like. How do people feel about what height she should be? How do people feel about secondary colours? Etc etc

I might later post some pictures to get some opinions on my moc but idk.

  • I see her as a formidable opponent, but not as imposing as Roodaka. Since she is described, as an always-mobile acrobat, she should probably be not very bulky. Maybe she could have waste articulation to show her flexibility.

  • If I do participate in the contest, I’ll probably include some spare knives, stored on her thighs, as I imagine Lariska to be a very skilled at combat, and prepared for any situation she might find herself in.

  • I’d also suggest using parts from the 2005-2006 era of bionicle, because IIRC, that’s when she appeared in the story.

As for colors, I think it’s likely that TTV will allow for mata green, mata blue, Metru green, and Metru blue to be used, since teal is a rare color (similar to the Artakha contest). However that said, like in the Artakha contest, it’s possible that TTV will only allow her to have one of those colors. I recommend waiting until the official rules come out, before completing your MOC, unless you plan on using

I’m looking forward to the Lariska contest, and expect to see some very creative entries! I am also curious to see how people will choose to represent her mechanical arm.


I’ve noticed a lot of people design her as something pretty much like a vortixx and yet she is a member of an apparently different species. I don’t want to see another thick thigh and bust vortixx-theres more than enough of those.
Another thing I want to see is the ability to wear kanohi-as it was stated as something they are able to do


This probably won’t be helpful, but here’s my two cents on Lariska. I could’ve sworn this was actually canon, but I’ve never been able to find it, so it might not be, but it’s at least my headcanon now. While she is definitely not Vortixx, she does resemble one, but personally hates it when she is compared to or called one. Given this is a canon contest, headcanon doesn’t really matter, but those are my thoughts.


My thoughts:

  • Roughly Toa-height. I never perceived her as being very tall. She should be somewhat lean though - she’s athletic.
  • We don’t need another “looks-like-a-vortixx-but-isn’t” species, there’s enough of those. I think she should have a more humanoid face, and perhaps slightly reptilian influence in body design. Sharp armour design.
  • Lots of daggers. She should have a bunch of different sorts concealed in her armour.
  • Speaking of the daggers, don’t give her, like, massive swords or something? I know Bionicle weapons are generally very large, but I think subtlety and elegance is important for this character.
  • Mechanical arm should be clearly distinct, and perhaps more functional than a natural arm (like, an extra hinge point or something. It should be a versatility-enhancing prosthetic, not just a fill-in).
  • I know she’s primarily teal, but this needs to, like, actually look good too. Give her a dark secondary so she doesn’t look like a Tarakava or something - she needs to blend in to the shadows. Silvers and blacks would work well.

Firstly, Lariska is canonically Toa size.

I believe building her as overly feminine would be disingenuous to the character. She is an assassin, an acrobat. Constantly bouncing off the walls. Possibly adhd? She is not a femme fatale like Roodaka.
Off the top of my head I’d recommend her build be limber, flexible. Flat feet are a must. And lots of knives and daggers.
I’d also suggest her prosthetic left arm be ANYTHING but silver. The shine would be counterproductive to her whine sneaky assassin style. Unless she has it wrapped in cloth on missions? I’d actually love to see someone try that.


Very good point about the silver arm! I’ll need to change my moc!

You can have silver without it being shiny.


Lariska is pretty much a limber, slim assassin clad in teal armor who happens to be about as tall as a toa. While teal parts aren’t that common, I’m certain there’s enough out there to design a cool moc.

I’d rather not have a Roodaka clone, especially since she’s been confirmed to not be a vortixx multiple times [1]. Regardless, I really hope the winning moc uses this for Lariska’s head. It’s a solid design and just about all of the decent mocs I’ve seen use this.


Yes I’ve already take into consideration the limits that teal parts create. Heh funny thing I brought the Jungle slizer and it arrived today so that’s some teal parts.

I think teal is a more common colour than everyone seems to think. You’ve got parts from City, Jungle, any Technic Competition set, Kongu, the Tarakava, and then some system pieces from many sets after it was reintroduced.
I’ve been preparing for this contest for a while, so I have a pretty vivid idea of what mine’s going to like. Black would make a great secondary colour, but I think trans-pink could be a cool accent.


Don’t say flexible - I can’t cope with Hoseriska!

While there is definitely less teal than most colours, it’s still gunna be several times easier than Artakha was (bearing in mind the winning model actually used sand green).

It probably will reduce the number of people who have those parts to hand though.


I will repeat what many said. Why do people make Lariska into a Vortixx? She is her own species. There is much room for creativity.


In the Helryx contest we had hoseryx. In the artakha contest we had bufftahka. I feel like in the Lariska contest, we’re gonna see a lot of larisqué


I think an interesting design should be that she is able to wear a Kanohi, without wearing one. That would requiere a custom head, since having a naked BIONICLE head is not very appealing. Or maybe she could use a “Kanohi” like Hydraxon and Maxilos.

About the arm, I agree that should be distinting, not necesary a silver one. I image it like a General Grievous arm, with maybe the posibility to separate in two arms.


She should probably look like a combiner model made in 2004 or 2005. Considering she appeared during that period, that would be only logical - and would give her some unique shaping and appearance, different from what you would expect from titans. Besides that, all of Bionicles teal pieces (maybe besides some CCBS shells) were released before 2005, meaning that this would be ideal. She is a Dark Hunter, so she should fit right in with the other DH from the books, which would be difficult with post-2005 parts. As for the head, either custom or maybe even Nokama Hordika’s head would be my choice.

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I would actually like her to have a Slizer head as Kodiak suggested. We have seen many creative ways of using it and it would be unique to her species, yet still familiar.



It isn’t 2004-2006 anymore, we should be able to use pieces from whichever era we want.


I agree that Lariska shouldn’t be limited to only parts from that time, but a few signature parts from that era like the metrutoran torso or vahki head piece could be a cool little reference.

Plus, I imagine a lot of people would want to pose Lariska alongside characters like TSO, Roodaka, and/or Hakann, so using a lot of parts from a different era might make her stand out from associates.

It’s not really an important thing, but I think it would be neat.