Lariska MOC

Here is my take on Lariska (I am using the mind control mask as her face and i used tubes and gears to reinforce the idea that she has a mechanical arm and the g2 sword piece is actually her dagger.


Interesting, may I hear why you chose to use a Komau. Why did you give her a mask?

the Komau is what I am using to portray her actual face, she is not wearing a kanohi mask

I’m curious why you would choose yellow and gold for her colour scheme, considering they are near opposites to teal?

I didnt have any teal parts, I had to use what I had

So you don’t have any blues or greens at your disposal?

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i have a few blue parts but is an agori torso and a bunch ccbs shells and the green i have is currently Hordika Matau’s parts, but if you want, you can redraw this moc in teal, blue, or green

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In all regards to the Lariska contest, purists are not really going to be happy as there are not many dark teal parts in Lego’s selection. The only way to truly stay “pure” with a MOC of hers is to create a physical mold of a piece and make the dark teal pieces by hand. I’m not including 3-D printing as being a pure form of parts medium.

So over all the contest will be settled primarily with the art portion.


but perhaps they can use my moc but with the teal color scheme as a reference when drawing Lariaka, will that work?

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That definitely would, if it were to pass the MOC contest portion. In all honesty, this build is a little flaky and would not likely make it in a serious sense. While you may have done this intentionally to pronounce her acrobatic figure, it is still on the minimalistic side of things. But how’s this to say that there couldn’t be artwork made from your model regardless of this matter. There was plenty of nice artwork that came from the “disturbingly frail” Helryx meme creation.


yeah and I used some grey and silver parts for Lariska’s robotic arm sincer her old arm was ripped off by the Shadow One, what do you think of the robot arm?

If you were capable of tightening the tubing around her left arm, it would probably look much more fleshed out. I know you may be limited with your parts collection, but you might be able to do this by stuffing/folding the tubing inside the arm’s gapping.

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well hey, at least it helps reinforce the idea that it is a mechanical arm and it helps make the mechanical arm feel more pronounced and perhaps a storywise explaination is that her mechanical arm was a poorly made one that just gets the job done

Yes, but overdoing it makes it look less like the prosthetic that it should be. Besides, I don’t think The Shadowed One would have one of his most feared operatives have a low cut arm. The Dark Hunters are a big operation, they have the skills to give her a good arm.

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she could just easily have the arm upgraded and have it be increasingly more durable, especially the wires, what do you think?

Yes, it could be. But at current this particular design appears unfinished.

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well it is finished (the appearence of the arm is the same but storywise, the arm was upgraded so that it would be destroyed less easily)

Don’t you mean to say that it would be destroyed less easily.

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yeah, thats what I meant., it wouldnt be destroyed as easily

Yeah, so there’s still my critique. I’m not saying to get rid of the tubing, and what ever you choose to do with your creation is your decision, but having it protrude as far away from the arm as it does here is uncomplimentary to the very open structure of the upper arm.