Laws of the World [Wolrdbuilding][Pitch]

Studying engineering, has brought forth several question on how the universe itself works. So I have started this thread to ask and possibly set the basics of the universal laws of the world.
For how to apply our scientific understanding to the world you can go here. The discussion has focused more on masks, but the thread is about our science laws on brickonicle.

This thread is more about creating a new system of laws that will work in the universe, instead of attaching elements to our universal laws. To avoid the “its magic” solution to everything.

To start, lets look at our universe. We have four basic interactions in our universe, which are modeled by the fundamental Laws, and explained in four theories.

  • Gravitational Force ruling the attraction between masses
  • Electromagnetic Force ruling the interaction between electrically charged particles.
  • Weak Force ruling the nuclear fusion and fission.
  • Strong Force ruling the binding of the smallest particles.

It is these Laws or a combination of these that result in all the phenomena that we see in the world. They can be used to explain how our universe works at its base.

Then we have what we call emergent Laws. These explain interaction that emerge from the four fundamental laws and can be considered as equally important. Like the Laws of thermodynamics, and the law of natural selection.

What I want to focus on are what we would call the fundamental laws followed by the emergent law of elements and the other emergent laws. To keep things simple, I will refrain from doing calculations.

Finally, I know this might prove irrelevant as it has been said in the podcast, that we will never dive this into the universe.

Fundamental Laws

We know most of the Brickonicle universe works much like ours. They have gravity, and electricity. We can assume they also have magnetism. However we know little on everything else and this is fine, as the rest is not relevant to the story.

Both the Weak and Strong Forces have no relevance to the story. However considering the Weak Force is necessary in creating heavy elements, and that the Strong Force is necessary in the creation of protons, neutrons and atoms, the world would have to be formed using different building blocks and as much as I like the idea of building my own set of rules that govern a universe, thinking about the necessary interaction that will form atom like structures is a little too far. So I am going to include both of these lesser known forces into the universe.

Now we have the same fundamental laws, as our universe, however these have been studied ad nauseam and there has been no mention about elemental powers or the such. So we require the introduction of a fifth fundamental law.Lets call it the System Law. Like many interactions under quantum physics, System interactions operate using particles.

This is where it gets iffy, as I have not put much time thinking into this yet. System Particles are rare and are spontaneously born in pairs. Chaos-Order (C-O), Top-Bottom (T-B), Left-Right (L-R) and Attract-Expel (A-E) pairs interact with our quantum particles. Chaos-Order pair being the least energetic.

Furthermore Chaos-Order pairs can be divided into the + and the -. Giving rise to Oder + (O+) and Order - (O-) and Chaos + (C+) and Chaos - (C-).

Order particles tend to stick to non-system particles, while Chaos particles will exchange places with other particles. Similar to the matter-antimatter imbalance in the universe, Order particles last longer than Chaos particles hence why we find more order particles than chaos particles. Similar to matter and its antimatter collision between any of the particle pairs will produce annihilation. However due to the nature of the System interaction only one particle pair has mass, the C-O pair. Order particles have positive mass while chaos particles have negative mass. The rest of the particles are massless and hence the particle and antiparticle annihilation creates no energy.

These four particle pairs interact with one another creating their own reaction with the universe, which gave rise to the three brothers. in the beginning of the universe. These interaction are what basically substituted DNA as building blocks of life. Which allowed for biomechanical beings to exist.

Like DNA can manipulate molecules that manipulate DNA, System particles clusters can create “molecules” that interacts with other System particle clusters. Allowing beings like Makuta, to create Rahi using a combination of system particles and “normal matter” (aka constraction particles). Giving certain _System particle clusters to specific individuals can allow them to interact with their environment, as if they are water bending or similar things.

The elemental system, is a emerging system that rose from the desire of Makuta and Ekimu to create a world. The elemental system is the amalgamation of several system particle clusters that interact with constraction particles. Elements then become a specific interaction given by a specific cluster of system-constraction particles.

Protodermis is similar to plant oil. Produced using system-constraction particles,

##Emeergent Laws
Emergent laws are laws that are a consequence of the interaction of fundamental laws. In our universe the law of thermodynamics is an emergent law, the law of evolution is an emergent law. This happens due to a phenomenon known as emergence, when simple parts mix to form complex parts that have properties that the simple parts did not. Take for example water. A mixture of oxygen and hydrogen, both gases, water is a liquid capable of dissolving salts, which neither oxygen nor hydrogen can do.

So, given the behavior of system particles acting as pseudo DNA, we can give rise to programmed behavior that can be considered unnatural in this world. Take protodermis for example, it can bee due to a specific combination of system particles mixed into the molecules of a metal, which give it its liquid property, next to its other mutating interactions when it come in contact with other living organisms. As organisms, are partly made by system particles.

Elemental powers work in a similar way. They are “produced” by special “organs” made using system particles in combination with constraction particles. These organs release system particles which function as message carriers, affecting the environment. This interaction gives rise to what we call elemental manipulation.

Elemental Gods would have a primary consciousness based on system particles, making it hard to interact with constraction particles. However, they have in built subroutines that manage the laws of the elements themselves as well as being responsible of building the “organs” responsible for elemental control, for matoran, using system particles.

Matoran have a rudimentary system organ that is responsible for the elemental control they have. However their personalities are more based on constraction particle interactions like atheists see humans working in our world.

Toa, are just Matoran with a modified system organ, which allows them for a more advanced elemental control and the possibility of improving said control. Think of it as matoran get pink fingers, an almost vestigial organ that you can use them but that rarely accomplishes anything inspiring. Toa get an entire new hand that they can train so that they can lift more weigh as well as build lego cities. Elemental Gods being responsible for administering the elemental powers, can change the organ a matoran has, basically growing them a hand, where there used to be a pinky.

Need some time to think about this, as it is obviously complicated

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