Least Favorite Hero?

Hands down, Rocka. His voice actor was so unfitting in Breakout that I smashed my Rocka 4.0 set. Twice.


Set form? Eh... I'll be honest when I say I love them all to a degree. If I had to choose a least favorite, I would probably say Nex.

Story-wise? Furno, hands down. He's so annoying I can't even put it into words. He wasn't that bad in Brain Attack, though.


I concur, Ness never had any good sets.

Surge, he rubbed me the wrong way for some reason. I don't have a legitimate reason to actually dislike him but, meh, just never did.

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That's valid, Surge annoys everyone.


Surge definitely had an annoying voice actor (more annoying than Tom Kenny for Rocka, for me). My least favorite hero would probably be... eeeeehhh, Nex. That's kind of odd, though, considering my first 2.0 set was Nex. Looking back on it, that was not my a very good decision, but neither were many things I did in regards to Hero Factory...

rocka in 3.0 was horrible, I cant believe they gave him two sets



he was a fairly poor build, and in terms of story he was pretty useless, but at least he came with a mata green colour scheme, amirite?


Definitely Rocka.

Furno. He's quite obnoxious. Honestly, he's my least favorite of the archetypes they've made out of the heroes.

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Rocka, because Lego gives him everything and his name seems very cheesy.

I HATE Ferno because he is over rated just like every other red guy ever! why not give the green guy some love?

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but there is only one green guy with a name in hero factory..his name is thresher he wont come back soon, and breez is female

The word guy is a relative term wink

The green hero (Breez) is my favorite. smiley

i love Breez too but i have also taken a liking to the Rocka sets not really the character though stuck_out_tongue

HOW COULD YOU SAY SUCH A THING!?! Eljay is and will always be the best cast member ALWAYS!!!

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Ehhh, probably either Bulk or Surge. I mean, those two are the most stereotypical. Bulk is your tank stereotype, and Surge is your fast-and-skilled-but-also-not-all-that-smart stereotype. But who's my absolute least favorite Hero set wise? That depends on the year, but usually I find it to be Nex, or whatever one happens to not have two hands. In IfB I think my least favorite is probably Surge, though.

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Hands down, least favorite hero is the Dropship pilot.