Least Favorite Hero?

Hey, that's my favorite.


In the TV specials? Well, honestly, all of them.

Especially Rocka, Surge, and Furno, though.


He's not my least favorite character but 2012 Nex has the worst set.


None of them. They're not heroes. They're robots.


I have to say Evo one of the reasons for that is the specials. Multiple personalities?


Surge was my least favorite, was not big of fan of his sets or the actual character.

He got a core change in 4.0 from a bad*** to a moronic rookie.


Sad... I don't want to think what could've caused Evo for a Core Change... I actually like Evo... 2.0 reminded myself of what I should be.

My least favourite hero?

All of them.

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Even Maximus?

Especially Max.

I have a question.
have you ever bothered to read the hf books, or buy the sets?

Yeah, I got the sets. And I read the books. I say "all of them" because they all either had the same personality, no personality, or a cliché personality. The books were good stories, I admit, but didn't develop character much, except maybe for Surge in The Doom Box. If I liked any hero, I guess maybe it'd be Stringer.

Also, I was referring to story-wise. Set-wise, I liked Evo mostly.


That explains everything

Yeah, they have way too many 'rookie' cores on their hands. That's why you're constantly seeing stuff like Furno, and not Nex.

Sometimes you wonder if maybe they should invest in getting more, oh, you know, VETERAN cores, but 'EVHERYBOHDY ISH A SPHECIAL SHNOWFLAKE' is their new motto, I suppose.

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Rocka, He gets way too much spotlight. Though what really baffles me is than,when he was introduced, he immediately got an XL form.


Uhhhh... I really didn't have a least favorite because I always just made my own stuck_out_tongue

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I think Furno or Surge,really.

Surge was stupid and annoying

furno and stormer have too overused personnalities

Breez is just your typical female character

rocka just sucks

stringer is pretty cool

bulk is weird

evo's personnality keeps changing

nex also sucks

Stringer was by far the coolest.

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