Least Favorite Movie(s) of 2014!

since @TheAceRailgun made one for best movies of 2014 here is a place to discuss your least favorite movies
here are mine
Taken 3
Transformers age of extinction (I’m sorry all my brother transformer fans ;_:wink:
didn’t watch many crappy movies this year

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Since I hardly watched any films last year, I don’t have anything on this list.

Uhm… I don’t really have any. :laughing:

How To Train Your Dragon 2. How did they flub this one up so bad?
EDIT: How could I forget the incredible stretch that was The Hobbit?

Transformers Age of Extinction.

The Interview.

I can’t think of any others.

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interesting, I loved both of those movies (though I do wish Hobbit was only one movie)

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The Hunger Games 3-1. Not only are they pulling that crap of splitting the finale into two movies, but I cannot stand the franchise and still am amazed something so stiff, dull, and predictable is so darn popular.


funny that an add for free movies online came up right after I read that

Meh, I actually quite enjoyed TMNT for what it was. Age of Extinction the other hand…

Here’s my beef with Transformers…
I would pay to go see non stop fight scenes between the robots and just the graphics are amazing to see in cinema, I still go watch the forest scene from 2.
But no, they have to focus on the bland, stereotypical, unlikable characters and there boring personal lives, I would find CATS test more exciting then these people.

Not sure if that counts for a rant but it was fun. :smiley:


I’ve always had a soft spot for some of the Transformers human leads. I like Lennox in the original three. Thankfully Age of Extinction did away with Megan Fox’s I’m-only-in-this-movie-to-sell-it-to-teenage-boys character. Though Mark Wallberg came off as a bit… well, off. However, my main problem with AoE isn’t the characters themselves. It’s the completely stitched-together, exhausting-to-follow plot they’re involved in.


Isn’t Taken 3 from 2015?


I haven’t really seen many movies from 2014, so answering this is impossible.

so something like this only in movie form?

yeah I’d like that too

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Mine were,

The Interview
Transformers AoE

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I’m feeling really sad, I’m crying.

Anyways, I disliked Age of Extinction and that was really it, I’m yet to see TMNT but from the 5 minute preview…I’m not liking how they portray DonDon.


Why can’t they just make a Transformers movie that’s just robots? No one goes to see these humans. Everyone hates them. Please, stop.

Movies that sucked:

Age of Extinction had too many humans and not enough explosions. I am a movie critic, but I like movies who know what they are and run with it. Pacific Rim ran with it. Age of Extinction does not run with it. If Michael Bay did a legitimately fun Transformers movie with tons of explosions I would love the heck out of it. This movie is not fun.
Transcendence was tired and bland and boring and I honestly walked in and out of it when it was on DVD at my friend’s place. Nothing new to see there.
God’s Not Dead is easily my most hated film of the year, and that’s honestly because so many other Christians seemed to love it unconditionally. I saw it and thought it was the most horridly bland and stawman thing alive. I sparked many debates about this. I really dislike this movie. Christians are just a market to be pandered to now, albiet with less quality than other pandered audiences. Sigh.
TMNT was super weird and out of place and awkward, but I wasn’t a fan of Ninja Turtles beforehand, so I didn’t have my childhood ruined. Probably why I don’t have more to say about it.
Hercules I walked out halfway on because the trailers promised something way different from the final product. With so many superhero films out, you’d think a studio would love to do a big budget Hercules mythology film. Nope, it’s just a dude.
Muppets Most Wanted was shown for movie nights at my college campus. My friends all brought their younger siblings to watch it. Guess who just weren’t paying attention at all by the end? The Muppets bore kids. I don’t know who they’re trying to appeal to.
Noah was laughable, especially for a film with Emma Watson and Russel Crowe. Hilarity abounds.
Left Behind had Nicholas Cage and I shouldn’t need to say more about that.
Exodus: Gods and Kings was also bland and boring but at least not as bad as Left Behind.

Movies that were just boring and lame but not enough to be bad:

Divergent was trite and predictable, but had some decent performances and wasn’t that bad of a movie. Shouldn’t be a trilogy, though. Suffers from the same YA novel adaption issues I’ve seen recently.
The Giver was a book I really liked and had an adaptation that was…okay. I really disliked that “human courage” was represented by GoPro images of people diving off cliffs. First…why is his memory in GoPro quality? Secondly, you could have these fantastic montage clips of the bravest acts in human history…and you decide to go with basejumping? I know the movie is pushing this “war is bad”, but showing the bravery of soldiers throughout every era in human history, alongside other selfless endeavors…it just seemed really wasted to me.
How to Train Your Dragon 2 was lame with a capital L. Saw it all coming, nothing new surprised me, the animation had little style to it, and Hiccup’s voice actor is still very, very annoying. I don’t like “love your animal” movies to begin with, and I can’t get over the fact that the LEGO Movie was snubbed for it. Sigh.

Seriously though, there were a lot of terrible Christian movies this year. I’ve had long debates with my small group about them all year around.


I enjoyed watching Transformers 4 purely because my friends couldn’t stop laughing at how stupid it was, and half of them are film majors.


Everything that is Shamalamadingdongs and Michael Explosion Bays.

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Why can’t they make them liked they used to? Where’s the movies like The Ten Commandments, and, my personal favorite, Ben-Hur?