Least favourite boss battle in a video game

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says it in the title what is the worst boss you ever fought in a vider game?

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That fire snake/dragon thing in Zelda II. Took me years to beat.

Klaww in Jak and Daxter.
Baron Praxis in Jak 2.
Brawly in Pokemon Emerald

Xemnas in KH2. It was the most boring and drawn out boss battle where you just smashed the reaction command button until you win.

The queen alien at the end of Colonial Marines.

That rock armadillo thing from Super Mario Galaxy 2. I still do not know how to beat it.

The big stage at the near end of Shovel Knight where you have to fight all of the bosses again.
I still haven't beaten it.

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Took me ten minutes to hit him the first time >.<


Phogoth from Destiny. Had to rage quit when fighting him the first time around. Still think that he was the hardest boss, even after passing the game.


Probably the Didact because I just had to push random buttons


Try fighting the Archon-Priest in one of the strikes on Venus. He is extremely difficult, even with a full group.


The Imprisoned, in Skyward Sword.

I swear to god, I'm going to cut off EVERY member of his family's toes.


I completely forgot about that guy. I feel like I had a harder time fighting Phogoth though.

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Omega (Giant form) from Mega Man Zero 3
Sigma Virus from Mega Man X2
Ballos from Cave Story
Death Egg Mech from. Sonic 2

Aurora unit 313 from metroid prime 3. I still haven't beaten it!

Um... Let's see...
Ansem in KH1 was pretty annoying. Took me so many tries to beat him in that part on the Destiny Islands without Donald and Goofy.
(continues racking brain for good boss fights)

I have another one.

Don't looks this up though it's a bit explicit.

The Broodmother from DA:O

Silver the Hedgehog, from Sonic 06


I should also mention 343 guiltyspark for halo 3

The following boss battle is by far the worst final boss battle in gaming, so be warned.

Alduin from Skyrim.