Least favourite movies

I love movies, and there isn't many that I have an issue with, but recently I had to watch Grown ups 2 and my goodness, I HATED IT. The jokes were terribawful to the point where they made me irritated and extremely embarrassed to be watching the garbage, it lacked any intellect in the dialogue and humor, and was just for a cash grab, if you ask me.
So what kind of movies grind your gears?


Click. I went to see it with my dad when it came out. I had nightmares for a week, and it was just awful.

I indirectly hate Frozen. One of my biggest reasons is that LITERALLY EVERYONE I KNOW sings one of the songs on a daily basis. Another thing, but not exactly a problem I have with the movie, why all the hype behind it? It's basically just another Disney Princess movie, s why is this one so darn special? Anyways, that is all. I'm pretty sure I just offended a lot of people just now.


ehhh... I liked it. I could relate to it a good deal, but I'm not crazy about it. It does get annoying when you look at your Facebook feed and find that all your favorite pages decided to post memes from Frozen.


Yeah, I understand what you mean, every time I'm with my friend and say 'let it go' in a sentence, they spontaneously start singing while I'm talking. I know it's not the movies fault, but I never really had a connection with the music, so I'm not on the frozen singing train and get annoyed when people sing it constantly.
As for the characters, I can relate to all of them at least once, Elsa's a strong female character, which I like, but they are too over rated as characters, I guess that just the popularity and expectations of Disney.


Avatar the Last Airbender... Need I say more?


I find it amusing that the new chick in transformers 4 is the the awful girl actor that played Katara in that film.


Never seen Frozen, and I don't intend to. It's become so freakin' popular, but I'm just not a Disney person in general, so I wouldn't have seen it regardless.

Frozen was okay. It's not really anything special, but it's not bad.


this is how I feel:


Movie 43 was just an hour+ poop/genital joke.

The movie doesn't exist. It never has and never will...

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ALL. DISNEY. CHANNEL. ORIGINAL. MOVIES!!! Too many generic stereotypical bad guys and dumb main characters. And, you can't be a boy on Disney Channel without being dumb, a bully, or a stereotype nerd.


What movie?...

Star Trek Nemesis.


DATA!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marie Antoinette

That is literally the worst movie I've ever seen. The thing is, it could have been interesting since I found that particular time period and event (the French revolution) to be quite fascinating. I would have loved to see the contrast between the rich and poor people and all that. But what is the movie about? THOUSANDS OF BORING PARTIES! It's just... such a big waste of time. Then the movie actually starts to get a bit more interesting when the revolution starts, but what do they do? THEY END THE FRIGGING MOVIE THERE! And just to piss someone like me off even more, it's not even historically accurate.

I'll tell you, it's been years since I watched that movie, and I still want to those 2 hours of my life back (I still have dreams where I get those hours back). Literally not only the worst movie I've ever seen, it's really the worst thing that exists on this planet.

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Worse than Hitler?

Last time I checked he's dead

I HATED the Last Airbender.

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