Least Useful BIONICLE/LEGO Piece?

May I offer you a tiny scorpion in this trying time?

Pincy: by welcometothedarksyde


Aww. that's so cute

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may i bestow onto you, my nemesis in lego brick form

his name GEAR BLOCK 3 1/2 6 1/2 X3
aka id# 92908
he is even stronger when paired up with his significant other (3 SNAP GEARBLOK, aka id# 92909) and when put together they are inseperable

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I don’t think it’d be that hard to use; I already see the foundation for a body, a Gatling gun handle, and obviously it could be used to attach a wheel. If you had some and didn’t want them, my mailbox is always open... :stuck_out_tongue:


This doesn’t look stupid to me.[quote=“Maphrox, post:81, topic:18462”]
Any Inika mask.

With a bit of creativity, pretty much any piece can be used.


Kind of a rude necropost to quote someone all the way back at the beginning of the topic just to have content for a post. But that’s just me.

I think I’m going to browse through the topic and see if I can’t find any suggestions of a terrible piece to do something with. I’m not bored you’re bored

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