Legend of Chima Minifigure paint jobs

ok, this topic might not belong on the Legend of Chima board, but its something i have been wondering about for some time now, have anyone done a paint job of a Legend of Chima character? And by that i mean like the other Minifigure paint jobs, where in you paint over the existing parts and stuff.

I have been thinking that doing paint jobs can be a nice way to rid yourself of extra Chima characters you have many of, like say if you have many Legend of Chima sets, and you thus have many Laval and Cragger minifigs, then painting on some of them, might allow you to have more "original characters" in your sets.

To be honest, i have allways wanted to see if anyone have done this and thus have made a re-paint of a Cragger minifig to make him look like the Legend of Chima Online villain, Cruz

or maybe Reabait

Soo... anyone want to talk about it here?


I really don't recommend painting minifigures Decaling tends to work better and allow for better detail.

But i would still need to paint on the minifigure, i mean how am i going to find a brown raven head mold, plus wings. Its better for me to paint the body and parts that i cant make decales for and then make said decales for the body, legs and head.

Also, where am i suppost to find decalings based on Legend of Chima? I have tried looking for it but i found noting, so must i make my own decaling from scratch? I am not a great artist.


You make them yourself. Seriously painting a figure will only lead to gunking it up so its moving parts cease to function. The characters you mentioned above don't have nearly as complex printing as the ones released in sets so recreating them wont be as much of an issue as say trying to recreate Fire 'n' Ice Laval.

Decal isn't easy but It has HUGE advantages over raw painting. Most notably the ability to get the finer details onto your part. Oh and a word to the wise don't use someone elses decals it'll never be as satisfying (and sometimes wont be as high-quality) as if you made the decals yourself.

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but i must still paint the main parts that i can't use stickers on, im not saying that i am going to make these characters by using random minifigures that i have around, no i am planing on taking the multible Razards and Rizzos that i will for example have after i have bough more Chima characters, and seeing how i want just one of the main cast, instead of having an army of clones around, thats the reason i want to do this, so that also means that i will paint on the main figures (cover their original colors in a new one) then i can place the stickers, that for me is better.

also when it comes to Cruz, i would need to get one of the skeleton generals from Ninjago wave 1, like Kruncha, because Cruz uses the bone shoulder armor from those guys.

The thing with painting is detail is always lost from a part, unless you intend to use spray paint an even then its a risk. I can name 10 thousand reasons why a mini-figure is the worst part type to paint. If you think you have the skill to paint them or you have the parts to throw out then go right ahead.

im not goint to paint all of the details on the figure, you see what i had planed was this.

First i will paint over the entire figure, bascily cover the entire figure in one color, its the animal heads however that i will need to paint on the details, because i can't add stickers on them.

so if i had another Razcal figure, i would paint his body entirly brown, from the main minifigure body, to the wings and animal head, then i would paint the hands light brown, and that would be it for the main body, i would then move on to the animal head, like i said before, i would need to paint the beak yellow like the image and then add the white colors around his eye area and on his forehead. and that would be it for the paint job, then i could move on and make the stickers.

You aren't understanding me, the amount of detail on the animal head molds is the reason why painting isn't recommended. if you paint it then the paint will get into all the cracks and fill them in leaving the final product with much less detail. With Decals (NOT STICKERS) you simply need to make smaller and at the right shape so that it will cooperate with the part.

If you insist upon painting then use a VERY thin layer of spray paint. Any other kind of paint will lead to the issue I mentioned above.

you don't even say what type of Decal, and if you want me to do this in a water decal, then im giving up on this, because the water would just wash of the paint that i had to add over the minifigure, added with that its takes longer to do, and that its more difficult.

Infact, you make it sound like the reason there is no re paint or decal of Chima characters, is not because no one have done it, but because its nearly impossible to do.

If you can show me any decal or anything that uses Chima parts, then please, i have never seen anyone done this, instead i just see the basic Minifigure style.

Once again you missed the point.
First off it doesn't matter what kind of decal it would still be better than painting.

Second off Water Decals would work just fine so long as you let the paint dry first.

Third your second paragraph of that post was next to impossible to understand.

Fourth MAKE YOUR OWN DECALS all it takes is paint.net and a printer.

Fifth it doesn't matter if it is chima or not all it takes is cutting your decal to the right size and shape.

Sixth if you don't paint the figure right you will probably ruin your figure.

do you have some suggestion to tools for doing this then, because i do have some brushes, but they sound like they are not useable from the description you have given me, so must i get a what is it called, a spray brush?, and again, im not a great artist, the only way that i could do this is if i had someone who could try to draw the main images for me, the majority of Laval's Journey and Online characters use existing printings for their torso or face, though for some like Reagull, its more difficult because he would need a more original decal. Not only that but then we have the fact that he has more printing on his different parts

first he would need a lot of printings even on the one fot that he has, his pegleg is another story, added with the fact that he would only need one normal wing and a smaller one (possibly a repainted flame peice), and said wings would need a little more paint, just to add in the miscolored style of them.

Also, would this in a way work for a decal? (note this is from the LEGO site for Chima)

By that i mean the male and female wolf warriors because i can see them be done just by using for the male version a Worris figure, and for the female version possibly the Winzar figure

I would completely disagree, but if you aren't experienced in painting, then I guess that'd be true.

That is completely false.

Fine brushes exist, laddie.

That would only happen if you painted it poorly, it's very easy to do a thin coat on a part and retain all details.

Oh, goodness, no, never use Spray Paint!

You seem to be very inexperienced with painting Minifigures, you clearly don't know what you're talking about, or maybe it's that you haven't ever even done it?

Anyways, @DarkHenrik, I think this would be a cool thing to do! I'd definitely give painting these characters a try. :smile:

@PekekoaOfJungle I paint these as a hobby so yes I've been around the block with this sort of thing.

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I do that as well, and if you're experienced with that, then you should know that painting a Minifigure would be just as possible as something that tiny.

one of the main problems with painting or making these guys is that, well for the ones from Chima Online, there is no full body image, only the head, and as you can see from Cruz, he would need the Skeleton general shoulder armor from Ninjago.

it does seem like no one have tried to do this before though, because i have never seen any images of this on the interned. also i have been planning on buying two Razcal's Glider, so that i would have both Razcal and (after i have repainted and used some new decals) Reabait, the glider do look like something Reabait would use.

Thats a warhammer 40,000 figure, not a LEGO minifigure. unless you want to show of your own work, then i can wonder how similar the skills are.

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@PekekoaOfJungle Your reasons against me are only confirming my argument. If you have the skill then painting would be great but it requires the skill Decaling on the other hand requires no skill but instead requires you to focus and move your hand in a delicate manner.

@DarkHenrik Painting skill doesn't change with the surface. the surface simply changes things like what kind of paint to use or whether you need primer. (you don't need primer for this)

To simplify everything I have been trying to say painting is OK for mini-figures but there are numerous reasons why many of the big mini-figure customizers prefer decaling.

Well, no, they aren't, you were saying that nobody ever should ever use paint on a minifigure, you never said anything about doing it if you have the skills.

Yes, it does, that's what I'm saying. You were saying that painting Minifigures always turns out bad.

It still does require skill.

Ummm, none of them do, because it isn't nearly as professional.

you still have not said what i would need to do decaling and like i have said, i do have some brushes but i don't think they will work based on the stuff you have said.

and like i did say before, i would just paint the minifigure, in the color i want, and add on the decals after. I don't see decaling the animal head would be that good anyway, the minifigure head would but not the animal head.

also the wolfs like i have said, would probably be the easiest if i just used the image that i showed you, and well i did say that i could just use the Worriz and Winzar figures for the male and female wolf warriors.

so what do i need to make a transparent decal, any info please? i would like to know what i would need.

good point I need to stop using absolutes.

This book begs to differ.

@DarkHenrik look here for detailshttp://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=25527

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You said "Big" Minifigure customizers. I assume by that you meant well known.