Legends of Chima 2015 Discussion

Welp, I guess it's that time already, lol.

In this topic, discuss everything we know about Legends of Chima 2015 (except for story spoilers, of course. stuck_out_tongue).

Set list with NZD prices (courtesy of CM4Sci on Eurobricks):

19.99 - Crocodile Tribe Pack
19.99 - Ice Bear Tribe Pack
19.99 - Lion Tribe Pack
19.99 - Saber-tooth Tiger Tribe Pack
29.99 - Strainors Saber Cycle
39.99 - Flinxs Ultimate Phoenix
59.99 - Tormaks Shadow Blazer
79.99 - Icebites Claw Driller
119.99 - Tigers Mobile Command
79.99 - PT 6
119.99 - PT 7

Personally, I think it's very interesting that Fire vs. Ice will continue for a second wave. Looking forward to seeing how this all takes place in the TV show.



It brings me great joy to know that I will be able to the Saber Tooth cat people at a lower price.


Well dang. I was hoping there would be some cheap-ish sets that weren't Tribe Packs. Although those might be interesting too. I'll definitely think about getting one of these.


Don't worry, this may not be the completed set list for this year.

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Ice Bear = Polar Bear?



I'm still hoping that Lego's just slowly letting us forget about the bears, and then just introduce these new guys like it was no one's business.

I was thinking that they were short-faced bears because of the inclusion of Ice Age animals like the saber-toothed cats and the mammoths, but I doubt kids know about this extinct bear species.

Ash bear vs. Ice bear!!!

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Here's to hoping Sir Fangar is in that tribe pack. He's my favorite Chima villain and it'd be a shame to not get some representation of him(especially considering the constraction won't be in the US).


Honestly, this is the first time (since release) that I have looked forward to Chima. Sir Fangar, best villain since Lord Vladak. TLG has done an excellent job with him.

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Guys, come now.

Do we really need to say how Sir Fangar is the best Chima villain? I mean, come now.

Compared to Cragger/Crooler, and then Scorm, it really goes without saying.


@Collector ...especially if there is a second wave (or yet another sub-theme of the LEGO Legends of Chima theme) in the second half of 2015!!!

@Nyran Cragger wasn't even a real villain last year, but Crooler on the other figurative hand...

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Well yeah, but like...every promotional medium, outside the show presented him as such.


I DUNNO MAN, I think Cragger was a top-tier Chima villain. His motivations and internal struggles truly made him a gripping character, and his expert-level plans, cunning, and mastery over his tribe truly had him destined for greatness.

It's a shame Lego decided to make him a good guy again. ;__;




I get exactly where you're coming from.

In all honesty though, I do feel that Cragger could've been better, if uh...how to say this... They made him more like Zuko, honestly.

And then, to develop his good guy side more, make it more interesting, have it to where he was directly responsible for the creation of the Outland Tribes. Y'know, like, his bad deeds made things worse for everyone, and he has to make up for it, redeem himself in his own, and his peers' eyes.

Make it so that the audience sympathizes with him for his guilt, instead of everyone wishing Laval would die for being such a moron. But I apologize for the rant there.


@Nyran ...which really, really, really annoyed the hell out of me last year – as it deviated from the official storyline too much there; and as, what is more important in nature, it shows blanketed negative prejudice towards the entire Crocodile Tribe (and, what is by extension, anthropomorphic reptiles in general, with us considering that the Crocodile Tribe is the only reptile animal warrior tribe in Chima!) by The LEGO Company, which I find extremely offensive in nature!!!!!

@Mesonak His so called "motivations", "expert-level plans" and even his "cunning" were not his ideas, but they were his sister's ideas who were pushed onto him via her manipulations and mind control over him via Persuader Plants!!! {A character cannot ever be a top-tier villain or villainess if he or she is mind controlled by someone else and/or by something else, whereas the actual character and/or thing that is mind controlling the character that is in question there is the actual top-tier villain or villainess!!! This applies perfectly to Cragger and Crooler: Cragger was most definitely not a top tier villain last year; but Crooler was (and probably still is) a top tier villainess, who is only topped by no one other than Sir Fangar and perhaps Scorm [although Sir Fangar is a top tier villain, and Scorm is a villain as well there (but he may not necessarily be a top tier one); as they are male evil LEGO Legends of Chima characters – whereas Crooler is a top tier villainess; as she is a female evil LEGO Legends of Chima character]!!!} Besides, Cragger didn't have mastery over his entire tribe [which is outside of his parents for obvious reasons that I don't need the need for them to be mentioned here (nor should they be needed to be mentioned here)!]; as he most certainly did not have mastery over his sister, but she did have mastery over him [and indirectly over the entire Crocodile Tribe (other than her and Cragger's parents – once again – for obvious reasons that I don't feel the need for them to be mentioned here!) through Cragger].


Serpentine from Ninjago doesn't help matters lol.

...although the dragons (besides the Overlord in his dragon form, of course!) in the LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu theme do help matters somewhat there, as they were never evil to begin with there!!!!!

Oh, on the subject of Crooler, she's one of....three? four? female characters in the show.

Compared to the vastly sized male cast. Gotta love Lego and their gender equality. 8D


@Nyran Yes, I know... right...? laughing

@Everyone: As for 2015 LEGO Legends of Chima set news, here are the translated-into-English names of the last 3 sets (which is courtesy of a poster in the name of "Penkid11" on Eurobricks): 70227 Bladvic's Bear Mech, 70226 Mammoth Ice Base and 70225 Cragger's Croc-copter!!! Yay!!! – we finally get a Bear Tribe minifigure in the form of Bladvic (who is the most important Bear Tribe member in the LEGO Legends of Chima T.V. series!)!!!!! Also, apparently there is going to be a Mammoth Tribe ice base of some sort. Finally, we get another vehicle for Cragger, with this time in it being another helicopter for the Crocodile Tribe (which is for it to not be confused with the Helicropter vehicle that came with the Cragger's Command Ship set of last year)!!! smile