Legends of Mythron Chapter 2 (Full)

Capter 2
The Festival

Bright lights and flowing festive music flowed through the vally from the Capital City Canterbell, everyone in the city are busy rushing around buying, selling and making trips to the market buying decorations, food and other festive goodies. Meditor looked out from his balcony upon the tallest tower of the Palace, sighing he moved a hand up to his right eye remembering that this very day 3000 years ago his brother Darkus-Eclipse turned on him wanting to use the Element Keys to rule Mythron and destroy any sign of heroisme. Meditor turned around as he heard someone enter his chamber “Yes Rean, what is it?” , Rean stood up straight “Sir the other royals are here”. Meditor looked out frome the balcony one last time and walked past Rean and out of the door at the same time grabbing his suit jacket off the coat hanger, walking down the grand stair case leading to the main lobby looking out to all the royal families that live in the different cities around Mythron.

Greeting each family Meditor motioned the Families to the rooms which they will be staying in for the Festival, one of the Families Daughters walked up to Meditor “Excuse me Mr Meditor can i ask you something?” looking in the direction to where the the voice came from Meditor smiled “Lady Lyla, nice to see you again, my haven’t you grown since i last saw you, what would you like to talk about?” Lyla blushed pushing up a strand of hair that fell across her face “Thanks, being part of the Batzards and as the only Daughter of the royal family from Mamotopa City i have a lot of spare time on my hands train and practice combact skills, i was wondering can i enter the gladitorial fights and my other request is you’ve been around for a long time when did the Festival start?”. Scratching his chin Meditor looked at Lyla “I can’t stop you for entering but atleast as your parents about it see what they say about it and say you’ve been perparing to show yourself that you are capable of taking care of your self, and to answer your other question, The Festival started way before me and my Brother arrived here on Mythron.”

Lyla said her good byes to Meditor and went up the stair case in the direction to where her and her families joining rooms are, suddenly the guards posted at the front shouted HALT!! as a cloaked figure holding a bone and thorned staff with a dream catcher on top entered the palace “Shadara i told you never to enter this palace or this city ever again” Meditor said standing in front of the figure “And i told you Meditor i will never leave until you give me those Keys” said Shadara in a gravley gritty voice. Shaking his head Meditor gave an order “Get her out of here and make sure to keep an eye on her so she doesnt play any of her tricks” the guards saluted and walked off taking Shadara with them. Getting to the entrance to the city the guards pushed Shadara out forcefully “Now get out of here you lothsome Witch and never come back” said one of the guards, red eyes glowed under Shadara’s hood “I will get those keys and when i do will make you pay” with Shadara walked off. Looking back to see that no one can see her Shadara took out a mirror from her cloak and spoke a spell “domo cata no gia poso kia mata” the mirrors reflective surface started to ripple and wave as it turned to black apart from two green glowing dots " Master i tried to get those keys off of Meditor but he resisted" “Of course he will i told you time and time again that he will if asking wont work then get control of one of his guards, i must have those keys if i’m in order to return to that retched world” said the voice coming from the mirror “of course master” Shadara replied waving a hand over the mirror and it went back to normal. Putting the mirror back in to her cloak Shadara made her way along the rocky path up the mountain.

The next day is Festival day and everyone is excited going to diferent places where they wnt to go, the chidren to the fair, mothers looking at fabric and chatting and the farthers looking at jewerlly for their wifes and testing their strength in the fair. signs and posters advertised the first and second gladitorial fights, fight one: Tigartron VS Camo F.Large, fight two: Heroina VS The Courier. Meditor is walking through the streets talking to his people and other towns people when Mr Batzard walked up to Meditor “Meditor have you seen Lyla she didn’t come to breakfast this morning” Meditor had an odd look on his face “i saw her yesterday she was asking me about being in the gladtorial fights and about when the Festival started, didn’t she ask you about fighting in the gladitorial fights” Mr Batzard shook his head “No she didn’t, she just entered her room and never came out. you you dont think she actually is thinking of going to enter the fights do you”

“Honestly Mr Batzard i do not know we have to wait till the second fight, the first fight is the boys from Cyberpeak and Nagaton, but there was an late entry which was entered for the second fight. The fight is about to begin”. Entering the VIP stand area everyone in the stands human and creature are cheering holding up banners, confetti is falling like snow when an anouncer spoke “Welcome everyone to the Gladitorial Fights today’s first fight is Tigartron from Cyberpeak and Camo F.Large from Nagaton and todays second fight is The Courier from Insectopia and a late entery Heroina from Mapan.” Mr Batzard’s face turned from worried to anger and with a stern voice “Lyla is a bridge too far for her own good.” Meditor and some of the other royal families looked at Mr Batzard “What do you mean?” one of them asked, sighing heavily as the cool air whiped through the stadium Mr Batzard replied “Lyla has been fixated on entering the Gladitorial Fights but i never allowed it”

Meditor looked at Mr Batzard as the announcer was making a few announcments “so she did ask you about fighting in the fights then” Mr Batzard didn’t know what to say he just sighed and looked out to the field where to the left Tigartron was entering and to the right Camo F.Large, “She has been asking in the past but i just don’t know anymore” Mrs Batzard places a hand on to her husbands shoulder “We both just worry about her”. “Let the fight begin” shouted out the announcer.

A siren blasted out commencing the beginning of the fight, both Tigar and Camo charged at each other weapons drawn as the ground terraformed itself on one side high sand dunes while on the other dence wheat fields. Weapons clashed and swiped at each other colliding with the ground now and then to where the sand made the weapons hard to handle both to Tigar’s claw gauntlets and Camo’s rifle, the crowd cheered especially the fan girls screaming their heads off. “You should pay attention to your Fans Camo” said Tigar smirking “I have no time for those time wasters, i will beat you and when i do your weapons are my trophies” replied Camo firing a shot at Tigar just grazing his cheek and the bullet shot off into the wall far behind Tigar.

As the fight carried on Shadara walked up to the front gate her staff at hand and the guards blocked the way “We are under strict orders not to let you in Shadara now leave” a white smile formed under Shadara’s covered face and her red eyes turned purple to where a purple mist like substance started to come out from all gaps in her cloak and hood. “What the hell? Hold it right there” said the guards. Smiling more evil now Shadara replied “I don’t think so you’re under my control now” with that the purple substance shot out coating the guards completely and they screamed loudly, as the substance covered them cracking and snapping sounds can be heard then growling and snarling.
The mist subsided back into Shadaras cloak and standing where the guards were are demonic versions of themselves “Now be good boys and open the gate for mommy”, the gate opened and Shadara walked in with the mutated guards close behind. Hearing the announcer speak in the far distance “And the winner is Tigartron” Shadara bared her sharp teeth and growled “Gather 18 more guards, if i am to get those keys i need an army to distract Meditor. GO!”

The mutated guards nodded and went off throughout the city to find more guards as their queen told them to as Shadara walked over to the fountain which was flowing a cocktail punch, sitting down at the fountains edge Shadara heard the announcer “Fight two we have The Courier VS Heroia, The Courier from Insectopia and Heroia from Mapan. Let the fight begin!” then the sound of weapons clashing filled the air. Shadara slipped her hand into her cloak and took out the mirror, the same mirror she use to contact her master.

Doing the same spell on the mirror Shadara waited for her master to speak “What is it Shadara?” Shadara smiled “Master i’m almost close to getting those keys i used the mutation control spell to mutate Meditor’s guards they’ll be the distraction while i can snatch the keys”. “Excellent with those keys i will be closer to being freed and nothing can stop me not even Meditor” Shadara put the mirror away and took out a small cup and scooped out some of the cocktail punch from the fountain and took a sip “Mmmmmmm sweet and sour”. The mutated guards returned with a lot of knocked out guards smiling Shadara stood up and used the same purple mist like substance to mutate the other guards.

“Now that i have my army i will use it for the distraction go my children terrorise the city start at the coliseum that’s where all the people are now go destroy” the mutated guards charged off toward the coliseum while Shadara walked calmly toward the palace taking her hood off her head revealing a voodoo mask with horns jutting out from the front and curving upwards. The mask showed signs of ageing and discolouration around the eye holes. Approaching the entrance to the palace Shadara used a spell to knock out the guards there and entered the palace and began searching.

The fight continued in the coliseum when suddenly there was a loud roar a rumble then a loud crash, a dust cloud loomed in one of the corners of the coliseum everyone chattered wondering what is going on. Meditor stood up staring at the dust cloud, then a large figure entered the arena followed by 19 more. As each one of them roared everyone in the stands including the Royals screamed and started running and everything went wild.

Everything went chaotic fires everywhere, destroyed stalls and loads of dead bodies scattered everywhere Meditor looked to the other Royal families as he opened a secret passage “Go get out of here get back to your kingdoms, go go” as they escaped Meditor ran into the palace and dashed up to his room, upon entering he saw Shadara chucking things off shelves till she found a box with symbols and emblems on “Yes i found them master will be so pleased” Meditor sneaked up behind her and took the box out of her hands “Your master isn’t getting these keys Shadara”. Turning around and knocking Meditor down to the ground with her staff the box fell out of Meditor’s hand and out of the door, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” screamed Shadara and proceeded to go after the box when Meditor grabbed Shadara’s leg and pulled her to the ground “Oh no you don’t you witch”.

Meditor got up and dashed out picking the box up and ran down the stairs, getting to the bottom he found Camo F.Large Tigartron and Heroia “What are you three doing here you should be with your families or kingdom folk” Meditor said catching his breath and looking at the trio. “Were here to help, and we’re not leaving till we do” said Tigar stepping forward, Meditor looked behind up the stairs to see if Shadara was following “Ok fine Tigartron you take the East area of the City, Camo you take the South and Heroia or should i say Lyla you take the West area”. Tigar and Camo looked at Heroia as she took her helmet off “How did you know it was me Meditor” smiling Meditor replied “Call it a hunch now then you have the places you have to go so…” before he could finish a bolt of energy shot at the group of 4 blasting them across the room and the box landed in between Meditor and the stair case to where Shadara is standing “what do we have here a welcoming commity so sweet but so sad i have to end your lives” Shadara’s staff glowed as she pointed it at Meditor and the trio behind him.

Meditor’s brow lowered to anger slamming his fist to the floor tiles causing them to crack, standing up Meditor looked directly at Shadara “your not getting those keys Shadara and your not laying a finger on these younglings” with that Meditor out streched his arms to the side as bright white light lines formed on his armour getting brighter and brighter then nothing. “was was that meant to do something?” Shadara said laughing afterwards “Look closer witch” Meditor said smirking “you forget why i am caled the elemental knight” Shadara stopped laughing and saw that there were 2 extra pair of arms streching out from Meditor, turning to the trio “go stop those creatures i’ll deal with Shadara” Tigar, Camo and Lyla ran out of the palace to the areas Meditor had asked them to go to.

Charging at Shadara, Meditor did a forward roll picking up the box in one of his left hands while with 2 of the right made fists and punched Shadara knocking her back in to a wall, moving backwards slowly Meditor slowly turned and ran out of the palace. Running through the streets with the citizens screaming and running, children crying for their mummy’s and buildings on fire as Meditor ran past either tearing apart the mutated guards or throwing them over the high wall.

Somewhere above the planet Mythron a small ship came out of lightspeed with smoke blowing out from one of the engines “Mayday mayday i am in need of help can anyone hear me down there?” the figure in the ship repeated his distress call but no one answered back. As the ship came closer to the gavity pull of the planet the front of the ship glowed red from the heat of the G-forces pulling it down, trying to pull up the figure pulled back the controls to try avoid crashing. Breaking the cloudline the ship picked up speed as it came closer and closer towards Canterbell and then CRASH!!! The ship crashed into the church small fires littered around the crash site, the figure hopped out of the ship and looked around seeing the destruction around him “What on Solarus 4 happened here?” he said till he saw a 6 armed humanoid get blasted into a building.
As bricks and roof tiles fell to the ground around Meditor, Shadara walked over and lowered her staff so its in front of Meditor’s face “Now those keys if you please” Meditor gave up and handed the box over knowing he was going to be dead sooner or later. “Thank you now time to die” Shadara started to laugh but befor she could fire her staff she was knocked away by a hammer that the figure threw at her. The box opened mid flight it took and the three keys fell out two landing close to Shadara and one landing near Meditor. Getting up quickly Shadara got up grabbed the two keys near her and ran off.

“No she cant escape with ahhh” Meditor shouted trying to get up “whoa there try not to move it’ll only make it worse”. round the corner Lyla, Camo and Tigar came running and saw what is happening “Okay you what are you doing here and what did you do to Meditor?”

maybe you should split these chapters into smaller parts they’re suuuper long


I’d recommend utilizing more commas, and I think the flashbacks are a bit too “blunt.”

I think things like:

Could be a bit more mysterious, perhaps enticing the reader to go further into the story to see what is troubling a character.


there arnt flash backs they will come in to play in between chapters 50 and 90

that is Meditor remembering

Either way, it’s more or less revealing a part of the story that may be confusing for a new reader, as well as removing mystery that could be used to good effect later on.

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more will be explained when Chapter 1 is out that one is taking a really long time to write

You expect the reader to remember these super long chapters in the beginning after you’re 50-90 chapters in. I dunno. I know I wouldn’t be able to remember that much stuff. And I read Bionicle[quote=“TheLeg0Br0ny, post:6, topic:29561, full:true”]
more will be explained when Chapter 1 is out that one is taking a really long time to write

wait. Why would you release 2 before 1


I’m a tad confused, I thought this was Chapter 2?

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it is i just want to get the main kick start out there for how the adventure will begin

No, I understand that part, but isn’t Chapter 1 finished if Chapter 2 is already made?


That’s kinda like releasing the second book of the lord of the rings, and then releasing the first one


im adding more descriptions/ adjectives

@Mrblackpants lord of the rings is terrible no gore in it what so ever

>implying something needs gore to be good

So why do you like bionicle/mlp/other frachises if they don’t have gore?

Good writing =/= gore


i like fiction with off the scale gore

i read fanfiction for mlp like Rainbow Factory, Cupcakes, Muffins and Lil Miss Rarity

plus i kinda have a really disturbed mind when pushed too far when people dont drop a conversation when i ask them to drop it

If your planning on putting over the top gore in this story, I wouldn’t recommend posting your story here because this is meant to be a child friendly website


and im not the chapters with OTT Gore will be two versions Clean ones for here and the ones with OTT gore on DA i have everything taken care of its FF/ Story writing rule 45

Also, when writing, expect your reader to know nothing about your universe, I think one of the main reasons of confusion is because you expect everyone to know what is happening, when in reality the story only makes sense to you


the confusion is in the title Mythron also Mystery i’m doing a scott cawthon letting the readers piece the universe together

It’s not a mystery when it doesn’t have clues


oh there are clues now please drop it im not telling any more of my plan for Mythron