Legends of the first Toa- With Pictures. [Worldbuilding] [artwork]

Strap in You know the tour.

Long ago. Just after the Great battle. Several Matorans gathered around the crumpeling bodies of their gods... one amonst them picked up the legendary block of power.

With these, He forged equipment of great such as the first masks of power.
He gathered a small unit of Freinds. They acting for the greater good of the islands inhabbitnts.

They would be the first Toa...

Knowing that they could not protect the island forever with these blessings of their gods they would pass on their equipment to pass on the power of the Toa... the essense of their gods.

So that other could take up the mandle.

Check the other out if you don't have I am


The metru styled masks look really cool, except the one on the top right (which name I cant remember) because it looks like E.T

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Its a Komau (totally did not look it up XD )
I am gonna update these every as I get more ideas.

There is also gonna be an entire pocess of them getting used to their toa power...

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interesting ideas. I like what you did for the masks. But are you saying that the equipment made with the blocks of power are what make matoran toa? Also in G3 canon, do the powers come from the nuva symbols, or has that not been decided yet? Just wondering as I have some ideas myself. Nice work though

The thing is about the Blocks of power...

They are still floating out there as to what they are?

Are they an source of the power to the masks of power?

Are they also the power of the Nuva symbols?
Yeah... I am making these blocks being able to be what ever they need to be for now

Do they make Matoren into Toa?
????? I don't know... I am gonna go with the possibillity that it is a step in the transformation. But like a Phone without a sim card. It does not matter if you have a battery it will still not work....

Just wondering, but thanks for the answers. I can definitely see your reasoning behind the nuva symbols, and I like it, I just wanted to know if it was canon or not. But again, nice story​:+1:

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Another amazing artwork.

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Great work as usual, I love the style.

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I am considering to make more detailed pictures in the future...

May take more time however... I think I can handle it.

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