Legends Unite Book 2: New Beginning


Matoro stood in an empty void. Makuta writhing in pain behind him, slowly fading… Dying… Matoro, holding the last chance to recreate the universe in his hands. First, he restored the universe and it’s alternate worlds. He sighed. He knew he could not return to life again. He used the Ignika. Everyone was brought back to life, but time was still frozen. Nothing moved, except for one thing…


Matoro turned around. He saw, beside Teridax, a Toa of Earth. He was not of Matoro’s world, he was from a much different one. He walked up to Matoro. “I have learned of things that must be discovered naturally.” Matoro nodded. He moved the Federation of Fear back to their home. Matoro turned to Teridax. “Begone.” No one moved, and it seemed as though time was frozen, as it was in the mortal realm. “Where there is light…” Matoro sighed once more. He took the mask off of his face and split it into the original four parts. “You musn’t be found.” They disappeared from his view. “I must help them. They will know what to do when time comes.” Blitz turned to Matoro and nodded. “He will soon discover who he truly is. He cannot do that here.”

“We must send him home.”


Chapter 1: Voices

Jakami rested beside a tree. He focused. He knew he didn’t know his past, and he was determined to discover the truth. “He’s learning.” “He’s growing stronger.” He-" “He’s ou-” “Go on…” “What hath we wrought…” “Kill the nonbelievers…” “He-” “Uh, Jakami?” He jumped. He turned around to see Zoro, the second in command of the Toa Arka. “Jakami, I don’t mean to alarm you, but this tree you’re sitting by? It’s on a chunk of soil. You’re making it float.” “Oh, sorry.” Jakami lowered the piece of ground. “I guess I just got distracted.”

The Shadowed One walked aimlessly throughout the limited space of his cage. He saw his master come down. He liked when Master visited. Master talked. Master moved. Master understood. Master came up to him. He laughed. “Yes… All according to plan…” Master walked back upstairs. Usually Master visited longer. Master must’ve been busy. A thousand voices turned through the insane mind of The Shadowed One…

“than that” “You submit” “Wowjustwow” “to him?” “You are my Destroyer” “You’re better” “YOU’RE DOING” “I can’t control” “You are my minion” “IT WRONG!” “No longer a hunter”

He heard the voices all the time. He saw them as friends. But then something new came. A new friend? He didn’t say much though…

Kill the nonbelievers
“You are the The Shadowed One…

Something seemed farmiliar… This new friend was wise, very wise. Then it clicked. A thousand memories rushed into his head.

Sidorak heard metal bend. He knew something had escaped. He looked down the stairway.

“Imagine staring into death itself, knowing there is know escape, being ready to die but forced to live.”

The Shadowed One had returned.


Chapter 2: War Games

The Arena was packed with visitors. Everyone was excited. Glatorian versus Toa, was the thought running through their heads. Who would win? Finally, Turaga Dume and Tarix stepped up to the podium and prepared for the game. Their appearence quieted the Arena, as if all time suddenly stopped. The silence went on for mere minutes, but it felt like dragged on hours. Finally, Dume spoke.

“Welcome, Glatorian, Agori, and Matoran alike! Welcome to the first of many Arena Rounds! Tonight, two brave, fiery souls will battle to advance to the next round! Representing the former inhabitants of the Matoran Universe, Tahu, Toa of Fire!”

Tahu stepped out of his gate, flames roaring behind him with every step he took. The crowd roared and clapped.

Tarix stepped up to the podium. “And representing the original inhabitants of Spherus Magna, Ackar!”

Ackar stepped out of his gate and threw a ball of fire back into it. Tahu glanced at him. Ackar examined Tahu’s golden armour. “Come on, Toa,” he said playfully, “let’s make this fair.” Tahu nodded, and barbarically tore off each piece of golden armour and replaced it with his regular armour. Tarix and Dume simotameously announced, “Let the games begin!”

Ackar lunged at Tahu, unsheathing his sword in midair. While it seemed like an easy victory, he was pushed back at the last second by Tahu’s Mask of Shielding. Tahu smirked as Ackar began to get up. “My turn.” He drew his fire sword and jabbed it into the ground, causing the floor to crack around the Glatorian. Ackar looked up and realized that sparks were coming out of the cracks. He concentrated, and thrust lava from the cracks at Tahu. The Arena had changed from a neat stone floor to a pit of fiery lava. Tahu and Ackar waltzed through the fire, preparing to pounce. In an instant, they both jumped and collided with each other, wrestling, kicking, and pushing back. The crowd roared on. Finally, Tahu pushed Ackar back through the gate he came from. Dume made one final announcement. “The winner is… Tahu! Now there might be a delay in the next match, we’ve got to get a Toa of Water to clean this up.” The crowd applauded and slowly fanned out. Tahu and Ackar shook hands and went back to Vulcanus. However, at the gate, they were stopped by a figure clad in red, black, and green. “Um… Can we help you?” The figure tilted his head to the side, and said, “This is no game, fools. This is war. And this is the first shot fired.” As the figure left, the red clad warriors heard and explosion followed by a multitude of screams. They rushed back to the Arena, Tahu rushing to put his golden armour back on. They both stood in shock. The Second Dark Hunter War only begun.

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Chapter 3: “If this is the End”

A battle raged on. The Shadow Hunters easily outnumbered the Toa and Glatorian. The Shadow Hunters began taking Matoran and Agori. The Toa Nuva, Mahri, and Arka arrived to help. Jaller and Hewkii combined their powers to create a flaming boulder and hurled it at a yellow clad Shadow Hunter, only for him to throw it back at them. The boulder was cooled and set down by the combined water pulses of Hahli and Gali. The Arena began to collapse, but Jakami used his powers to hold it up. Lewa flew up high and dived down at a black and silver clad Shadow Hunter. He kicked Lewa back, but was promptly tackled down by Stix and Zoro. Ryvan used his vines to tie one Dark Hunter to an arena wall. Kongu jumped on the edge of the wall and began insanely shooting.

Kopaka awoke on a bed. He looked over at Pohatu. “What happened, brother?” “Dark Hunters retreated. Captured five Agori, three Matoran. However, we captured a Dark Hunter. Ready for interregation?”

Pohatu and Kopaka sat down by a black and silver clad Dark Hunter. Pohatu began to ask questions. “Name?” “Savage.” “Okay then, Savage. Why are your forces attacking us?” “You Toa sent us to exile in New Xia. Once the war’s over, we’re sending you there.” “Why did it take you two years to wage war?” “The Shadowed One- our master- went insane. He just recently recuperated.” Kopaka sighed. Calmly as ever, he held his sword up to Savage’s throat. “Where are you attacking next?” “I can’t say.” Kopaka pushed the sword forward slowly. Suddenly, a ringing sound ran throughout the room. “Pohatu, what is that?” “That’s Nuparu’s communicator.” Pohatu answered the call. “Hello?” “Pohatu! Vulcanus is under attack! No time to gather reinforcements! I- ugh…”
Savage grinned. The message came back. “If this is the end… If th- Quiet!” The message faded. The two Toa rushed out of the room. Savage smirked. “How little they know…”

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Chapter 4: Betrayal

The Shadowed One sat disturbed on his throne. His forces had lost the first to battles of this war. He needed something to change the tides. “Master?” Sidorak walked into the room with a Dark Hunter. The Shadowed One smirked. “There we go. Why if it isn’t Flame! How long-” Flame cut him off. “I no longer go by that name. I no longer serve you.” “Hrmm… Fine. Sidorak, you know what to do.” The two walked back out of the room.

Flame found himself in the middle of a battle between him and three other Dark Hunters. Sidorak pushed him into the middle of the arena. The game began. Flame knew he could barely take on one, much less three. He needed a plan. Suddenly, got an idea. He climbed up one of the arena walls and jumped off, lunging at a Dark Hunter clad in yellow and silver armour. He managed to back the Dark Hunter into one corner. The two fought until they were far beyond the arena walls.

A Dark Hunter clad in yellow and silver armour entered the arena once more. The others began cheering, but were inturrupted by the Dark Hunter attacking them. He chuckled. “The old ‘armour swap’ trick. Works every time.” He looked up at Sidorak. “You Dark Hunters have some neat names. Even if I’m against the Dark Hunters, I suppose I need one. ‘Silver Flame.’” He rushed out of the arena, the Dark Hunters frozen with shock.

Chapter 5: Grow up Strong

Jakami began beating his head against the wall. Zoro desperately tried to get him to stop. He gave up and sighed, “Face it, Jakami. We’re at war, we don’t have time to channel your insane voices!” Jakami looked over. “How do you know they won’t help?” “Jakami, we need to do our part. Are you going to help fight for what you believe is right, or are you gonna stay here giving yourself injuries in an old cabin in Roxtus?” “Hold on, I’m getting something…” A voice rang through Jakami’s head. "Time… Will… Tell… Incarnate… Bi…" Jakami threw his fist in the wall. “What the Karzahnni is that supposed to mean?!”

All of a sudden, they heard a loud crash outside. The two rushed out the door to see the Roxtus village in flames, with the Axalara T9 flying above and dropping bombs. Zoro clenched his fist. “I know my duty,” he whispered. He ran up and tried to calm the flames as bombs dropped around him. Jakami closed his eyes and channeled his mask power. “Kanohi Arthron, Mask of Sonar…” He got a lock on the Axalara. Swiftly, he put the pilot into zero gravity, causing him to fall off the vehicle.

In the distance, a blue skinned being with two hooks watched the bombing. “When will this end?”

Jakami thrust the pilot down to earth as the Axalara crashed behind them. He put his arm cannon to the pilot’s green and red mask. The pilot’s armour was a mix of green and black. Slowly, the pilot took off his horned mask. He began to fraily speak. “They said… If… If I… They’d hurt them.” Jakami looked confused. “Hurt who?” “Them… They… Keep me company… When it’s cold…” Jakami looked up at Zoro as he calmed down the last flames. “Brother, this guy was just a target. He seems as though he might have mental issues, but he was used by the Dark Hunters with a threat.” Zoro nodded. "Bring him to the shelter, I’ll get him to explain.

Chapter 6: Time After Time

Voporak rushed. He knew what he was looking for, he knew it was taken from him, and he knew he was getting it back. He found himself near the lifeless Mata Nui Robot, where he saw a faint glimmer in the sand. He reached down with a large grin on his face, while muttering, “Vahi…”

A gold clad mask maker looked up to the stars from an ancient temple. He didn’t know what to feel, and was passing time until hopefully, something happened. Suddenly, the mask in the center of the room lit up and spun. The mask maker stumbled over to it, saying, “Vahi…”

Voporak returned to his master, with the Mask of Time in his possession. The war would change soon.

Chapter 7: Past

Zoro sat down with the green and black clad being. “Alright,” he said, “would you mind telling me your name?” The being had a sullen look when he answered. “Gringat.” “Okay then, what drove you to using the Axalara?” “The Shadowed One. He said… If I used it… He wo- he wouldn’t hurt my friends.” “Would you mind telling me the names of these friends?” “I- I’m sorry, they don’t want to be known.”
“That’s alright. Jakami, we’re done here.” The Toa of Gravity walked into the room. “Well that took long. Anything interesting?” “Not much, but The Shadowed One was using him, threatening his friends. I think we should let him stay here to recover.” Jakami nodded. “Good plan.”

The Shadowed One trembled. Was this fear? Or anger? He could sense that his plan succeeded, the Toa were diverted, but at the expense of his agent. He clutched the Vahi. All would soon unfold.

Chapter 8: Undo Wrong

The Toa Nuva prepared a final siege on New Xia. The endgame would soon begin.

The Shadowed One looked out from his balcony, the Vahi in his clutches. Suddenly, he saw an airship approaching. He steadily walked to the shore as the airship landed. Two Agori and a Glatorian emerged. The Glatorian spoke up. “We have come unarmed, we only ask that you do the same. I am Ackar, and these Agori are Ranuu and Berix. We have come to organize a peace treaty.” The Shadowed One picked up a sword off of the ground. “You want peace… I shall have my peace.” Suddenly, grasping the blade, stabbed Berix and made a move toward Ackar. Ranuu and the Glatorian rushed toward the airship, clutching Berix’s lifeless body, and shut the door, flying off. There was no peaceful solution to the war.

Chapter 9: Almost Over

Tahu looked over the amassed army. All the Toa Nuva, Ta Koro Guard, Onu Koro Ussalry, former Skrall soldiers, the new Toa Arka- Jakami, Zoro, Stix, Ryvan, and Silver Flame, the Agori of Vulcanus, even the Toa Mahri- thankfully they were alive, and the Glatorian’s best warriors. The Toa Nuva, Arka, Mahri, Ackar, Kiina, and Gresh were generals. The army would depart to New Xia and finishthe war once the sun rose the next day.

Jakami sat in his bunker. He tried to prepare himself mentally and clear his mind. He looked up, and jumped back. A white clad figure with a scope on his mask stood before him. “Hello Jakami.” Jakami looked confused. “Not all destiny is writtrn in stone…” The Toa of gravity spoke with an irritated voice. “Is this another… I am getting a bit tired of cryptic messages. I need to concentrate.” “No. You will find this most important in the long run. Soon the world will end. A new age is about to begin. You will be key in the reformation.” Before Jakami could open his mouth, the white clad figure had vanished.

The league of airships carrying the Toa’s army had departed for New Xia. Zoro had developed a new weapon, and planned to unveil it in battle. He grasped the modified launcher as the airships landed on the coast next to the Shadowed One’s fortress. An army of Dark Hunters stood outside as the Toa Nuva, Mahri, Arka, and Talanuva emerged from the leading airship. Tahu looked the Dark Hunters’ commander in the eye. “We have attempted peace, and you have denied us. We have brought our full army to this battle. After this, there will be no surrender. I am condfident in this being the last time we will quarrel. Do you understand?” The Shadowed One nodded and the battle began.

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Chapter 10: Genesis

The battle waged on. The Toa and Dark Hunters were evenly matched.

The Shadowed One escaped to his castle. Jakami saw him and followed.

The ruler of the Dark Hunters grasped the Vahi in his hands. His secret weapon would soon be used, and the war would be won. Suddenly, the Vahi floated up out of his hands and into the hands of a Toa of Gravity behind him.

A million voices rushed through Jakami’s head as he clutched the Mask of Time. His grip began to tighten. He tried to let go, but it was as if he was being controlled.

The Vahi snapped in half.

Reality tore apart with Jakami at the center of the tear.

The beginning had just ended.

Now Spherus Magna would have to fight to save reality.

But for now, all that can be said is…