Lego Bionicle Polybag MOC Contest!

Looks noice, but I dont think the skull spider connections are legal. Let me ask @Joe to see what he thinks.
Good luck

I will allow that, since to my knowledge they have never been deemed illegal by Lego.

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Here is my entry! It is a creature called the Ifnor, and it lives near pools of lava. It has 24 pieces.


Here is my entry: the okotan cave spider.

“i tiny spoder. Will u be my friend?”

there are 29 pieces used for it.


Here is my entry

The Okotan Stone Beetle;

30 pieces


By the way guys, if you want it would be a good idea to put some of this stuff here (if it fits, of course).


Wow, super creepy!

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I’ll join, sure

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You just won this contest.

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@Altair Thank you

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seriously freaky

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@doomrider thank you

Here is my entry to the contest. Thank you for hosting this @Joe. It’s a really nice challenge that tests my MOCing skills and limitations. I really appreciate it!

Now you may already think there was a Scorpio set released in the Bionicle Magazine, but if you look at the English cover, you will see that it is actually a “Creepy Skull Scorpion”. That being confirmed, I wanted to make my own, taking ques from the scorpios featured on the Month of Stone artwork for Facebook, while having a build similar in both size and parts to Ekimu’s falcon. So without further ado, I present the scorpio!

Photos are too big to upload, so I’ll link you to the Flickr Album instead.

At exactly 30 pieces, you can’t go wrong with this 8-legged buddy! He even has some arms, though they aren’t that obvious. Everything appendage is hinged or on a ball-joint, making for great articulation! Though there may be some lacking areas, at the size, it came out really nice! (The “eyes” are trans. neon green, just FYI.)

EDIT: It may just be 29 pieces.


No problem!

My main goal was to create a contest the community could have fun with. I might as well give a reminder that anyone who plans on entering has 4-5 days (until July 8th) to do so!


Count me in!


And because the good guy contest I had in mind was destined for failure.
But yeah, I’m glad you did this.


hmm can I use this?

it has 24 piezes, if I am not mistaking

it’s 100% legit

plz don’t ban me


Really cool! Reminds me of a Deku Baba from zelda

id like to enter if possible with my rahi moc, hookbat consisting of 11 pieces designed to go along side my toa taguro

this is a pic of him and taguro for reference


I’ll join, because what the heck.