LEGO Boost

I dont know if there is any topic for this, so Ill make one.

We all know legois making something, we dont know yet what it is, some people said that it's a game, but then I read this
"We are always thinking of new and exciting ways for kids to build and play.
Can you guess what it is we will introduce soon? Add it as a comment below!
The answer will be revealed on January 4, 2017"

that was said in facebook on the 28th of December

If it is a game I would say it's something like lego dimensions
but we will found out tomorrow

what do you guys think?
new contraction line? the revival of an old line? BIONICLE G3? I DONT WANT IT TO END AGAIN... or just another boring game?


I personally think its another constraction thingy. Maybe its a new building system? A Hero Factory g2? Bionicle g3? I have no idea, but we will find out wednesday. Thats for sure.

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Probably just a boring game. We should expect Lego to announce anything that we would actually want.


[Outb4 its LEGO Movie 2 stuff]

I'd like it to be a knew construction theme but I know that isn't likely.

Much as I want it to be Bionicle G3, I'm probably setting my expectations way too high.


Maybe its a new building system. Thats what im thinking.

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I would literally "no joke" laugh out loud if it was Bionicle G3, and then facepalm since I remember LEGOs marketing and production choices for that line.

Hero Factory G2 pls.

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Let's just hope they don't get rid of CCBS. I still really like that system.

The theme is called Chroma Spheres!

Or its just new Minestorm stuff.

Honestly, I hope its HF G2. As much as I hated HF when it was still being made, I've grown to appreciate it. As long as they dont make a new CCBS system for it i'll be happy.

If it's a new constraction line, I hope it is more like Bionicle (G1) than HF/Bionicle G2.

if its a game i will be very happy for 5 seconds and then be very annoyed

"Bionicle G2 was cancelled for HFs return", I would doubly laugh out loud if this was the case.

Most likely it wont be since they went pass the non-system messy like build of G1 for the more unified building system of CCBS.

i meant the story being not extremely simple

It's probably not going to be HF G2, and I would be surprised if it was.

Everyone here saying constraction and I'm thinking it's gonna be a new Mindstorms subtheme.

Either that or something that involves a camera.


They've already said it's something "Digital" so it's not a new building system or a constraction line..sorry. Most likely it's something to do with Mindstorms or something that involves an app.

Im guessing it has something to do with Lego life

Will that mean it'll finally get out of its edgy teenager phase?


(remember when LEGO announced that BIONICLE had a shred of hope?)

Maybe a new Lego Rock Band game ? I don't know it somehow looks to me like it could be that.