LEGO Disney/Pixar Topic

LEGO and Disney's paths have crossed quite a few times over the past few decades. Both are massive juggernauts of their respective medias, so it's not hard to see why the two have collaborated so often in recent years.

This year in particular has been a great one for Disney/LEGO with the release of the fantastic CMF line based off of the former's properties and the D2C Disney Castle.

What does the future hold for this partnership? Should the two even work together?


Disney have Constractionable Star Wars figures and Pixars; well...

I just want to see a more Technic/CCBS base set like Gantu or Sam Flynn.


Lego is okay, so is Disney.

If only they made Frozen Constraction sets...

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Please let that idea go...


But it's my best idea yet.

I would buy multiples of all those sets...


But ELK. The cringe. Think of the children!


I want a CCBS of the evil guy in frozen

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Think about the poor souls who'd have to design the sets,and the even worse off people who have to review them

I am the cringe!

But seriously, hear me out.

Some people like to worry about the future of Bionicle, and by extension contraction. I have also heard chatter about how popular the Star Wars buildable figures are, and that they may be taking over from Bionicle. Wouldn't paring on of the largest media phenomenon of recent memory with constraction bring a huge boost to the style of sets?

Also, Frozen really isn't that bad...

I remember getting that and the Zurg ones. I liked them.

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Does Lego Marvel Superheroes count?

I always wanted that set. Never did get him though :frowning:

I'd like to see the Monster's Inc cast done in CCBS, even though the chance of that happening is 0%.

Is that even a question? They MUST!!

LEGO Dimensions Year 3 - DISNEY Themes
- Disneyland (Mainly includes the Disney Classics and Pixar)
- Pirates of the Caribbean
- Prince of Persia

I especially want STAR WARS and MARVEL.

I aim to nab more of the CMFs later.
I only have 2.

Why? They already have games in Lego.

I thought the point of Dimensions was to bring different franchises Lego hasn't done yet and put them into one game.

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Really the only reason that is not a thing is because Dimensions is being handled by Warner Bros. Who are competitors to Disney.


i didnt mind pixars constraction style builds

I really hope that Disney and LEGO continue to work together.
And with the castle, they should make more parts of Disneyland.
It'd be great.


They need to make the Omnidroid (That is what it is called, right?)

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Well, if LEGO is going to do a second wave of the Disney CMFs, they'll probably release another large building from one of the two U.S. parks similar to what TLG did with The Simpson. If so, I would love to see the Disneyland Haunted Mansion, stretching room and all. Another interesting adaptation would be something akin to their mountain-like rides, like Splash Mountain or Matterhorn.