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I could not find any specific topic about LEGO Games, so here we go.

LEGO Games, a theme that ran from 2009 until 2013, I feel like it’s very underrated nowdays. The theme was about LEGO Board Games, from both original and licensed themes, most of them being a game with a stand-alone story, or a entire sub theme, (Heroica, of course). While the sets were selling poor in North America, they were very popular In Europe. I personally love this theme. The games were fun and family friendly finally something LEGO that my mother will understand. I owned one set originally, 3855 Ramses Return, and I am glad I got it. For 13$, you got a big amount of good pieces. And the Micro Figures are awesome, too bad they are not used anymore. Interestingly enough, the microfigures on this set I owned were from Pharaoh’s Quest, a theme which I loved.

Recently, we got some weird polybags that supposedly are board games… But they don’t have the microfigures, so I don’t care. This is a theme that LEGO should definitely bring back, I don’t see what could go wrong.

What is your general opinion on LEGO Games?

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I loved this theme, I got almost all the sets.


Wow… But did you actually played them or just collected them?

I own the Ramses Pyramid and the Harry Potter game. I got both of those for my birthday/Christmas, and I still haven’t been able to convince my family to play them.

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I’ve played every one I have at least twice.

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Fun Fact about LEGO Games, this is probably the theme with the highest amount of cancelled sets… there was even a Knight’s Kingdom game planned apparently…

I remember there was this one that had a game on the lego site IIRC, and it was you could choose a few different characters and you had to defeat an evil king or something. I don’t remember much about it, just 8 or 9 year old me loved it (and what I already said).

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I think I know what are you talking about… I was playing games on the Lego site as well, and I enjoyed the theme really much

After a few minutes of digging, I think I found it. It was called Heroica. And it was animations, not an online game. (or both idk)

EDIT: ok it was a flash game


Yeah, I played it a lot those times, and I had fun, you can still find some games on online game sites

Heroica was great, I had almost all of them

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I am talking about the board games, not the video games

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Heroica was great.

Edit, you double posted, before the mods come.

Thanks for the catch, dude.

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