LEGO Video Games

you know

Those games that everyone hates and loves

Like, remember the lego star wars games?
they were awesome

remember the lego batman game?

that was awesome

actually, recently I replayed lego city undercover the chase begins for the 3ds
its pretty cool

but, lets mention another game

lego island
i never played it
it sounds pretty coo
I might one day

so discuss those games that are just so fun in one way, but over repetitive


I have pretty much every lego game on disc. Those that aren’t TT games, like Racers, Rock raiders etc.
Also, the "new "lego games are pretty awesome, i loved everyone of em.


Most lego games, unless on the DS, are pretty good. While I dislike we have a movie made into a toy made into a videogame as a thing, they’re still pretty cool despite how they contradict Lego’s encouraging creativity.

Things like the Lego Movie videogame and Lego island(The first, not the sequel) and all those classics like Rock Raiders were great however and still captured the main idea of what Legos are for.


Do you mean Lego Island 2, or Lego Island Xtreme?

because Lego Island Xtreme was my jam as a small child.

I have Star Wars: The Complete Saga for my long since outdated DS.

I beat the game long ago.

I now have all the hax I could wish for.

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Lego island 2, never actually played Xtreme.

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Remember when Lego stepped out of the safezone with their games?

Me neither.


Pretty good

When it isn’t glitching, yes

I have a funny story about this

I got LEGO Island two when I was six or something

I convinced my grandmother to get it so I could play it at her house
And there was a "demo’ disc of LEGO Island
But I could play the whole game with that disc

Hey, don’t ruin my childhood

Agreed with all of this.

(Non-Bionicle) Lego games I own:
-Lego Star Wars 1/2 (GameCube)
They were/still are the shizz. Awesome for playing with a best friend. Or my sister.

-Drome Racers (PC)
Even though it’s not that objectively good as a racing game, I love it to death because it was my childhood along with

-Lego Stunt Rally (PC)
Same thing as above.

-Legoland (PC)
Funnily enough I hardly ever played this one. Mostly because RollerCoaster Tycoon is 1000x better

-Lego Creator (PC)
Okay, this one isn’t technically a game, but I liked to control the vehicles and randomly drive/fly around everywhere. Also dynamite. >:D

Did anyone else ever play the Drome Racers online game? I loved that to death and I was so sad when it got taken down T_T
Drome was basically my favorite Lego Racers theme xD


My seven year old life right there

(Actually, dunno if I was seven or not. But there was a point in my life where I loved it to death.)


The first video game I ever played?
Lego Island 2.
Loved it to death.

I also wanna say Lego Studios: Backlot,
But would that count?

I think the lego flash games deserves its own topic :stuck_out_tongue:

Knights Kingdom Flash Game
Lego Studios: Backlot
Drone Racers: Online


Someone actually enjoyed this too?
wait, scratch that
Someone actually played that too?


Of course I did!
I played almost every fun game on
Including that one.
I almost beat it,
Then they removed it :frowning:


man, back in the day, lego made good gaymes for the compootar


Star Wars was pretty cool.

Indiana Jones started to get old.

Batman was a snorefest.

I gave up after that.

I heard they have voice acting now. Glad I got out while I could.


The voice acting is quite good actually.

It may be good, but I don’t care. I loved the unique style of silent humor. Funny or not, I would rather them be quiet! :stuck_out_tongue:


Because of Lego games, this theme is stuck in our heads.