Lego Reveals Date for Bionicle Announcement

LEGO Reveals Date for Bionicle Announcement

In a surprise move today, LEGO teased the release date for an announcement they would make this Friday, September 15th, for a new line. Obviously enough, claiming it was the Bionicle reveal would just be speculation, if it wasn’t for one very telling piece of confirming evidence.

Sharpeyed fan Bricklover2013 on Brickset’s comments today noticed that the image used in the Lego Group’s Google+ page actually had the name of the original file. Bionicle-4-new.jpg20140915-4177-5fuc51.jpg is what you can find if you view the url for the photo. Obviously enough, it is highly unlikely that Lego would include that in the photo url if it didn’t have some relevance to what was being shown. So yes, it is looking like Bionicle will in fact see some sort of announcement on Friday, September 19th.

While some fans have noted other clues, like the six colored pieces on the upper right and lower left being the six colors of the elements (with yellow substituting for brown), that url is pretty self-evident. There’s also now speculation as to if this means Bionicle will be featured at the New York ComicCon or not. I guess we’ll have to see what happens this Friday!

Lego’s announcement can be read below:

HUGE news! In 4 days time we´ll be revealing something very exciting. Let the guessing game commence!


[Source]: “Image" via Brickset

Written by: Kahi, 9/15/2014

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Lego is just bad at covering stuff up.
Like seriously.


That is a pretty stupid thing on LEGO's part. They could have just named it secretproject or something less revealing. Maybe since the leaks were posted they just stopped caring about keeping BIONICLE 2015 hidden.

So happy, oh so happy.

Um, you said "Friday, September 15th".

Did you mean the 19th?



Don't tell anyone that TTV are time travelers/warpers

Friday is not the 15th, that's what I was saying. Unless you live in Japan, today's the 15th.
Hence why I provided the snazzy pic.

Well they did say they were releasing a 'new' Lego line in the NYCC.

So, it would make sense to release this 're-released' Lego product before they announce the 'new' Lego product.

I just thought of something, what if it's Exo-Force?
(I know that whatever small smidgin of evidence there is points to BIONICLE, but I would really like it if Exo-Force returned as well.)

Then my childhood has returned to me.

Wow cant wait!!
Now i can tell all my friends all about it

Here we go...


"And then I CRASHED into you, and I went up in FLAMES!"

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Kahi needs to give his article-writing job to someone else, I swear.


I feel so bad for LEGO sometimes.


I thought it was "Crashed in the air"?

It might be both. I distinctly remember "into you"


"No, it was crashed into you"

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It would make a lot more sense if it was this:

And, that I crashed into you, like a runaway train.

Otherwise it would say this:

And, then I crashed in the air, like a runaway train.


I'm 99% certain that this is intentional on the part of Lego, in order to increase the hype to awesome levels. How would someone make such a noticeable mistake?