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Why not have a topic for one of Lego’s most profitable themes? There sure is a lot to talk about…


Lego Star Wars. Where do I begin with you? Besides BIONICLE, you where the one that really got me into buying your sets. I loved playing with the storm troopers, having my brothers build little hallways for Jedis and clones to battle, and building space ships to do an epic space battle. You’re awesome, Lego Star Wars.

My favorite animation would probably have to be this one:


The 2015 Wookie Gunship looks like it would be a great build. Wonder what role it will play in Rebels.


My first Lego set was a Star Wars set. pretty sure I still have all the pieces. (which is more than I can say for my Toa Nuva collection. I might post a picture of them at some point, titled: How not to upkeep a collection)


Personally, with all the redone Original Trilogy sets that came out this summer, I was disappointed with the Stormtroopers… I think they look really great, just not very accurate.

To show my point, here is the 2012 version and a person in the armour.

One of the reasons I like the 2014 Stormtroopers is because of their resemblance to the Stormtroopers of the Legacy Era.

(Ignore Ania Solo in the last photo.)

What are your thoughts?

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Star Wars is my second favorite nerd fandom, BIONICLE being the first. My parents grew me up right, making me watch the original trilogy first, and then the prequels. I especially love the clones, both in the franchise and the little minifigs. They my favs.


My first Star Wars set was the 2008 AAT. It’s a decent start, in my opinion. You get Yoda, a Clone, and a few droids, along with the AAT. I had the set together for a while, but like most kids just getting into LEGO, I eventually tore it apart.
Seriously, nowadays the cheapest ones go for ~$70 on Amazon! At least I’ve kept the minifigures in decent condition!

Anyways, LEGO Star Wars is what truly got me into both LEGO and Star Wars. At the time, I only knew of the Clone Wars until I ran into the 6 movies at Blockbusters (R.I.P.), saw them, and have been a fan of Star Wars ever since. The Wookie Gunship looks pretty spiffy, but the $70 price tag looks a little steep, so I probably won’t get it because I will have to save up for Bionicle 2015…
As for the Clone Army, I have about 70 clones, 1 Gunship, 1 Republic Attack Shuttle, 5 Speeder bikes, 1 ARC 170, 1 Swamp Speeder, and 8 Clone Battle Pack Walkers. I plan on getting the AT-TE soon, though. My Clone Army is no where near as big as some, but it gets the job done, especially when compared to my droid army! Also, the people who have such large Clone armies usually just stick to the Star Wars theme. I like just about every theme, even Chima to an extent! 2015 looks like it’ll be one heck of a year, Bionicle 2015 will happen, and so will Star Wars Episode 7!


LSW is pretty legit. Hate to admit it, but I have all 4 of the games, and less shamefully, a lot of Clone Wars sets, and a few from various years.

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as for the games I do too they are gr8 and make the prequels actually look good
(surprising I know)
as for the sets I cannot afford them biggest one I got was a freaking mini death star (not the big one it was like some micro set thing that was two pieces…I think it came with a micro build tie fighter)
bloody lego star wars how tis make money go poof


I imagine these are gonna tie into Star Wars: Rebels, then?

Yes, they will have a sub-theme dedicated to Rebels.

Some pretty exciting news for Star Wars Episode 7 sets!


Just2good has just posted images of the upcoming sets for TFA.

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That video is gonna be taken down soon. I got pictures here instead.


Thanks @Chronicler, I didn’t see the comment he made below the video.

I would love to buy a falcon, but it’s probably going to be way out of my price range.


Chewie’s new bowcaster looks neat to say the least. Not sure how I feel about the new Red pilot helmets…

Wonder who those villains in the Rey speeder and Falcon sets are… (no spoilers please!)

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Like… a local Jakuu street gang? 0_o


It says Thugs on the box.