Lego Super Mario? (official title unknown)

I don’t know about this, I just don’t know. Why is mario approximately twice as wide as the minions? WHY!? With tiny LCD screens? I’m confused.

Regardless, as confusing as it is, feel free to discuss it.


It’s three new licensed themes and the year barely begun. So now they are making an entire theme expecting we’ll buy it because Just2Good will craze about it?!

Kill me Mario fans but I hate this.


Yep. For better or worse.

Yeah… As fun as Mario is, I don’t think is going to be executed well, judging by whatever it was they put on the screen.


And what I’m really super concerned about is that now, in 2020, the licensed themes have reached to be approximately 12, and the original themes are only about 7 (including evergreen themes like Technic and Creator)

And that Minifig looks like total trash.

I honestly don’t know, but this is a discussion for somewhere else.

So, is anyone else confused by the LCD screens on the figure?

Obviously. Do they want to emplement sound bricks inside them or why are they so fat?

That’s practically the only thing they could be doing with them.

Ok, I think LEGO Licensed themes are getting ridiculously out of control. First we got Trolls, then Minions, and now THIS?! I am sorry Mario Fans, but I can’t say I’m happy with this news.

If they are going to make this, they should at least get rid of some of their other licensed themes such as Minecraft, which I doubt they will actually do.

My thoughts exactly.

“The mantis guy was right.”

Uhm what?

Just2Good. He predicted something like this a year ago when most Nintendo’s major toy licenses ran out.

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I have high hopes for this but the images are worrying. I really hope this actually ends up looking like Legos and not a bootleg brand. I just hope there’s a good dry bones minifigure in small set.


Oh lord

I was ambivalent when I heard the news, but now that I actually got to see that figure… what are they doing? The LCD screen is confusing enough - it isn’t like Mario usually has a roulette wheel on his chest, so why bother distorting the figure like that to add one? It could be something they added for the video, but I can’t see much of a reason for that. The entirety of this just seems baffling.

Best case scenario is they have a collectible minifigure line of some iconic characters, maybe find some things like the Odyssey to make into playsets. Characters like Bowser would take a bit of extra work, but could still look cool. This isn’t something that I think needs to exist, but a few good minifigures or sets could justify it.

A worse case is that they decide to do something weird and gimmicky with it, which seems to be the case. Now, it is possible that they actually come up with something interesting and worthwhile. I’m not going to keep my hopes up.

I don’t think they’re doing it just for Just2Good. There are other Nintendo fans besides Just2Good. You do realize that, right?

I want actual Mario minifigures, not some weird block guys. I mean, in a minifig-scale world, Bowser would probably be a bigfig, but there’s nothing wrong with that. I just want an official Mario minifigure.


They should definitely get rid of Minecraft. All of its current sets are garbage. Superheroes is junk too, but let’s face it: they’ll never get rid of it. Trolls, PLEASE just let it be a one-wave thing just for the new movie (same with Minions).

And even though I have low expectations for this weird “Monkey Kid” theme, it might actually be a ray of hope for us. It’s an original theme, not based off of a movie or TV show.

Yes. Please do this, Lego.

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Sorta. It appears to be heavily based off of Journey to the west, a 16th century Chinese novel. Whether it’s a straight adaptation, or their own story based heavily off of it, is yet to be seen. Technically though, it’s not necessarily an original theme.

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You can’t compare Minons or Trolls to something like Mario. This franchise is leagues beyond those in terms of popularity. If you were to go out on the street in the US and ask people to name a Minion or a Troll, I’m sure few if any people would answer correctly. Ask them to name a Mario character and most people could.


Minions, I don’t agree with. You see them EVERYWHERE in merch stores. Seriously, they rival Olaf in terms of popularity. But Trolls…yeah, I toast to that point. Trolls originates from a toyline that went out of fashion decades ago. Even back in 2016, the movie was capitalizing on a largely forgotten property.