Potential 2020 Constraction theme speculation (?)

Haven’t posted here in a looooong time but I’d figure i’d just get this out there. hopefully this is the right place to post this and hopefully we’re allowed to discuss future products here lol.
Jumping the gun here but whatever, just a shred of hope I guess
Set numbers for 2020 are leaking and there are two themes on the list with placeholder names that got my head scratching. One is “DOTS” and the other is “LEAF”. Couple interesting things from each that I may or may not be overthinking.
-DOTS has 19 sets, seven of which have only 33 pieces and a few larger ones ranging in the hundreds piece count wise. A group of very similar sets sounds kind of like a contraction thing but then again it could just be a system theme, most likely a new original IP ala Chima or Nexo Knights, assuming Hidden Side hasn’t assumed that specific role.
-LEAF set numbers are in the 71300’s, which the Bionicle 2016 sets happened to be in. Then again LEGO Dimensions did that as well in the same year. In addition there are 14 sets, which makes perfect sense for a constraction theme imo (6 small, 6 medium, 2 large)
Regardless there are two new IP we don’t know about and there’s like a tiny chance they could be constraction. Personally to me it seems like LEGO has given up on that stuff most likely but I’m sure all of us want to believe otherwise. Again, these could end up just being system themes in the end but we won’t really know until the sets end up leaking with pictures and stuff. Take all this with a grain of salt.

Here’s the 2020 set list for every theme as of right now: https://jedijacpenguin.com/everythingweknowaboutLEGO2020.htm?fbclid=IwAR0hMv_e1L6rwi7_SFlJWjZPt6ljGc-LHQbs4oIDkEXjtUuEtXU6IRaYVkQ


aw man, now your gonna get my hopes up.

In all seriousness, though, I would like to see a new constraction theme, whether It’s bionicle or not. As long as they don’t have the creepy human heads from Marvel and SW I’ll be happy.

Then again, it could be Mixels V2, or the return of Exo-Force (Mata Nui Please!).


I don’t know for sure if it’ll be BIONICLE, and this sounds like a reach, but the 14 sets coming in 2020 made me think of Faber’s whole #14B2020 thing. I know he said he isn’t working with TLG but what if he’s under an NDA? Again, it sounds like a huge reach and I’ll support him no matter what it is but I’m just spitballing lol.


I’m still not entirely sure what Faber is up to. People keep talking about 3ionicle and i’m not sure what that means.


You can check it out on his Instagram (@fabframes)

He’s been posting concept art and pieces of a logo (which so far spell out “BION”, the “B” part looks like a “3” kinda)


i don’t have Instagram, but I’ll take your word.
This is interesting though. i don’t think he’s doing it on his own, because TLG still owns the rights, so I’m gonna assume a NDG. Of course, this also raises the question of why he’s leaking images.

Could be posting concept art to generate interest?


Maybe, but I don’t think TLG’s done this before. Unless the G2 stuff was leaked on purpose.


Waiting for more info. That’s all.

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So DOTS is most likely referring to this, which was apparently supposed to release this year, but ended up getting pushed back a year:

It seems like it will be a sort of reboot of clikits

Also, I don’t think Lego would risk making 19 constraction sets for one theme after taking a break for a year. Also, the two largest sets for the theme would be the largest ccbs sets (if they still decide to go that route) ever and the third largest set has more pieces than any of Bionicle G2’s sets

On the other hand, there’s absolutely no information on leaf, so while there is a chance it could be a constraction theme, we need a lot more information like set names or piece counts before we can be certain


Ah, I remember reading about that late last year. Yeah that definitely makes sense then, looks like it was just delayed. All that really leaves is LEAF then, so I’m gonna stay cautiously optimistic until then.


Edit: This was a fun write-up but recently I saw a leaked Thanos minifig head, so no Marvel constration.

I’ve been looking at the set lists for a few days, and I’d love for your theory about the codename LEAF theme to be constraction. When we get more information we can revisit this.

However there is something I noticed elsewhere in the set list that I’d like to mention here as it relates to potential 2020 constraction. Under Marvel Super heroes there are two 2020 sets (76140 and 76141) called Iron Man Mech and Thanos Mech. What interests me is the number of parts. They have 148 and 152 pieces respectively. Those are small mechs if they use system pieces.

The closest example I can think of is this year’s 70665 The Samurai Mech from Ninjago’s Legacy collection. 70665 uses a minifig as a pilot, which would work fine for Iron Man, but Thanos has been up to this point represented as a big fig. Unless the set includes a minifig version of Thanos (which is actually plausible, as LEGO made a minifig Hulk some years ago), I can’t see a system mech with that few pieces able to accommodate a big fig pilot.

This makes me wonder if the label “mech” applied to these sets is really denoting that they are buildable figures like the recent Star Wars ones and Super Heroes ones in 2012. We have seen constraction sets with about 150 parts in the past, like 75111 Darth Vader with 160, 75525 Baze Malbus with 148, and 75533 Boba Fett with 144. These three had many technic and system components in addition to CCBS parts that elevated their part count. We could see constraction sets of a similar type with these two 2020 Marvel sets.

I think it is just as likely if not more so that these sets will turn out to be system and not constraction, but I wanted to put this idea here to see if anyone else thinks it is plausible.


I’m pretty sure they’re system mechs tbh, though I would love to see another buildable Iron Man figure. The last one, being a product of early CCBS and all, isn’t very good lol


Everybody keeps saying that Dots would be a new jewelry theme similar to Clickits, but I never knew where they came up with that info from, thus I am not sure how accurate this info is.

As for Leaf, I have no idea what it’s going to be, but I heard it’s going to be a Licensed Theme.

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Source on that last part?

And the DOTS info comes from the fact that it’s the placeholder name for a clikits inspired theme that was supposed to launch this year but was seemingly cancelled/pushed into next year.

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All they have to do is just make the masked characters and the sets could be incredible

A guy on Eurobricks said so, though I am not sure how accurate it is.

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That isn’t LEAF. That’s a completely different theme. This line only has 8 sets and LEAF has 14.


Don’t do that, don’t give me hope.


Honestly I think Lego has no need for constraction at this point in time, I mean contraction started out as technic sub brand and thanks to bonklez and hero factory it evolved from there.

But with Lego now focusing on licencing themes and focusing more on system, those constraction pieces that have been used to create those wonderful mechanical heroes from the 2000’s have been reduced to just parts to help shape mech sets.

I hate to say it but maybe the buildable figure side of Lego was just a fade during the 2000’s to 2010’s. All good things come to an end after all.