Leirah, Toa of Air

This moc is actually a couple of iterations from a moc I made over 2 years ago. It used to be a pretty standard Inika build that was much larger and eventually became this.
Her design is somewhat of a cross-over between a cat and a treefrog, which can mostly be seen in her hands being claw-like and her feet being more frog-like.

Here’s a few shots trying to show off her poseability.


Very well done. I really like the aesthetic and colors.

My gawd, a feminine character and not a nuva-boob in sight!! This looks awesome, the addition of system really blends the shaping together and gives an appealing frame. Great work :+1:


Really love the shaping, and the nuva chestplate is always a personal favorite of mine.

A little silver in the torso may help.

The low, stalking pose really works well with the lines here. Also great job blending system, G1 Bionicle, and CCBS textures. I could definitely imagine her leaping from tree-top to tree-top. I do think she could benefit from having slightly wider shoulders, though; if you could push the shoulder joints out by one stud, it wouldn’t look quite so much like she’s pushing her shoulders back all the time.


I’m amazed at how I can’t tell the medium azure and dark turquoise apart. Never knew those two colours were that similar.

tbh a lot of that is lighting. Dark turquoise is a fair bit darker.

I like the use of System to add texturing.

It looks pretty good! My only gripe would be the CCBS armor on the stomach, as it gives her a strange kind of gut…unless that was the intention, in which case it could have been pulled off better.

The dynamic posing is certainly the highlight though, it seems like a fun figure.

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I’m not big on the look the CCBS armor piece gives her torso, but the shaping and overall silhouette are very solid otherwise.

You expect majority of female mocs on the boards to have that design?

She has a relatively a strong “stocky” apperance and the build flow very well.
One problem I have is the lack of color at the back view, giving a bare feel-


About the only thing I don’t like are the lower legs. That texturing just does not mesh with the rest of the model at all.

Speaking of the rest of the model, it’s nice. Love the colours.

I can’t say anything about the MOC itself that hasn’t been said already, but here’s something else:
This inspired me to re-do a MOC. I had issues with the color scheme and several other factors, but thanks to this, I tried the “accent color” type of thing, and it really turned out well. Thanks!

That’s actually pretty meta because this is actually about three iterations of another moc that had exhisted for about 2 years before this was finished. I don’t think there’s a single piece that made it from the original to this, it even changed gender have way through.

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Feminine @Eljay MOC…I shall call her, Eljane.

Really more of a female Kongu visually.
Just replace the the Miru with a gold one and you’re set though.

Nice and smooth, decent color-blocking, my only gripe is the lower legs being really textured next to the smooth parts.

Because she’s a Toa of Air with a Miru? That doesn’t mean a whole lot honestly.

Looks pretty well done. The only problem I have is that the upper arms are a little too skinny.

Dont go all SJW on us, they are no fun.