Lekseech - Distant General

A couple months back, I posted my self-MOC, noting how I took inspiration from General Grievous, a character whom I’ve been a huge fan of for a long time. Here today, we have a MOC that for a brief period, I considered making my self-MOC. The theme of Grievous was consistent to back then as you will see, and as I continued to improve at being a moccist, you’ll notice how this MOC became more and more like the design that inspired it.

Without further ado, Lekseech.


All of my old MOCs have a history, Lekseech having an especially rich one. Even down to the name, things have changed dramatically. Unfortunately, pictures of his very first form do not exist, but with a little bit of imagination, we can piece the oldest design back together.

Here’s how he looked back in April of 2020.

He was significantly smaller, but somehow much wider than he is now. At this point in time, he was named Kallous, a title which was kept for a while.

In order to trace back the line further into the past, we’ll need to remove the cloth, erase the inner thigh pieces, and shorten the inner arms by tearing off the short CCBS limb. Finally, we need to pop his head off, and replace it with this recreation of what it used to look like.

Now originally, the light blue mata hands were translucent orange, but I wasn’t going to bother. Attach that to the body, and keep in mind all the other adjustments, and you’ve got the first iteration. As you might imagine it, it was far from perfect. The head design was awful, the arms had heavily restricted mobility when connected, the torso was rather unappealing to look at, and the overall armoring was lackluster.

Sometime in the later half of 2020, I replaced that design, bringing about the second generation, this one being longer, and a time of consistent improvements.

Here was his early look.

The big thing to notice, is the torso. It was a big upgrade, giving spine articulation, a taller frame, and better armoring. This image specifically is from January of 2021, definitely not Heyzork’s hedges in the background.

Slowly but surely, I made small adjustments on this build, landing finally with this.

I lengthened the arms, took away some of the gaps on the legs, and made his face a bit shorter. It was around this time, that I changed his name from Kallous,to Kallikous. This one never really stuck, leaving me to sleep on the idea for a while. The solution came about when I decided to make my self-MOC official. What today calls Krelikan, the past would’ve called Lekseech, but once that name was replaced, I felt it was perfect for what we have before us.

Today of course, his build has been updated to a third generation. New arm design, new torso, and improved legs.


Although I need a lot more time to develop his character, here’s what I do have.

Lekseech was a warrior belonging to a brutal region known as The Arena. Not a place where individuals or small groups would fight for glory, but a vast range of mountains and valleys where entire peoples would test themselves.

This life trained him into a refined duelist, a sharp strategist, and a foe without any abundant weakness.

Within his own faction, Lekseech found himself as a military leader, one who inspired greatness in his allies, and fear into his enemies. On the dawn of one of his greatest battles, he split his own arms in half, allowing him to wield four weapons at once, pushing his offensive skills to a deadly hurricane of blades, and his defense to an impenetrable wall of metal.

Born in a cannabalistic land, Lekseech never showed any weakness, stamping them out as soon as he recognized one. Although this at times made him feel isolated, his loyalty to those who trusted him was unending, but not foolish. His plans often involved utilizing highly skilled individuals to carry out difficult tasks.

Additional Photos

I spent a long time on perfecting the arms for this MOC, I knew it was imperative to get it right. The old designs were restrictive when combined, almost exclusively granting motion forwards and back. With some thought and resources though, I came up with the piston based system. That in conjunction with a gearbox (A first for my MOCs), I have full range of motion both together and separate.

My favorite photo


hello there

Lekseech is definitely an interesting fellow to behold, although the Grievous similarities are perhaps a bit too strong. Could I see a good pic of the combined arm?

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My bad, thought I already threw them in. Bottom of the “Additional Photos” tab.

I can also break it down if there’s more clarity to be had.

I’m sure this he’s another fine addition to your collection of General Grievous-inspired mocs


I love that third pic.


Man. This is perfection.

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i love it

This looks really good. The multiple arms are really nice.

Probably the crown jewel of it all.

I stumbled across that pose kind of on accident. I just looked at him one day, and he looked nice in a pose, so I stuck with it.


Thank you all, I’ve put a lot of time into this over the years, so it is good to hear positive reception.

More than compliments, I appreciate criticism, although I think this is vague. It would be great to know what you would change. If this MOC was on your desk, what alterations would you make?