Let’s do Kopakaaaaa AGAIIIIIINNN!!!

I can’t stop building Kopakas. Please send help.

With Tahu

Prisma with a previous Kopaka


Ohh… Very nice… I especially like the use of the little energy pieces in first pick.

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Over all really sick, I especially love the color scheme and posture. The shins are also simple, but nice.

No. You will continue to build Kopakas until you turn into me.


To be honest, the color scheme feels a little bland on this one. I’m not entirely sure why; it shares the white and grey with the original, so maybe it just needs a bit more black or some other accent color? I have to say though, I love what you did with the minifig blast-effect pieces in the first couple of pictures - it’s a small detail, but it adds a lot for me.

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Great MOC, though can’t you just name it V.3 or V.3782 which it ever could be?

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Kopaka 2: Icey Boogaloo.

I gotta say, I like this one the most. I love the fingers. and the overall look

The shaping is a bit off, but reallly cool overall

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I kind of wish it had black shells instead of grey ones on the arms and thighs.

big fan! Where did the light grey armor shells come from?

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is that where the white bone pieces came from?

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Only that little love for the shield? That’s criminal.

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Yeah. I can’t remember which bootLego set it was. But I think it was one of the ones with the hands.