Let's Talk About McDonalds Happy Meal Toys

Yup. Talk about them here. What happy meals toys did you own? Which ones did you hate? Which ones did you love?
The Mctoran don't count as good toys

When I was a kid Mcdonalds was advertising Transformers Animated happy meal toys. I got Optimus Prime and Megatron. Optimus Prime didn't roll, according to my memory. His face however looked like someone ran over him. Megatron I actually liked, even though he barely resembles an air vehicle in vehicle mode.


Dem old transformers energon/armada toys that combined into a demonic abomination of a combiner were the best toys

The only one that I've ever gotten was the Transformers Animated Lugnut.

Yeah, I never ate McDonalds that much.

McDonald's Happy Meal Toys... They used to be pretty cooul and stuff, with your Chicken McNugget Spoops, McToran, Transforming Burgers, LEGO Racers, and Galidors, but now, in 2015, they're cheap, useless, and cause me to feel incredibly ill Well, the last part is about the Food, but it's still true...Maybe?

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''Oh cool they have bonkles at Mcdonald's!''

''Screw it i'm outta here''

That is all.


I got Nuparu and Kalmah... ah memories

Mctoran are best toys

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Say wha....?

I know people have different opinions, but can we all agree that those toys stunk beyond all comprehension? Especially considering that we got the Mctoran in 2001.

But yeah, the only Mcdonald toys I liked and remember were the mini neopets plushies. I had a red scorchio...and I lost it. But I get an actual scorchio plushie recently, so it's all good. And the ones I hate are anything besides the plsuhies, trading cards, and the Mctoran.

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No, he did. That Transformers Animated Optimus Prime is my favourite Happy Meal toy ever. I got all of the Transformers Animated toys, even though I didn't like the show. I loved all the Bionicle ones, even though they were kinda eh.

"Toa Maturo"

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He was always a mature guy

Most of the McDonlald's toys were stupid, but their Hot Wheels were actually not too bad, most of them worked pretty well, some were actually better than the standard cars play-wise, these ones were probably my favorite.

Since they're overly praised as really good toys and since it's kinda obvious they don't count here.

Okay then. That's what I figured.

I really did not get why lego suddenly decided plastic blobs were a good idea when they released actual sets before.

I remember my friends and I had it as our mission to get all the Piraka from McDonalds. We managed to get all of them except Raidiak. I still have Zaktan and Vezok with me today they stand guard over my Bionicle book collection.

I did get a few of the 2007 and 2008 Bionicle toys and I know I have Matoro, Manatax, Ghorast (minus a few arms), Tahu and Krika somewhere.

Other than that although I remember getting lots of McDonald's toys I can hardly remember playing with them probably because of how cheap they were. Even though I gave pretty much all of them away I'll always remember the McDonalds versions of the Lego Joker and Lego Mr Freeze. Good times.


No idea if this was a McDonald's toy, but it was definitely from some kids meal somewhere. It was like... a pink skater with blue skin?? I loved that thing for a long time... If someone could help me figure out what that thing was that'd be great. Unfortunately I have no pictures of it...

I also had Gorast from whatever year that was, but I lost her too. Wings went first, then the rest of the set.

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McDonald’s takadox was (unfortunately) my first ever bionicle toy.

Tragic tales

Though I don’t think I’ve ever heard you mention much about Bionicle before now, man so many peeps who I’ll never know much about