Lewa - Master Of Jungle (Revamp)

The second I saw the new Lewa set sitting amongst all the new toa on that plastic shelf at Target, I knew I wanted to make a revamp. I built the set first, of course. I played around with it a bit, studying the themes and functions. The next day I disassembled it and started to find all of the leaf-related pieces in my collection.

I strived to create a fluid, jungle-like look. He is purposefully asymmetrical; I feel like that feeds more into the idea of nature. I turned his right arm into a vine because... I dont know, I thought it was a cool idea. I took his axe weapon and edited the construction a bit, too. On his legs, I used gun-metal grey plates to simulate armor, with those HF 3.0 spike add-ons to keep the flow of natural colors.

I got a lot of inspiration for this revamp from the "Kulgai - Master of Vine" MOC by Nick V. on Flickr. In all, I am very proud of this MOC, and I hope it does justice to the Lewas of the past.

EDIT: Thank you all so much for your feedback! I would like to clear up a few things. First off, A lot of users had issues with the bulkiness of the MOC, and felt that it didn't fit into the agile form of traditional Lewa. I would like to clarify that, for this MOC, I went more towards the theme of a jungle character, and less towards a nimble Toa of Air. I wanted him to look like he was one with the environment. Secondly, I know alot of you dislike the choice of gun-metal grey on the legs. I used this to simulate armor, and I personally think it works out quite well.

Once again, thank you all so much for the feedback!

All photo edits were done with Photoshop CC 2014.


Uhh... There aren't any pictures. =P


I'm sorry, i'm having issues for some reason. I'm going to try to use a Flickr link instead

@Eljay There we go smile

They're all there now!

Woah. Uhh... I'll need to post again later once I'm free, but consider me impressed. Majorly.


Thanks, man! I appreciate it smile

Iā€¦ I ca.. can't even start on how awesome this looks 0.0 All I can say is wow.

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Hahaha thanks!!

Personaly, when i see word "revamp" im wating for something somewhan in scale to original... when i see this, i think "big titan" instead...

I dont like big revamps, sorry

Eh, that's fine. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion :/

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So on one hand, I'm going to be cranky and say that A: It keeps my biggest gripe with G2 Lewa, which is that ugly butchering of the Miru, and B: I generally disagree with some of the ideas going into the construction, the colors seem rather jumbled, and the vine arm is... eh. Also, the brown butt sticks out.

On the other hand, it's definitely impressive for sheer size (though that's also one of my gripes; it looks almost too heavy and present; whereas I see both versions of Lewa as very lean and nimble; I have nothing against titan revamps, but this seems to go overboard) and the construction is generally rather impressive. I like the Breez helmet in his chest!

One other issue - the axe now looks tiny. If you can find some way to increase its size to remain in scale, that would look a lot better.


I'd say it barely looks like lewa but it is a good moc otherwise


I definitely see where you're coming from. I could argue against your gripes, but i'm not going to. Just know that most of the things you pointed out have reasoning behind them, and he is, by the way, very stable. I make sure of that with all of my mocs.

Now, to your comment about overdoing it with the titan revamp. I kind of leaned away from the traditional Lewa style, and went more towards the "Master Of Jungle" idea. I wanted it to look like he was more with the earth than with the air (yes I know he's the toa of air, sue me). But, again, thats just my interpretation. You may feel about it however you so choose.

Thanks for the detailed feedback smile

@DargeD Um....thanks? Thanks.

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Fair enough, and no problem!

Don't get me wrong, I love the moc

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Haha ok then smile Thanks for the feedback!

oh my gawd.

m-my god

Okay so

First off

There isnt as much green lantern green as there is lime

second off, the colours seem out of place in some parts (specifically the red balljoints and gunmetal)
the legs seem too skinny compared to his body, and the arms, while I do like the idea of avine arm, the left arm just..isn't as good
again on the gunmetal, really does not suit lewa

now, for the good parts about this moc
the body is pretty awesome, and the back is armoured up really well
also, is the gear there for asthetics, or does it do something?
the ideas this moc pulls off really makes it special, also, I like how lewa has a bit of a tree behind his head

But the biggest problem this moc has
is that it doesn't really carry over lewas agile self.
It seems a bit too bulky to be lewa

Otherwise, solid moc, I like it.


Wow. This looks great however one thing I would suggest is to replace the red ball joints with black ones. Looking at the lower legs it looks like you ran out though. Also, is it just me or does the new miru look like a monkey?

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(Will return soon in order to talk about MOC, I swear)


The vine arm's interesting in concept, but I feel like it just looks weird here. I don't know, maybe it's just me. Also, those arms look a little too low on the torso, and I can't use the shoulder armor as an excuse because of the placement of the head, not to mention that all the dark gray on the legs, to me, kinda disrupts the color scheme, and could use more brown or green. Other than all that, the design's alright.

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