Life-Sized Compsognathus Longipes w/Snapping Function (WIP)

Hey look, a way outdated main post I never updated stuck_out_tongue Here, have some more recent pics in my new(ish) imgur album

Life sized Compsognathus Longipes WIP

The follwing post contains many links and backstory and general gibberish. If you just wanna see the MoC, here ya go. Do note that this is a work in progress and I am aware that there's a lot to be done on it.

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Many years ago, well, back in '07 or '08, I had the ambition to build a life sized dinosaur. Of course I couldn't build anything the size of a T-Rex, but as I was obsessed with Dinosaurs for most of my early life (I'm still in what I'd call my early life btw wink ) I knew of a few smaller Dinos. So eventually I had this guy. He stood about 3 feet tall and was 6ft 2in when layed out nose to tail. His size was based on a Bambiraptor and to date he is the biggest MoC I've ever made. More recently I've been thinking about that MoC and I was inspired by this MoC by Roa McToa. The result?


I can't reallly say how tall he is as his hight varies a lot based on how he's posed, but the tallest he can stand is 2ft 7in give or take an inch. He is about 4 feet long from tip of his nose to the tip of his tail. He is based on a Compsognathus Longipes, one of the smallest of the dinos.

Did I mention he has a function? By pulling this Matau Hordika head lever on his back his mouth will open, let go and it snaps shut! (I removed the rubber band for the open mouth shot obviously) I uploaded a vid to brickshelf, but brickshelf doesn't do well with videos. Here it is anyway. EDIT: I forgot to mention, his head does have some limited mobility to look left and right and it does not inhibit his function.

He obviously weighs a lot, for what he is anyway, so to support him I built some legs somewhat inspired by how the new Toa sets have arms that don't flop around. The hip has 5 gears and a ball joint for quite a lot of friction, capable of holding the MoC's weight in most poses if I can balence him. To pose him I turn the X shaped gear thingy you see in the new Toa, it's connected to a different axle than the Compy's weight is on making posing easier but not taking away from the strength of the joint. His knee is supported by 3 gears (if you count the metru hip piece as a gear) and a piston. This can't hold as much weight, but it does hold quit well well fully open or closed and I have managed to pose him a few times with them part way. The knees are poseable like an average limb. His ankle is supported by 3 gears and a ball joint and is second only to the hip in strength. The ankles also turn on a separate axle making posing easier. I usually use the tail as an added support, but it is possible to stand him on just his 2 legs. PROOF (1) and (2). Lol

I don't really have much else to say, I'll add this pic just to show off his ability to bend his legs, aaaaaaand that's all folks. Oh, C&CC are more than welcome, and do keep in mind that this is a WIP (Work In Progress) so don't nit-pick too much on the lack of proper armor coverage and such. Should he be considered cool enough, I may consider entering him on Lego Ideas when he's done in 100,000 years smile


Goodness gracious this is impressive.

just from a combination of stature, design, aesthetic and even a function.

I am quite impressed, and I really must say this is one of my more favorite MOCs I've seen in a while.

I wish you luck with any mods or improvements you wish to make, and so..yeah.

Even the color scheme is a bit of an oddity, and a really cool one at that.


It's finally been done.


holy crap that is amazing, it has a function to?! I'm very impressed

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Awesome. But one question. Can a Bionicle ride him into battle?


A big dinosaur MOC that can open and shut its mouth? My inner five-year-old bows down in awe stuck_out_tongue


Simply amazing. Dinosaurs are the best things to rule the earth, in ever. Do you plan on making any more?


Wait wait wait

This is wip

and has a function?

and looks cool?




Honestly, though, It doesn't look like he needs much more armor than he already has. only on the legs and maybe the base of the tail.
The neck may be a little gappier than some like, but I feel that adding armor would remove a sort of smooth look that is necessary. I think it look fantastic just how it is.
just to clear things up, the Compsognathus are the tiny dino's from Jurassic park, right?

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Wow, that is very impressive!! open_mouth




^ Dis
When I was 5 years old, I was the biggest dinosaur nerd xD
Edit: Oops, this was supposed to be a reply to Leoxander, but it still makes sense I guess.


By Mata Nui's pulsing's so beautiful! I don't think I'll ever feel like a sufficient MOCer ever again.


I admit it, when I saw the title, my jawa dropped for a moment until I remembered what a compsognathus is.

This is pretty cool, and I have to echo Var's comments on one of the BFTGM winners:

I'm amazed it can stand up.



Well clap to you! Its preety neat, only problem i have are open balljoints on legs... yah... well GJ eathier way!

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Oh wow. This many comments is a welcome surprise to come home from work to smile Well then, adjusts Mask of Creation on face, I'd best get typing replies. I appologise if some replies are just thanks and such

@Nyran Well, thank you. I didn't think of the color scheme being odd, but I'm glad it works

@Matoro Considering how many times I tried to replicate the Tahtorak when I was 8-9 years old I take that as very high praise indeed. Many thanks.

@Middlefingerstudios Thank you, thank you very much /terribleelvisimpression

@Studentscissors You mean like this? (1) (2) (3)

@Leoxandar @Shaymin36 @CydonPrax If/When I submit this to Lego Ideas my tagline will be, "Let your inner 5 year old rejoice!" Lolfr

@BioRaiders532 I agree, Dinos are the best. I hadn't planned on making more, mainly due to a rather relitively small Lego collection. However as noted above I am considering submitting this guy on Lego Ideas. I may also try making other small dinos, but for now I'm sticking with this guy.

@pot8o elegant bow thank you, thank you. Yes I consider it a WIP, mainly because most things I build really are always WIPs, but this guy I really wanted to post even tho I didn't consider him done


I guess I have to double post to reply to all of you... I hope that's ok. If not I apppologise.

@ToaOrrel The tail and legs are primarilly what need fixing, tho if I can I'd like to make the body a bit more solid. The pics mostly don't show it, but the torso is quite gappy as well and if I can without ruining it I think a bit more armor on the neck would be good

@Turaga_Hewkii Thanks! smile

@Artakha_the_Creator Readjusts Mask of Creaton Artakha wannabees... Lol jk

@Willess12 NOT THE JAWA! Lol, what do you mean until you remembered what a Comsognathus is? Compy's are the best! Haha, it is admittedly difficult to balence sometimes, but I've been surprised how much a tiny tweek of just one joint will steady him when he's about to topple. It's actually quite a bit of fun

@Creep Fear not, those bug me as well and are part of the reason this is a WIP topic.

Lol, thanks to all of you for taking the time to comment, and do let me know if you think he's worth polishing up and submitting to Lego Ideas. I was somewhat doubtful, but with this many positive comments already maybe I'm being too pessimistic.



I like this model.